TH8 DUBAI Hotel: Opening job opportunities in March 2021

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TH8 DUBAI Hotel: Opening job opportunities in March 2021


TH8 Dubai hotel is one of the SBE hotel companies in the center of Abu Dhabi. The hotel is currently under development with the promise of a new opening brand under the SLS brand of SBE. It will offer 162 luxurious accommodations plus facilities with the Miami Beach theme. It is located close to Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

About SBE

SBE is one of the big hotel or hospitality companies in Abu Dhabi. The company focus on the development, operation, and management of hotels and other recreational facilities. The properties comprise restaurants, nightclubs, residences, and hotels. The company itself has been running since 2002 under the Sam Nazarian commando.

SBE itself has grown and expanded its reach in different locations. Some of the properties also reach North America, Europe, the middle east, south America, Asia, and Australia. The first step of having a global portfolio started as the company acquired Morgans hotel groups in 2016. Since then, the company has developed and operates several brands under its name.

The brands include SLS hotels, Mondrian, Delano, Hyde, the house of originals, and the Red bury Hotels. There are also some other nightlife and culinary businesses with different concepts, locations, and professional chefs. The company also uses SBE as the trademark of all the services including LLC and restaurant groups.

TH8 Dubai

TH8 Dubai hotel is the new and the coming soon properties under SBE. The hotel and some other new hotels will be having a Reimagining life-styled concept. The concept means to create imagining concepts on the other location. In this case, TH8 offers the Miami beach concept in the middle of Palm Jumeirah Dubai. The hotel also employs glamour, fashion, and jet-set lifestyle.

The reimagining life-styled concept appears from the cool white sand and art deco in the hotel. At the same time, the hotel also blends the city culture of Dubai that comes along with the resto style facilities. The hotel has several public facilities that adhere to the concept of beach living, including a beachfront restaurant, water sports, VIP cabanas, and outdoor entertainment areas.

To create modern touch in Dubai, the SBE hotel also creates TH8 Dubai with modern and art-inspired design. It has a luxurious design that comes together in creating an atmosphere for a perfect Dubai’s iconic skyline and Palm Jumeirah views. The hotel also underlines the idea of the Lunar calendar to create late-night beauty through the hotel design.

Services and Availability

  1. Rooms

The luxurious hotel offers a total of 162 rooms that comprise suites to the hotel room. Under the SLS brand of the SBE hotel chain, the hotel offers premium luxury for all its services. All of its hotel rooms come with artistic design, stylish models, and filled with a bespoke collection. TH8 Dubai hotel also underlines the need for comfort and entertainment for the room.

The suit and all the available rooms are mostly under luxurious design. The hotel comes with several accommodation offers that comprise one bed, two bed, three-bedroom suites, studio style, or penthouse service. The design itself uses the collaboration of the infamous Kenzo Maison living space design.

  1. Facilities

To create over-the-top luxurious hotel accommodation, TH8 proposes facilities that match the jet-set lifestyle. Located in the Palm Jumeirah, the hotel has several recreation facilities including paddle boarding in the Gulf. TH8 hotel also builds under the resort–inspired design and facilities, making it filled with several high-end recreations including nightlife, dining, and venues.

The nightlife facility comes in the form of a beach club in Dubai located on the beachfront. The hotel also has an outdoor bard that is equipped with a Food truck, beach club, and the signature TH8 public amenities. Customer can join other public facilities including infinity pool, VIP cabanas, entertainment oasis, to 200-meter palm and landscape garden.

TH8 Dubai Career

Working in TH8 means that the candidate will be part of the SBE company family. The SBE company was one of the hotel chains that cover several hotels and a brand-named Accor. Some of the properties also mean that the company provides wide ranges of vacancies in varying categories. The company SBE operates several properties that comprise accommodations, nightlife, recreation, and restaurant.

It offers a career, not just a job. The participant can check the official site of SBE recruitment. The Job categories and the available jobs ranging from F&B, Security, culinary, to pool and spa attendant.

List of TH8 DUBAI Hotel jobs opening opportunities march 2021

  1. Waiter. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  2. Bellman. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  3. Mixologist. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  4. Laundry Supervisor. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  5. F&B Supervisor. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  6. Housekeeping Coordinator. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  7. Telephone Operator. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  8. Security Supervisor. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  9. VIP Hostess. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  10. Sous Chef. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  11. Lobby Ambassador. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  12. Housekeeping Attendant. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  13. Assistant Outlet Manager. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job
  14. Housekeeping Floor Supervisor. ==> Views & Apply / Filled job

Locations TH8 DUBAI Hotel

Address: Crescent Road West Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Dubai Palm Jumeirah Road – UAE
Phone: +971 4 525 8888

How to Apply TH8 DUBAI Hotel jobs opening opportunities march 2021

To be able to get the opportunity to work at a TH8 DUBAI Hotel, the method is quite easy, please visit the link we have provided above “Views & Apply “. But before sending your best CV, first check the completeness of your CV, in more recheck. This is so that your data, if it meets requirements, will immediately be called to do an interview test.

If when you register, it turns out that this job vacancy has been closed, don’t be discouraged, please come back to this page at a later time to get the latest information about TH8 DUBAI Hotel career.

With so many job applicants submitting applications for jobs in, “TH8 DUBAI Hotel career”, you should realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to be able to work for this company.

Good luck to you.

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