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History IHG

1945 – 1946.
In the early years, Juan Trippe and U.S president Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the need to attract business and tourists. The answer was later coming out as building luxury hotels that also have mass international air travel. At the later stage, Pan Am agreed with the decision and worked together with the export-import bank of the United States.

As in 1946, the first intercontinental Hotel corporation was founded and bought the first hotel in the same year. The hotel was Grand hotel in Belem, Brazil. From that point, the expansion soon continues and reaches Latin America plus the Caribbean.

1961 – 1964.
The expansion reached the Middle East by opening the first hotel in 1961. The hotel is Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut that shoots the next expansion in the area. As in 1964, the hotel chain created a big leap by signing a contract to manage the Esplanade Zagreb hotel. That move was the first known as the Eastern Europe contract.

1966 – 1979.
In 1966, the group rebranded its name as inter-continental hotels. The expansion of the group continued as it opened the first hotel in Kabul, inter-continental Kabul in 1969. Unfortunately, due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979), the hotel ceased its operation. Till present, the hotel is still using the hyphenated name and doesn’t affiliate with the group.

However, the group gained several blossoming hotels from 1972 to 1973. The company started its new line called Forum Hotels that began as the affiliated brands. The brands and the hotel itself span to the United States with the first properties built in 1973. The expansion started as the company gained a contract with Mark Hopkins Hotels.

1981 – 1998.
1981 was the turnover of the group. PanAm no longer takes command over inter-continental. The company sold the group to Grand Metropolitan on August 19. The bold move resulted in a bigger merger between Inter-continental hotels, Grand Metropolitan hotel chains, and the Forum hotels.

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However, once again the group was sold to another company. The next owner is the Saison group (1988), which only took hold of the group for a decade. The Saison group later sold it to Bass in 1998. Bass group separated themselves to focus on the hotel business and renamed itself as Six continents.

2003 – present.
Under the command of Six Continents, the hotel’s number keeps on expanding and gain more potential. In 2003, the six continents once again separated themselves from the other businesses. It later renamed itself as an intercontinental hotels group that operates numerous brands and hotel chains today.