Fortes holding opens job opportunities march 2021 Dubai: 20 job vacancies were opened

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Fortes holding

Involved in numbers of business field, Fortes holding is one of the old established company in UAE. It was started in 1975 as a construction business. It keeps on expanding and getting bigger, with its tagline “building future.” The company has a diverse workforce and several group companies, including Landev, fortes education, and many more.

Company Overview

Fortes Holdings is a diverse group of companies that established in 1975. It was started as a construction business and growth over time with several groups under its name. For now, the holding corporation has several companies runs in different industries field. All of them mostly serve UAE, especially in Dubai.

The namely vertical business under Fortes Holding span into construction, real estate, education, trade & investment for financial instrument and securities. Furthermore, the company also has a trading business for building material. It also runs a property development business as one of the company group’s focuses.

As a holding company, Fortes mainly work as the leverage for companies in need. It helps as financial strength and network. The company is also involved in joining or leveraging the start-up phase. Later on, it then helps the business spearheaded by a team made of professionals. As of now the holding firm currently has 7 groups under its name.

Company Groups

  1. Landev

The company focuses on property development, especially for residential and commercial space. It has been running for more than 20 years with 2.5 million square of residential and 2 million square feet of space managed, sold, and underwritten under the company portfolio. The company is self-funded and headquartered in Jumeriah Village Triangle, Dubai.

  1. Fortes education

Established to commit to education and innovation in UAE and Middle East region education, the Fortes education is running under the fortes holding. It focuses on delivering education programs and innovative schools in Dubai. The education company group has several management teams, dedicated teachers, educators, curricula, programs, and many more.

  1. Regent International School

Regen International School (RIS) has been established more than 20 years ago. RIS is an international educational institution with K-6 programs that use the National Curriculum of England. The school itself has MultiSmart learning pedagogy as an offer for the education programs, it includes vibrant co-curricular, learning subjects, and extracurricular activities.

  1. Sunmarke School

The RIS itself has been an automatic entry to RIS’s affiliate group. Such as the Sunmarke school that is located close by. The Sunmarke school operates using the signature program that provides innovative school lives. The school has several global recognitions, such as GCSE, IB result, and A level, and university placement. It even ranked as the top 10 Dubai academic.

  1. Jumeirah International Nurseries

The fortes holding also operates and manages Jumeirah international Nursery school. The institution itself is a preschool and early education brand in Dubai. The school offers research-based preschool design and curriculum. Thus, it has several accomplishment and achievement that shows how it is going.

The achievement including early childcare learning programs, an achievement-based educational system, and intensive professional development. The JINS has two facilities under its name. They are preschools located in Dubai. In the future, the institution is aiming to expand its educational brand in the Middle East and UAE.

  1. Emirates universal Construction

EUC or Emirates Universal Construction operates under fortes holding management. It is a limited liability company that focuses on electromechanical, civil activities, and fabrication engineering. Located in Dubai, the EUC work along its suppliers, vendors, and subcontractor to fulfill the client project with satisfaction and budget.

  1. Blue Water Enterprise

The blue water enterprise is a company that works alongside other groups under Fortes’s holding name. It is a limited liability company in Dubai with several focuses. It mainly works for markets, BWE trades, re-exports, distribution for many materials. It comprises chemical, industrial, and building materials for GCC, UAE, Southern CIS, and Africa.

Career Opportunity

Working in this company will come with a goal-driven and fun team environment. The company pinpoints its goal to get talented, driven, and ambitious professionals. At the same time, the UAE also proposes fast-paced and challenging career development and growth. The job will combine attitude and skills that help in excel candidate’s career.

With several company groups and different fields, the Fortes holding offers large career opportunities. Even though mostly located in DUBAI, the candidate can choose a group as their matching job vacancies. The categories also ranging from school, holdings, and manager positions. For more information, applicants can check the official career page.

List Fortes holding opens job opportunities February 2021 Dubai


  1. Teacher of Primary Computing – Sunmarke | Sunmarke School | 06-Apr-21 |
  2. Teacher of Mathematics – Regent International School | Regent International School | 06-Apr-21 |
  3. Nursery Teacher – Immediate Start | Jumeirah International Nurseries, Dubai | 14-Apr-21 |
  4. Nursery Nurse | Jumeirah International Nurseries, Dubai | 07-Apr-21 |
  5. Inclusion Teacher (Alternative Curriculum Provision) Secondary – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  6. Teacher of Mathematics and Computing – Regent International School | Regent International School | 31-Mar-21 |
  7. Teacher of Computing (Key Stage 1-3) – Regent International School | Regent International School | 31-Mar-21 |
  8. Learning Support Assistant (Secondary: 11-16 years old) | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  9. Key Stage 2 Teachers – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  10. Key Stage 1 Teachers – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  11. EYFS Teachers – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  12. Teacher of Computing – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  13. Teacher of Music – Regent International School | Regent International School | 31-Mar-21 |
  14. Teacher of Individual Needs (SEN, English as an Additional Language and Gifted & Talented) – Regent International School | Regent International School | 31-Mar-21 |
  15. Teacher of Biology – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  16. Teacher of Business Studies and Economics – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 31-Mar-21 |
  17. Teacher of Mathematics and Science – Regent International School | Regent International School | 31-Mar-21 |
  18. Teacher of Modern Foreign Language – Spanish | Sunmarke School | 26-Mar-21 |
  19. Teacher of English – Sunmarke School | Sunmarke School | 16-Mar-21 |
  20. Teaching Assistant and Cleaner – Nursery | Jumeirah International Nurseries, Dubai | 30-Mar-21 |

How to apply Fortes holding opens job opportunities march 2021 in Dubai

To be able to get the opportunity to work at Fortes holding Group Dubai UAE, the method is quite easy. Please click this link you will be redirected to the Fortes holding career page. But before sending your best CV, first check the completeness of your CV, double check it further. This is so that your data, if it meets the requirements, will be immediately called to do an interview test.

If when you register it turns out that this job vacancy has been closed, don’t be discouraged, please return to this page at a later time to get the latest information about Fortes holding Dubai Careers.

With so many job applicants applying for jobs at “Fortes holding“, you must realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to work for this company.

Good luck to you.

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