Windstar Cruises – Sea and Land Job Opportunities with Cruises 2023

The cruise business is taking its place in the international’s tourism industry. It has its place and market, which also explains the high chance of expansions in the future. For a company with a great chance in constant development, joining the business will be a great job opportunity. It even has big industry names in it, such as Windstar Cruises.

If you are looking for tourism, hospitality, and services job opportunities, consider the cruises. Windstar has its offer with its vast development and range of cruise destinations. It indicates international and big prospects in joining the company. But what kind of jobs can you expect from the company? Here are some details to learn about it.

About Windstar Cruises
Windstar has a six-ship fleet yet big destinations crossing more than 330 ports in 2020. It sails and reaches over 60 countries, bringing more than 1,200 passengers to reach various destinations. the company also has its boutique cruise that is meant to carry a small number of a passenger with great and high-end cruise services.

The best to give is that every cruise has its ways of bringing authentic experience, immersive business, services, and innovative culinary programs. In the sea business, the said cruise has more than just a transportation mode. It is a complete hospitality service, comprises of various objects and facilities.

The company itself is part of the Xanterra travel collection, a group of global travel and hospitality companies. It means that Windstar cruises are ready to be part of the Miami metro community, bringing a range of services and job opportunities for job seekers. It includes job opportunities for land operation members.

About Windstar Cruises Jobs Opportunities:

🏨 Company Name: Windstar Cruises
🌐 Primary Sector: Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
🎯 Job Profile: We found Multiple Open Jobs Available all Department
💰 Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by Windstar Cruises Recruiting
🔍 Recruitment: Windstar Cruises Jobs and Careers
📍 Job Location: Worldwide
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
🎓 Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
🏆 Experience: Mandatory
🛡️ Benefits: Competitive
🗓️ Last Updated on: 3th June 2023
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified

Job Opportunities
On its official site, Windstar cruises underline the two possible job categories of land and sea. Each has different works and focuses, highlighting the diverse possible positions in each category. Thankfully, the company has introduced a range of job information on its official site. You can find or consider the position based on your capabilities.

  1. Career On Land
    On land career on Windstar cruises can include the common office, corporate, or hospitality positions. Some of the jobs are sales staff, pier agent, casting supervisor, manager, superintendent warranty, destination management, and so on. Most of the jobs are focused or meant to take care of the business from behind the desk.

But you can also find more positions in hospitality position. Housekeeper and service stewardess is the most possible job prospects to consider. Each has its specific details and requirement. Another great consideration for the jobs is partners for the services or the onboard positions.

  1. Career At Sea
    The sea-based job opportunities you can find in a cruise business are mostly about on-board services, maintenance, ship operation, housekeeping, and several partners. It goes with the fact that you are working on the board. Thus, most jobs will be related to the ship and guest experiences. With that, the options are pretty much limited based on the demands.

Hospitality and cruise operation is something you can find easily in the cruise ship business. It includes housekeeper, job experience, entertainment, kitchen, and food-related positions. Other than that, you might have to check the mechanic or technician-based jobs such as machine operator or crew.

One thing is for sure, every job has its responsibility. Most cruise-based jobs will need or demand significant training to ensure the company can provide the best services. It also comes as one of the qualification or requirements, which every job seeker need to consider beforehand.

Qualification Or Requirement
Windstar cruises put great detail on the qualification or requirements. The best to consider is the minimum qualification, such as education with a bachelor’s degree in a related major. Some other details are about experience, both job-specific and cruise work. You might also need to consider language, communication, and other skills.

List of Windstar Cruises Careers Opportunities

Careers at Sea “Worldwide”

  1. Deck, Engine and Hotel Officers. <== Apply Here
  2. Gift Shop. <== Apply Here
  3. Hair & Salon (Contact the OneSpaWorld by fax at +44 2380 23 49 10 or by phone at +44 870 60 80 001. Visit their web site at
  4. Entertainment Positions | (Send video and social media links). <== Apply Here

Careers On Land

  1. Contact Center Operations Agent 32392 (Remote). <== Apply Here
  2. Contact Center Operations Agent 32393 (Remote). <== Apply Here
  3. Customer Service Representative 32134 (Remote). <== Apply Here
  4. Customer Service Representative 32135 (Remote). <== Apply Here
  5. Customer Service Representative 32136 (Remote). <== Apply Here
  6. Human Resources Data and Analytics Manager. <== Apply Here
  7. Marketing Content Manager. <== Apply Here
  8. Revenue Management Specialist – Inventory & Promotions. <== Apply Here
  9. Senior Manager, Purchasing & Logistics. <== Apply Here
  10. Senior Vice President – Commercial. <== Apply Here
  11. Manager of Marine & Support Operations. <== Apply Here

Job Details and Application

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: Windstar Cruises Jobs & Careers Opportunities 2023

For more details on job opportunities or job, opening considers checking its job portal. The portal is available on the official site ( You can find or click which job you are going to get (land or sea). After that, use the search bar to get details. As you found the desired position, click applies now. Follow the instruction and wait for the result.

For a universal or international cruise business, Windstar cruises come with huge job opportunities. The prospect span from land to sea job prospects, which means job seekers can pick as needed. The details are available from the official site. Pick one that you are capable to work on and get one with the best competition you have.

Good Luck to You

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