Brothers Destiny Group Career Opportunity as Commercial Youth Establishment 2023

Being named as one of the growing young companies in UAE does not stop Brother Destiny group to stop its innovation. The company comes as a pillar in the development of several services and businesses in the UAE. With short and new potential in the future, Brothers Destiny group brought vast potential jobs opportunity in Dubai and UAE. What are they?

Get To Know Brother Destiny Group

Name of Company: Brothers Destiny Group
Primary Sector: Food and Beverage Services
Job Profile: 14 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted Anonymous by Brothers Destiny Group Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Brothers Destiny Group Jobs Vacancies
Job Location: Jobs in Dubai
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 14th December 2022

Brother Destiny Group is a young company that started in 2019. It is started in UAE and is located in Jumeriah. For a new company, Brother Destiny is not limiting its capability in joining the noisy and competitive business sector in the middle east. The company keeps on growing and continuously expanding its business in various industries.

From its portfolio, the companies are the name and the figure behind several new business settlements in Dubai. Some of the businesses are about fashion, hospitality, and others. They are motivated to not only bring a better business body in UAE but also create capable and distinguished high business ethics and morals.

Brother Destiny Group has a motto of “where the dreams come true”, pinpointing its mission to pioneer commercial youth establishments with a fresh view in Dubai. Brother is also interested in creating a unique project that can cater to different nationalities and be friendly to everyone. It means that they can bring more competition for the city and country.

The idea to expand in all sectors also become a great part of consideration from the Brother Destiny Group. Brother Destiny Group has its vision to work and always be on top in UAE, thus can help improve the economy and finance. With that general development, it is best to say that Brother Destiny Group might be able to bring out better job opportunities in its business.

Job Opportunities In Brother Destiny Group

The next question is what kind of job opportunities you can expect from Brother Destiny Group? If you put a great range of projects and brands under its name, you will find or possibly get attractive options for its business. Take an example of hospitality job opportunities at various restaurants and hospitality businesses.

The restaurant business is one of the most prospective industries. The job opportunities include working as part of a kitchen team, in food production, in restaurants operation, or manager. Take an example of the job choice of pastry chef, barista, the head barista, and restaurant manager. You might find several similar positions in one of Brother Destiny Group’s brands.

Other than the specific restaurant or hospitality positions, you can also consider the more common or general jobs. Support team, technician, electrician, cashier, or some official position. The job availability mostly depends on the location, demands, or development. So, be sure to keep an eye out for the career details.

  1. Barista

A barista is a trained and skilled professional who is responsible for preparing and serving coffee beverages to customers. To be a successful barista, one should have previous work experience as a barista, as well as hands-on experience with brewing equipment.

In addition to these practical skills, a barista should also have knowledge of sanitation regulations to ensure that all coffee beverages are prepared in a clean and hygienic environment.

Being a barista also requires flexibility to work various shifts, as well as the ability to gauge customer preferences and adjust the coffee beverages accordingly. Excellent communication skills are also essential for a barista, as they will need to interact with customers to take orders and answer any questions they may have.

Finally, having a specialty coffee experience can also be beneficial for a barista, as it can help them to understand different coffee flavors and brewing techniques, and provide high-quality coffee beverages to customers.

  1. HOSTESS. <== Apply Here

A hostess is a hospitality professional who is responsible for welcoming guests to a restaurant or other establishment and ensuring that they have a pleasant experience. To be a successful hostess at Brothers Destiny Company, one should meet certain qualifications, including being under the age of 30 and having at least one year of experience in the field.

In addition to these qualifications, a hostess should also be a hard worker who is willing to put in the effort to ensure that guests are satisfied and well taken care of. A positive and bubbly attitude is also essential for a hostess, as they will be the first point of contact for guests and should be able to make a good impression and set the tone for the rest of their experience.

Overall, being a hostess requires a combination of practical skills, experience, and a friendly and outgoing personality. With these qualities, a hostess can help to make guests feel welcome and ensure that they have a memorable experience.

  1. Barista (Sharjah Branch). <== Apply Here
  2. Waiter for Italian & Japanese Restaurant. <== Apply Here
  3. Waitress for Italian & Japanese Restaurant. <== Apply Here

As a waiter or waitress at an Italian and Japanese restaurant, your primary responsibilities would be to provide excellent customer service to restaurant patrons. This would involve greeting customers as they arrive, taking their orders, and serving them food and drinks. Additionally, you would be responsible for ensuring that the dining area is clean and well-maintained, and for answering any questions that customers may have about the menu.

  1. Filipina Receptionist/ HR Admin. <== Apply Here

A Filipina receptionist is a receptionist who is a citizen of the Philippines. Receptionists are typically responsible for answering phone calls, greeting guests, and providing general administrative support to an organization. As a receptionist, a Filipina individual would be expected to have strong communication and organizational skills, as well as proficiency in any relevant computer software.

Job Qualification and Requirement

While the company might offer several job options based on its demands and brands, the best consideration in applying for the job is its qualification. Each role has its details, requirement, or skill. Depending on the level and difficulty, the job qualification might be higher for some positions. But, try the regular minimum qualification such as experience and education since Brother Destiny Group highlight employee quality.

List of Brothers Destiny Group Jobs Opportunities:

  1. Barista. <== Apply Here
  2. Cashier. <== Apply Here
  3. Electrician. <== Apply Here
  4. Head Barista. <== Apply Here
  5. Office Admin. <== Apply Here
  6. Pastry Chef. <== Apply Here
  7. Restaurant Manager. <== Apply Here
  8. Waiter. <== Apply Here
  9. Waiteress. <== Apply Here

➡ Immediately can join.
➡ Under visit visa or cancelled visa.

A visit visa is a type of temporary visa that allows a person to enter a country for tourism or business purposes. A cancelled visa, on the other hand, is a visa that has been revoked or annulled by the issuing country. If a person has a cancelled visa, they are not allowed to enter the country for which the visa was issued. It is important for people to check the status of their visa before traveling to a foreign country. If their visa has been cancelled, they should apply for a new one before traveling.

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Job Opening Details, Information, And Application Process

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Brothers Destiny Group Career Opportunity as Commercial Youth Establishment 2023

Send your CV:
[email protected]
Please write the position you are applying for in the email subject

Even as a young commercial business company, Brother Destiny Group is not tried to bring the best service and possible job opportunities. That is also the reason why the company has its job portal to provide more information and details for job seekers. It is located on the official site, where the link for the career page is available by clicking the provided button.

The career page introduces and provides information as far as the available job opening, the requirement, the location, and the quick apply button. For job seekers looking for hospitality, restaurants, fashion, and various other business alike, consider the Brother Destiny Group. One or more, you might find some information or job opening under its projects.

To apply for the jobs, you can simply check the available opening, check the ones you are qualified for the roles, and click the apply now button. But before sending an application, prepare your best resume or cover letter. Highlight the qualification as your bare minimum, pinpoint your best abilities, and make it professional. After that, wait for the good news.

Being a new or a young company, Brother Destiny Group poses great potential in the future. The company also focus on commercial establishment, which includes various kind of business or function on its radar. It is not only bringing many other possible establishments and businesses but also opening up bigger job opportunities for UAE and Dubai.

Good Luck to You

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