The Westin Dragonara Beautiful Place and Attractive Business Opportunities 2023

Malta, the beautiful archipelago between Italy and Libya tends to have various accommodation options. Most of them are made and built with tourist attractions as their focus, which makes many luxurious accommodations. Among those options is the Westin Dragonara, one of the hotel properties under the Marriot hotel international.

For a hotel with luxury services, Westin Dragonara is pretty unique. It is located in a unique area, has many offers, provides leisure, and has several renovated features to offer. It makes the hotel a highly potential job opportunity location to consider. But how good is it? here are things you should know before joining the company.

About The Luxury Hotel in Malta

Name of Company: The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta
Primary Sector: Hospitality
Job Profile: 22 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by The Westin Dragonara Resort Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: The Westin Dragonara Resort Malta Careers
Job Location: Jobs in Malta
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent degree/diploma holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 27th March 2023

Located in Malta, Westin Dragonara highlight its beautiful landscape and surrounding area as the main values it offers. Sun-drenched terrace, naturally light and spacious room, impressive pools, sunken garden, and age-old artifacts are some of its natural beauties. The location is also very close to many tourist attractions.

The hotel itself is recently renovated to bring a more attractive offer. Among the brand-new additions are Luxury Bay Suites in the private annex. It makes the private peninsula location creates an extensive sense of solitude in beauty. But accommodation and room options are not the only options one can consider.

The hotel has 5 distinct dining outlets, bringing various types of menus and services to the tables. Some other guest experiences are also available in the form of natural landscape gardens, wellness, and many more. Everything is meant and provided to bring the utmost beauty and best services possible.

Job And Career Opportunity in Westin Dragonara

If you put the consideration on how Westin Dragonara is newly renovated and has several additions to its properties, there is a huge chance of new job openings. At the same time, the hospitality industry is always a welcoming business for job seekers. There are many to put in mind and list, which means the chances are pretty big.

Hotel and hospitality itself come together with several common jobs. Hotel operations, such as housekeeping, reservation, rooms, guest services, management, front office, hotelier, and many more are what you can find easily. But there are also many other chances in joining the company. Among the best job categories are food, beverage, and culinary.

The category is easily altered and added depending on the hotel’s demands, following the possible events or host services. Some other possible jobs are something related to facilities support and hotel officer. The jobs can expand from engineering and facilities department, management, hotel sales, and finance, to more complex executive business positions.

In other words, Westin Dragonara is opening some of the job positions on hotels for several positions. The jobs are also available for different job levels, which later affect the qualification and requirements on its details. If you are interested in joining the hotel of Westin Dragonara, Malta, be sure to check the information properly.

Common Job Qualification and Requirements

Some of the best qualifications and requirements you should consider or prepare are education (formal degree or equal), experience, skills, and capabilities as the workforce to join the Westin Dragonara worker community. Of course, there are specific details on every position, but you can get the minimum as a benchmark. Such as a bachelor, one or two years of experience, and English language.

List of The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta Jobs Opportunities

Engineering & Facilities

  1. Technician. <== Apply Here
  2. General Maintenance. <== Apply Here

Finance & Accounting

  1. Accounts Receivables Clerk. <== Apply Here

Food and Beverage & Culinary

  1. Executive Pastry Chef. <== Apply Here
  2. Commis Chef. <== Apply Here
  3. Demi Chef de Partie. <== Apply Here
  4. Chef de Partie. <== Apply Here
  5. Food & Beverage Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  6. Server. <== Apply Here
  7. Steward Supervisor. <== Apply Here

Golf, Fitness, & Entertainment

  1. Kids Club Supervisor. <== Apply Here

Housekeeping & Laundry

  1. Laundry Manager. <== Apply Here
  2. Public Area Attendant. <== Apply Here
  3. Room Attendant. <== Apply Here
  4. Laundry Attendant. <== Apply Here

Management Development Programs/Interns

  1. Executive Office Internship. <== Apply Here


  1. Reservations Agent. <== Apply Here

Rooms & Guest Services Operations

  1. Operations Executive. <== Apply Here
  2. Assistant Front Office Manager. <== Apply Here
  3. Front Office Agent. <== Apply Here
  4. Front Office Shift Leader. <== Apply Here
  5. Operations Executive. <== Apply Here

Closing date: Not Specified

Details On Job Available Job Opening

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: The Westin Dragonara Beautiful Place and Attractive Business Opportunities 2023

The best thing you can consider for job information is the official site of Marriot hotel. You can go to the official site and click the career button link. It will lead you to the official career page comprising all of the needed information, details of hotel brands, and several career paths (students, grads, veterans, or restaurant bars).

You can click the blue button to find a job at the Marriott international hotel. The link will lead to a job portal that lists all of the available job opportunities across hotel brands or names under Marriott’s umbrella. You can refine your search by using the search bar and inputting Westin Dragonara. Find the jobs available in the hotel, and choose the one you find suitable.

It is best to say that every job has its details and information. Always check everything before applying for the job. Check out the qualification, location, details, and others. Prepare your resume, click apply, and continue following the instruction. After that, you will need to wait for the result.

Westin Dragonara might not be the first luxury hotel under the name of Marriot Bonvoy. But sure, the hotel can offer several job opportunities to welcome the new batch of renovated areas and additional services. The hotel is currently open to many job opportunities, comprising different types of roles, responsibilities, and quality.

Good Luck to You

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