Careers Path at the Most Diversified Company in the Middle East: IFFCO Group 2023

IFFCO Group was founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1975. It is an international group that operates in manufacturing and markets a wide range of food products, their derivates, and services. Moreover, this company has operated in more than thirty countries worldwide with over eighty brands of products.

About IFFCO and Its Business Units

IFFCO Group has developed more than eighty brands of products, and those products are distributed across thirty-five countries worldwide. Through this great portfolio, this company has become one of the most diversified companies in the Middle East. Moreover, this company is well-known for its brands of oil (Noor Sunflower Oil), ice cream (Igloo), and soap (Savannah).

Furthermore, there are three top retail brands from this company based on the sales of 2021-2022: Tiffany, Noor, and Hayat. Whereas, from the numerous countries of its distribution, the top three exporter countries are the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. All of those achievements firmly established this company’s presence in the global market.

As a diversified company, there are several business units that are held here. These units include impulse foods, IFFCO beauty, oils & fats, agribusiness, packaging, and IFFCO sales & distribution. Through those units, this company strives to grow in the diversity of expertise and provide the best products and services for the customers.

IFFCO Working Environment

Bringing the vision of IFFCO Group that prefers to provide sustainable value products and services, this company directly states the core principle of its working environment. Thus, this principle is intended to inspire the employees and other elements of its business in how they act and decide on everything here.

That principle is supported by the values implemented here, as this company’s belief, and as the guidelines on any actions or decisions. It is also an indicator to all partners and clients who are engaged with this company about the real identity of this company. So, the employees are expected to have the same value to achieve synchronized collaboration.

Moreover, the value of the people in this company is important. It is because they are claimed as the biggest strength of this business. They are the ones who will bring this company to success. However, this company strives to maintain integrity and excellent behavior in this working environment to serve the customers’ best interests.

Therefore, employees are also expected to have high enthusiasm and dedication to balance the values and behaviors of this work environment. All of that aims to achieve the ultimate goal of this company, namely to provide a sense of satisfaction to customers. In addition, this company also approaches the business sector through the great entrepreneurial movement.

It seems that this company strives to create a great working environment for the employees, who are passionate yet have high integrity person towards the others here. It might be the biggest valuable benefit that people can get if they are working here. It can foster the quality of personality and ability in a good way.

IFFCO Careers Path

Name of Company: IFFCO Group
Primary Sector: Food and Beverage Services
Job Profile: 18 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by IFFCO Group Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: IFFCO OPPORTUNITIES
Job Location: Jobs in UAE and Saudi Arabia
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 28th March 2023

IFFCO Group is highly in demand due to the numerous branch offices worldwide, so that is why there are breadth and depth opportunities for people with multiple levels and competencies. People from any background are allowed to apply here. It can be a great opportunity for them to join a valuable working environment.

Furthermore, the work areas here are separated into functions such as Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, Operations, Research & Development, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Transportation, Retail, and Trading. People can see from those functions which areas are suitable for them.

Then, after seeing which areas are suitable, they can directly find the best job position they might be highly likely to get. According to that, people interested in joining this company are highly recommended to visit the company’s job portal before applying. They can get a lot of information about job openings there.

List Of IFFCO Group UAE Jobs Opportunities:


Abu Dhabi

  1. Area Development Manager (Dry). <== Apply Here


  1. Executive – Product Innovation. <== Apply Here
  2. Area Development Manager (Dry). <== Apply Here
  3. Global Process Owner (Record to Report). <== Apply Here
  4. Head – Total Rewards. <== Apply Here
  5. Head Trading – Grains and Oil Seeds. <== Apply Here
  6. Associate Manager – IS – Sales & Digitization. <== Apply Here
  7. Global Process Owner (Hire to Retire). <== Apply Here
  8. Head – Strategy & Operational Excellence. <== Apply Here
  9. Manager – Value Realization & Service Management. <== Apply Here
  10. Head Legal AMESAP. <== Apply Here
  11. Head – Program Management. <== Apply Here
  12. Manager – Finance (Business Analytics) S&D. <== Apply Here


  1. Sales Capability Lead. <== Apply Here
  2. Associate Manager – Trade Marketing. <== Apply Here
  3. Manager – Regulatory and Scientific Affairs. <== Apply Here
  4. Executive – Fleet. <== Apply Here

Saudi Arabia:


  1. Associate Manager – Maintenance. <== Apply Here

Closing date: Not Specified

How to Apply at IFFCO

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: Careers Path at the Most Diversified Company in the Middle East: IFFCO Group 2023

Applying for a job at IFFCO Group can be done through the company’s job portal. There is detailed information available about the job description, requirements, locations, and even the benefits the employee will get later. People who are interested can visit that portal and gather a lot of information.

After looking at the company profile, working environment, also career path here can be the ideal place to learn and grow in the most influential diversified company in the Middle East. People can experience a great working environment and colleagues if they are working here. More than that, they might have the unlimited possibility to grow and build a bright career here.

Good Luck to You


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