Poke and Co Restaurant Lokepoint Tower Dubai: Looking for: Chefs, Commis level 2 & 3. For 12 positions May 2021

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About Poke and Co Restaurant

Poké (pronounced PO-KAY) – which is the Hawaiian verb for “part” or “slice or cut”. The restaurant is located at: Address: Lakepoint Tower – Cluster N – Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai – UAE.

This restaurant has its own characteristic in serving its menu, made from raw fish cut into squares resembling dice.

This healthy and fresh menu is said to come from Hawaii, which has been developed since its emergence which is claimed to have existed hundreds of years ago.

The concept of this dish serves raw fish that is cut into squares resembling dice mixed in bowls with vegetables, savory toppings, and rice.

In this restaurant you can freely eat food according to your desired menu, provided 50 more ingredients for you to choose as a combination of your delicious meal menu.

In Poke and Co, in addition to providing a classic Hawaiian menu, also provided alternative food in addition to the main menu of this restaurant, including:

  • Raw fish including chicken,
  • Cooked salmon,
  • Shrimp and
  • Cooked tofu.

Website: pokeandco.com

About Jobs Opportunities:

Currently “Human Resources Manager at Poke & Co Restaurant”, has announced, Looking for: Chefs, Commis level 2 & 3. For 12 positions.

Eligibility criteria:

Candidates who are interested in job opportunities currently open by “Poke & Co Restaurant”, must have at least 1-2 years of work experience, in accordance with the job opportunities currently opened “HR. M P&C Restaurant”.

Closing date:

The closing date of the job opportunity “Poke & Co Restaurant”, which is currently open by “Human Resources Manager Poke & Co Restaurant”, is Saturday 22nd May 2021, candidates can also directly conduct interview tests at the head office address: POKE &CO RETAURANT, LAKE POINT TOWER CLUSTER N, JLT, DUBAI on Saturday 22nd May 2021 | 10 AM – 2 PM.

If you want to join Poke & Co Restaurant, do not be discouraged please read more of our article, because job opportunities will always be open to those of you who have the appropriate skills and needed by this company, still submit your application, in the way we have written below.

Candidates interested in joining “Poke & Co Restaurant”, we recommend, send a job application letter as soon as possible, send to, “https://pokeandco.com/careers/

Please prepare, CV “Curriculum Vitae”, as best as possible. Tell to “Recruitment division Poke & Co Restaurant”, through your CV, all the work experience you have and include also, the reason why the “HR. M P&C Restaurant” hiring division should choose you as a new employee.

Announcements made by the “Human Resources Manager at Poke & Co Restaurant”, will only be available to candidates who pass the selection, in accordance with the established standards, “Poke & Co Restaurant” career division.

If you do not receive an interview call from a “Poke & Co Restaurant” within 30 days of the date of submission of your cover letter, we regret to inform you that your application has not been accepted by recruitment division “Poke & Co Restaurant”.

Current opportunities: Poke and Co Restaurant

  1. Chefs.
  2. Commis 2.
  3. Commis 3.

Apply Here. <<==

How to apply:

How to apply for job opportunities “Poke & Co Restaurant” is very easy, please click the blue link, “Apply Here | Current opportunities: Poke and Co Restaurant” link will automatically redirect you to the official website of the recruitment division “Poke & Co Restaurant”, then please send your CV “Curriculum Vitae” to that email address. “HRM Poke & Co Restaurant”

Or send your CV to: https://pokeandco.com/careers/

Good luck to you

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