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Was built under the name of Emirates general transport and service corporation, the government company keeps on growing under the field of school and services diversification. ET or Emirates transport is currently a public joint-stock company. With 38+ years of history, the company always offers the largest government company workforces.

About Company And Workforce

Despite being known as the school transport, the company has been one of the governments running a business. In 1981, the name was Emirates general transport and services corporation. It was a company that was mainly tasked to supervise, organize, and manage the transport and maintenance service for the government and private sector.

The company later turned into a public joint-stock company in 2019. Still under the same name and focus, but the management also follows emirates’ investment authority. As time goes, the company has investment growth and service diversification. Thus, the company expands its expertise to help customers establish or arrange services.

The business coverage also includes transportation, auto maintenance, and transport. As the company has become one prominent name in UAE, it also comes with a huge workforce. The employment has reached more than 30K employees. Emirates Transport also leads more than 41 nationwide worksites and more than 40 thousand transport vehicles.

The Services

  1. School Transportation

One of the main services is the school transportation offer. The company offers vehicles for the private school, being part of government school transport, safety inspector, and provide educational transport for higher education institute. All of them are available for both the private and public sectors throughout the state.

  1. Supporting Services

The supporting service commences ranges of sector and expertise. The company includes some assistance in the form of advertisement under the transportation business. ET also includes building and facilities assistance services, including hospitality, security, and many more. And lastly is offering supervisors onboard for the bus.

  1. Transport And Rental

The company goes beyond the school or education transports, including other transportation and rentals. Some vehicles are the bike and electric cars lease, provision of drivers, mass transport services, limousine service, vehicles for a government institution, taxi service, vehicle rental, and valet services.

  1. Technical Services

Emirates Transport also supports technical services as one of their assistances. It explains the huge ranges of vehicle expertise by the company. Those technical services are Used vehicle auction, Axel weight for trucks, maintenance, and repairs, auto inspection, CNG conversions, to heavy equipment services.

About Jobs Opportunities:

Name of Company: Emirates Transport Corporation
Primary Sector: Transport and Services Corporation
Job Profile: 3 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Emirates Transport Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Emirates Transport Careers
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 10th May 2022

The Open Employee Positions

  1. Bus Attendant

For the job as a bus attendant, the candidate should have a local UAE driver’s license. Not only that, a good personality would be the priority. Candidates with the know-how to handle, treat, and behave with schoolchildren will be highly preferred. All in all, the job includes driving, looking after the student, taking them to and back from school, and being responsible for their safety.

  1. Driver Jobs

An experienced driver with a UAE driving license is preferable. In this case, knowledge of the city locations and road will give plus point. The job offered under the Emirates transport is also part of the government-associated work. It has some attractive salaries and incentives, but the criteria and requirements are not easy to pass.

  1. Training And Development Specialist

Located in Dubai, UAE, a Training and development specialist is a full-time job offer for over 200 applicants. For this career, the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree or CIPD certification. A 3-5 years talent development and training management is also part of the requirement.

  1. Business Development Director

For the senior professional career, the business development director should be good. The functional responsibilities are advanced. It includes planning, evaluating, and leading development strategy and operation procedure, and many more. Thus, the company prefers a candidate with a Master’s degree and 12-15 years of experience.

  1. And other

Eligibility Criterion

The eligibility, requirement, and preferences for every job can differ from each other. There is a huge eligibility criterion that applies to every job. Some have valid UAE driving licenses (especially for driver jobs). Known the road and location, has good community skills in English or basic Arab.

List of Emirates Transport jobs Opportunities | Newly Updated

  1. Body Shop Manager
  2. Service Manager Maintenance
  3. Showroom Manager

Applying To The Job Vacancies

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Emirates Transport Work And Employment Info 2022

Send CV to:
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 042090600

Emirate transport has an official site which is et.ae. The sites contain all of the job details portals and information. To find more information about the open job position and apply for it, you can check the official site, and make an account. As you find more information, you can follow the instruction.

As one of the ever-growing and developing government companies in Dubai, ET will be the best option for local or international workers. Some of the jobs open mostly relate to drivers and transportations, such as attendants, drivers, or auto mechanics. For more info and details for employment, you can check out the official site.

Good Luck To You

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