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The packing operator is one of the most important positions in the company. This one position is usually on the production line. Jobs Desk operator packing is simply doing the packing. But we’ll talk more specifically on this occasion.

The packing operator is one part of the production operator in a manufacturing company. Usually, this one position is in the finishing section or completion in a production process. Undeniably, the position of the packing operator is very important.

The problem is the quality of packing of a product becomes one of the benchmarks for whether or not the product is marketed. Therefore, the packing process in the company is done very carefully in accordance with the Standard Operasional Prosedur set by the company.

So, if interpreted literally, this packing operator is the person in charge of doing the packing. Or more fully, it can be interpreted as the person in charge of operating the packing machine on the production line. However, not all packing is done using a machine. There is also a packing process that is done manually.

Packing Operator Qualifications
To become a packing operator the required qualifications are usually at least educated high school equivalent, have a healthy body, and have good physical endurance. Higher education can also be accepted with much better career potential.

For packing machines that are high in size usually require employees of the same height as well. But there are also some types of packaging machines that are not too high. So, you could say height is not too problematic to be a packaging operator.

Skills Required.
Talking about the skills needed to become a packing operator, it seems that agility and endurance are the main skills you must have. The problem is often this packaging operator stands for hours while doing the tasks he has. If for example our immune system is not good, of course this will be an obstacle.

Packing Operator duties.
Quoted from various sources, there are several main tasks that are usually done by a packing operator while he is at work. Here’s the explanation.

  1. Conduct a briefing
    The first task a packing operator does when he first comes to work is to do a briefing. In this briefing there are usually several points discussed. Of course, everything has to do with the work that will be worked on.

Briefing is usually led by a leader. There is also a team from the previous shift who is about to go home from work. The team will usually exchange information regarding the work and targets being carried out. Each shift is usually led by one leader.

  1. Achieve production targets.
    After conducting a briefing, a packing operator will see the production target that must be achieved on that day. Usually, this production target is discussed during the briefing. This is one of the duties of the packing operator that must be fulfilled. So, achieving the target is one of the obligations that must be achieved on that day.
  2. Do the packing well.
    After seeing the production target that must be achieved on that day, the packing operator then starts packing. This packing process is carried out according to standard operating procedures (SOP) that have been set by the company.

The process itself is different. Of course, this will depend on each company’s policies and the shape of its own gasket. There is a packing process that is done using a machine, there is also a packing process that is done manually.

Packing operators must follow packing procedures according to applicable standards. Usually, the damaged packing will be set aside for repacking later.

  1. Maintain the quality of packing products.
    As we discussed earlier, packing that suffered damage will not continue to the warehouse. Packing must be repaired first. Of course, this will be a loss for both the company and the packing operator itself because he has to work twice.

Therefore, the next task of the packing operator is to maintain the quality of the product packaging he is working on. Maintaining this quality is related to cleanliness, strength, neatness and beauty.

  1. Make a report.
    If the work has been completed and the target has been achieved, the packing operator is required to make a report which will later be given to their respective superiors. This report becomes a benchmark for superiors to assess the performance of packing operators who work on the shift.
  2. Maintain company-owned packing equipment.
    After the report is completed, the next task of the packing operator is to tidy up all the packing equipment that has been used on the shift. All this equipment must be kept safe and clean so that it is easy to use by the next shift.
  3. Maintain the cleanliness of the workplace.
    In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of work equipment, packing operators are also tasked with maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace. Usually this is done together with other operators on the way home.

Responsibilities of Packing Operators.
From some of the tasks that we have described above, it can be concluded that the responsibilities of the packing operator are:

  1. Ensuring production targets are achieved properly
  2. Ensure the work is carried out in accordance with the company’s SOP
  3. Ensure work reports are made in accordance with the facts
  4. Maintain equipment and cleanliness of the work environment

That’s a little discussion that we can give regarding the job desk operator packing and their duties and responsibilities. Of course, this is not a heavy responsibility if we do it together with other colleagues.

List Of Vacant Positions Packing Jobs in UAE | Newly Updated 18th January 2023

Operator - Filling & Packaging 


• High school degree or equivalent. 
• Knowledge of Filling and Packaging processes. 
• Knowledge of Health, Safety and Environmental policies. 
• Good knowledge of Housekeeping, Hygiene, and sanitation practices. 
• Intermediate level of English. 
• Operational work experience in the field of filling and packaging (preferably 3 years) 
• Team working skills. 
• Basic reporting skills 

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