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The Edition Hotel is a hotel located in; Address: 57RJ+V73 – Downtown Dubai | Plot no. 3623 Marsa Dubai Community Jumeirah Beach, UAE; Phone: #04 432 2252; This hotel was built by combining the genius of Ian Schrager who is known as a visionary boutique hotel entrepreneur.

The Edition Hotel provides the concept of world-class luxury hotel services, and has established a partnership with a hotel company that has been in the hospitality industry, namely Global Marriott International, this is done by this company to create a very perfect and new experience in the hospitality world, for all visitors and guests who will stay at this hotel.

This hotel is an astonishing masterpiece, built with the amalgamation of ideas from the best cities around the world, serving the best of dining in entertaining guests, and hotel visitors, entertainment, nightlife, and service to create an enchanting experience, and will never be forgotten by all guests and visitors who have enjoyed their stay at this hotel.

About Jobs Opportunities:

Work is indeed one of our needs as well as our obligations when living in the world. By working, we can collect money that we use to buy our needs while maintaining our survival.

In creating a very exclusive experience while staying for all guests of this hotel, EDITION Hotel is looking for candidates who have excellent talent and experience in the hospitality industry. Following are the eligibility criteria which we will briefly mention:

People who have the characteristics of being warm, friendly, and really have a huge intention to find an inspiring workplace in the course of an even better career.
Have a strong intention to find the perfect career for them.
Provide service to all hotel guests who come from the heart, not just, from the guidebook alone.
Able to provide a comfortable, pleasant, and charming atmosphere on an ongoing basis, for every guest of EDITION Hotel.

If you work at EDITION Hotel, it will create an atmosphere that makes all employees feel proud to come to work and carry out routines that are the obligations of all employees.

List of jobs opportunities: The Dubai EDITION (Pre-Opening) | Newly Updated September 2021

Engineering & Facilities

  1. Engineering Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  2. Painter/Polisher. <== Apply Here
  3. Plumber. <== Job Filled
  4. General Technician – Engineering. <== Apply Here
  5. Kitchen Technician. <== Apply Here
  6. Engineering Coordinator. <== Apply Here

Finance & Accounting

  1. Assistant Chief Accountant. <== Job Filled
  2. Accounts Payable Supervisor. <== Job Filled
  3. Accounts Receivable Supervisor. <== Job Filled

Food and Beverage & Culinary

  1. In-Room Dining Server. <== Apply Here
  2. Runner – Food & Beverage. <== Apply Here
  3. Food & Beverage Coordinator. <== Job Filled
  4. Food and Beverage Operations Manager. <== Job Filled
  5. Executive Chef. <== Job Filled
  6. Assistant Banqueting Manager. <== Job Filled
  7. Host/Hostess – Food & Beverage. <== Apply Here
  8. Bartender – Punch Room. <== Apply Here
  9. Supervisor – Brasserie. <== Apply Here
  10. Captain – Brasserie. <== Apply Here
  11. Head Bartender – Brasserie. <== Apply Here
  12. Bar Supervisor – Brasserie. <== Apply Here
  13. Commis I – Italian Restaurant. <== Apply Here
  14. Sous Chef – Italian Restaurant. <== Apply Here
  15. Demi Chef de Partie – Italian Restaurant. <== Apply Here
  16. Sous Chef – Pastry/Bakery. <== Apply Here
  17. Chef de Partie – Pastry – Brasserie. <== Apply Here
  18. Chef de Partie – Italian Restaurant. <== Apply Here
  19. Commis II – Italian Restaurant. <== Apply Here
  20. Junior Sous Chef – Italian Restaurant. <== Apply Here

Golf, Fitness, & Entertainment

  1. Pool Attendant. <== Apply Here

Housekeeping & Laundry

  1. Housekeeping Coordinator. <== Job Filled
  2. Tailor. <== Job Filled
  3. Housekeeping Attendant. <== Apply Here

Human Resources

  1. Human Resources Supervisor. <== Job Filled


  1. Reservations Agent. <== Job Filled

Rooms & Guest Services Operations

  1. Rooms Controller. <== Job Filled
  2. Bellman. <== Apply Here
  3. Guest Service Center Agent. <== Apply Here
  4. Chief Concierge. <== Apply Here


  1. Spa Therapist. <== Apply Here
  2. Assistant Pool & Spa Manager. <== Apply Here

How to Apply:

Job seekers need to know tips on how to apply for jobs online properly in order to get a job quickly.

The reason is, there are many job applicants who are looking for the same position. The number of applicants affects the number of candidates who will pass the next stage.

In order for your job application letter to be noticed by HR. D, there are things that must be considered. A good application procedure can increase your chances of advancing to the next stage.

Here are tips on how to apply for a good and correct job online from

  1. Using PDF format

There are still many job applicants who send files in the form of “Ms. Word” or another format. Files in the form of Ms. Word or jpg sometimes make it difficult for HRD when checking data.

The file is sometimes not neat, making it difficult for HRD to read it. PDF files can be opened via any device, mobile phone or computer and laptop, without changing the file format. This makes it very easy for recruiters to check documents.

When sending any document, don’t forget to first convert the format to PDF. There are many applications or websites for converting the format to PDF. Most of these services are free and the file size can be adjusted.

  1. Make all documents in one PDF file

There are some job vacancies that require a lot of documents. Most of these documents are certificates of expertise.

If sent without being put together, it will take up a lot of memory. The personnel department also struggles when it comes to downloading your documents.

Before sending, make one all the required documents. Once combined, don’t forget to change the format to PDF.

  1. Cv content quality

The quality of the CV content also affects the opportunity to be called to the next stage. Use a CV format that matches the position of your choice.

Use clear fonts and don’t overdo it. Serif fonts can be examples of formal fonts or Sans Serif for non-formal.

Do not forget to provide detailed information in accordance with the position applied for. Include information that is truthful and not redundant.

If everything is ready, please click the blue link “<== Apply Here | List of jobs opportunities: The Dubai EDITION (Pre-Opening)”. The link will automatically direct you to the official website of the EDITION Hotel recruitment division.

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