Abela and Co LLC: opened job opportunities on March 2021

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Abela and Co LLC

“Founded in 1967 in the United Arab Emirates, Abela & Co LLC has established itself as one of the leading food service management companies in the United Arab Emirates, the company is a pioneer of the food service industry in the region. Headquartered in Dubai, Abela & Co LLC has the privilege of serving more than 120 prestigious local companies and has international clients, in various industries including:

  • construction,
  • health care,
  • hospitality,
  • education,
  • shipbuilding,
  • petroleum,
  • aviation,
  • pharmacy,
  • electricity,
  • manufacture,
  • IT,
  • oil & gas,
  • and FMCG.

Location Abela and Co LLC

Located in: Blue Bay Tower
Website: abelaandco.com
Phone: +971 4 606 0000
Email: [email protected]
Address: Blue Bay Tower, 18th Floor – Marasi Dr – Dubai – UAE ==> View maps

List of job opportunities at Abela and Co LLC

  1. Sales Executive. ==> Views & Apply
  2. Kitchen Equipment Technician. ==> Views & Apply
  3. Assistant Cook. ==> Views & Apply
  4. Waiter/ Waitress. ==> Views & Apply

How to apply for jobs at Abela and Co LLC

To be able to get the opportunity to work at Abela & Co LLC, the method is quite easy, please visit the link we have provided above “Views & Apply “. But before sending your best CV, first check the completeness of your CV, in more recheck. This is so that your data, if it meets requirements, will immediately be called to do an interview test. Or click this link.

If when you register, it turns out that this job vacancy has been closed, don’t be discouraged, please come back to this page at a later time to get the latest information about Abela and Co LLC career.

With so many job applicants submitting applications for jobs in, “Abela and Co LLC”, you should realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to be able to work for this company.

Good luck to you.

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