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An independent oil and gas production exploration company is one of the biggest career opportunities in Europe. Being an independent international company, Neptune Energy needs workers to operate inshore and offshore from the Barents Sea to the Bonaparte basin. For that reason, the company is currently open to several career prospects that you can choose from.

About the Company

Neptune is the largest independent oil, gas exploration, and production company in Europe. The focus of exploration is carried out in several areas, namely the North Sea, North Africa, and the Asia Pacific. The company wants to contribute to meeting the energy needs of society and the energy transition and implementing environmental issues.

All oil and gas production or exploration is carried out with minimal environmental impact. As a result, the mission achieved is to create value for the community and ensure the highest standards of governance. It means that the company has prospects in developing its business by producing oil and gas through safe, efficient, and innovative operations.

Established in 2015 by Sam Laidlaw with single investment investors, Neptune Energy has expanded gas-weighted commitments. When looked at in detail, the company offers deep industry expertise. It provides strong opportunities for both organic growth and acquisitions. The company also offers good growth prospects to potential investors.

With a clear vision and mission, Neptune has been recognized as one of the top 100 private companies headquartered in the UK. The company has become one of the most developed in recent years. It is especially remarkable, considering the company has significant acknowledgment of the progress the company has made regularly for the progress.

Career Opportunities and Workforce Information

Name of Company: Neptune Energy Group Holdings Ltd
Primary Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas
Job Profile: We found multiple Job Vacancies Available all Field, Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Neptune Energy
Name of Recruitment: Careers | Neptune Energy Recruiting
Job Location: Jobs In Europe
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy

The Neptune itself offers various types of job opportunities in numerous locations on the European continent. It means that many opportunities will affect the number of job prospects. You can find at least five main job fields available. You can see it from the official Neptune jobs page. Here are the five existing job fields or sectors that you can find on their website.

  1. Contract Manager

The contract manager position is an essential part of an oil and gas company’s M&E team at Neptune Energy. The job position allows for collaborative and interactive work. In addition, this work must be mobile to move between the work location and the FEED implementation office, which will be carried out in the future.

  1. Drilling Engineer

As the name suggests, the job description of this position will cover everything related to drilling. This work includes planning, providing well design, and operations management. In addition, this position requires candidates who can demonstrate teamwork capacity and analytical competence with a minimum of 8 to 10 years of relevant experience in well engineering.

  1. Project or Facility Engineer

The position of Project or Facility Engineer is tasked with prioritizing and coordinating Engineering project time and project managers. It will require leadership skills over all aspects of project work. With this in mind, the position needs to meet the requirements of the development process. For these reasons, the Neptune Energy candidates must be able to ensure compliance with the project properly.

  1. Well Engineer

Next, well engineers must provide excellent design, planning, programming, and operations management. It must be done following the Well Delivery Process (WDO) and ensure the required compliance. In other words, the Well Engineer must target all wells designed according to local laws and Neptune company policies while promoting environmental safety.

  1. Technical Safety Manager

This position will lead the technical safety and assurance team to ensure effective worker safety. In addition, a candidate’s performance must be ensured to be free from major hazards with discipline, knowledge, and experience. Not only have that, but technical safety managers must proactively identify safety engineering problems to identify the best solution for the project.

And there are many more types of job opportunities opened by this company.

How to Apply for the Job Position

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: Neptune Energy Career Opportunity and Staff Information Details: Latest Job Vacancies 2022. <== Apply Here

To apply for a job position is easy as you think. It is because Neptune Energy provides an online site to apply for jobs. You can find the job portal through the official website provided by Neptune and select the Career menu. After selecting it, you will be directed to a page showing all the available positions. Relevant information regarding deadlines, location, and a brief job the company is existing.

If you are looking for a career opportunity in an oil and gas company, you can take a look at Neptune. The company offers a variety of job positions from various fields related to energy. The candidates sought also consist of several levels, such as early career, advanced, and professional career experience. For more info on job opportunities, access Neptune’s official career site.

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