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Fairmont Hotel Doha Employment and Career Prospect
Doha is famous for its modern and futuristic city. There are many iconic buildings that you can find while visiting this city, including contemporary luxury hotels. You can find the Fairmont Doha one of the best buildings for a great stay. Having the latest and unique designs, various kinds of facilities and services are available. Here’s more information.

Doha is a metropolitan city full of hustle and bustle. For those of you who want to take a break from the busyness and boring routine, a staycation in the city of Doha can be the solution. One of them is Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha.

About the Company
Fairmont in Doha is a towering beacon of modernity featuring the latest intuitive designs. As a leading brand, a wide range of services and amenities are available – theatrical gastronomy, 360 welfare and more. In other words, the company brand is a new home for travelers and a vibrant community to get new experiences while staying in Doha.

With its architectural features that fuel Qatar’s rich design and culture, the company is a bustling gateway to the city’s precincts. With that in mind, this towering building can be open for everyone to discover the local culture authentically. Carrying Fairmont’s signature style, there is an innovative approach to hospitality.

The design of this acclaimed brand combines unique architecture with the city’s heritage and contemporary transformation. More complete, the building features 362 spacious rooms and suites with modern amenities, timeless style and luxurious comfort. Not only that, but theatrical gastronomic experience and immersive facilities are provided at Fairmont Doha.

Website: https://www.fairmont.com/

About Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha Jobs Opportunities:

🏨 Company Name: Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha
🌐 Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
🎯 Job Profile: 80 Open Jobs
💰 Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha Recruiting
🔍 Recruitment: Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha | Accor Hotels Careers
📍 Job Location: Jobs In Doha, Qatar
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
🎓 Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
🏆 Experience: Mandatory
🛡️ Benefits: As per UAE Labor Law
🗓️ Last Updated on: 19th November 2023
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified

Career Opportunity

  1. Cluster Director of Security
    ► This reputable company needs the best position to be responsible for the administration and operation of the Security Department. In this case, the Cluster Director of Security will work closely with other departments to achieve the safety and security of the hotel’s run well. Due to the job role in an air-conditioned and dynamic office environment, applicants must be prepared for extreme weather conditions.
    ► Basically, this position must ensure that all activities in the company comply with and support the appropriate quality management system. In this case, you must also lead and direct all security personnel involved according to emergency procedures. For this reason, applicants must have strong leadership and motivate the team.
    While holding this position, previous experience in the luxury resort or hotel sector is an important value that you can maintain. You also need to manage good time and solid organization, time and priorities. In addition, Safety and Risk Management experience is also considered to apply to the position at Fairmont Doha.
  2. Head Hostess
    ► This position is also an important role in a well-known brand in the hospitality sector. Without the head hostess, the service will not run optimally. For that reason, this position is always open to providing the best service in the company. To get this position, there are a few things you should know. One of them is responsible for leading the hostess team.
    ► In other words, this position must provide outstanding customer service according to company standards. This is a senior position with the ideal candidate who should possess the most discreet interpersonal relationship skills. You are also required to have excellent multitasking, leadership, and speaking skills.
  3. Front Desk Agent
    ► This position aims to welcome guests upon arrival and check out following the job description. You must serve guests sincerely and professionally to earn guests’ trust. Furthermore, you can take a few easy steps at Fairmont Doha, such as – verifying your reservation, address, and credit information by the service standards of a five-star luxury hotel.
    ► For this reason, there are several experiences and skills required, including primary language skills and international languages used in the workplace. In addition, candidates who apply must be able to read and write so that guests can receive the communication process. If you are interested in joining this company, try to master basic computer skills.
  4. And many other…

🔥 List Of Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha Current Job and Career Opportunities:

Job Profil | Job Code


  1. Sous Chef – Employee Dining Room | REF10728O
  2. Chef de Partie – Employee Dining Room | REF8893L
  3. Commis I – Masala Library | REF16432H
  4. Executive Chef | REF16320C
  5. Chef De Partie – Vaya | REF16070N
  6. Commis II – Masala Library | REF15019T
  7. Junior Sous Chef – In Room Dining | REF15028P
  8. Sous Chef – Dome/ Pool | REF14834Y
  9. Demi Chef de Partie – Dome/Pool | REF14835U
  10. Commis I – In Room Dining | REF14278E
  11. Commis II – Provok | REF14275W
  12. Commis II – Main Kitchen | REF14277P
  13. Sous Chef – Vaya | REF14266A
  14. Demi Chef de Partie – Main Kitchen | REF14276N
  15. Commis II – In Room Dining | REF14279F
  16. Commis II – Vaya | REF14270N
  17. Junior Sous Chef – Vaya | REF14267R
  18. Junior Sous Chef – Employee Dining Room | REF13372R
  19. Demi Chef de Partie – Vaya | REF11706G
  20. Commis 2 – Vaya | REF11198Q
  21. Demi Chef de Partie – In Suite Dining | REF11204I
  22. Commis 1 – Vaya | REF11200Y
  23. Commis 1 – Provok | REF11197X
  24. Sous Chef – MICE | REF10718T
  25. Junior Sous Chef – Main Kitchen | REF10737J
  26. Demi Chef de Partie – Employee Dining Room | REF8892N
  27. Commis 1 – Employee Dining Room | REF8896M
  28. Commis 1 – Cyra | REF8563W
  29. Chef de Partie – Cyra | REF8564T
  30. Commis 3 – Cyra | REF8565D
  31. Commis 2 – Dome | REF8561J
  32. Commis 1 – Dome | REF8264D
  33. Commis 3 – Vaya! Latin Mercado | REF8263G

Engineering & Maintenance

  1. Plumber | REF13479A
  2. Fire Technician and BMS Operator | REF13481P

Executive & Hotel Management

  1. Director of Operations | REF16319Z
  2. General Manager | REF10078Q

Finance, Controlling, Audit, Accounting & Business Analysis

  1. Chief Accountant | REF8952Q

Food & Beverage

  1. F&B Coordinator – MICE | REF8620E
  2. Restaurant Manager – Masala Library | REF14175G
  3. Sommelier – Vaya | REF14171V
  4. Restaurant Supervisor – Provok | REF14178X
  5. Assistant Restaurant Manager – Cyra | REF14182E
  6. Restaurant Supervisor – Cyra | REF14186X
  7. Hostess – Masala Library | REF13072A
  8. Restaurant Supervisor – DOME | REF13076N
  9. Hostess – Provok | REF12626E
  10. Head Hostess – Provok | REF12108X
  11. Assistant Restaurant Manager – Provok | REF10020P
  12. Waiter/Waitress – In Room Dining | REF6684C
  13. Bartender / Barista – DOME Lobby Lounge | REF9886Y
  14. Hostess – DOME Lobby Lounge | REF9634F
  15. Houseman / Housemaid – MICE | REF8621N
  16. Supervisor – MICE | REF8619G
  17. Hostess – Cyra | REF8391W
  18. Barista – Vaya! Latin Mercado | REF8357Q
  19. Bartender – Cyra | REF8387A
  20. Waitress / Waiter – Cyra | REF8390A
  21. Bartender – Masala Library | REF8278E
  22. Bartender – Provok | REF8276P
  23. Waiter / Waitress – Masala Library | REF8272P
  24. Waiter / Waitress – Vaya! Latin Mercado | REF7630I
  25. Host / Hostess – Vaya! Latin Mercado | REF7631M
  26. Waiter/ Waitress – Dome | REF7636R
  27. Restaurant Supervisor – Vaya! Latin Mercado | REF7632J
  28. Waiter/Waitress – Provok | REF6683S
  29. Order Taker – In Room Dining | REF6685N


  1. Public Area Attendant | REF11206V
  2. Fairmont Gold Lounge Attendant | REF11202N
  3. Fairmont Gold Receptionist | REF11201P
  4. Front Desk Agent | REF11179D
  5. Fairmont Gold Butler | REF11203S
  6. Public Area Supervisor | REF8929O
  7. Bell Man | REF8310B
  8. Fairmont Ambassador | REF8311O
  9. Lobby Ambassador | REF5262E

Sales & Marketing

  1. Director of Sales | REF13871E
  2. Reservations Manager | REF13482Y


  1. Security Officer | REF7394N

Wellness & Recreation.

  1. Spa Director | REF9681T

How to apply for a job

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Fairmont Hotel Doha Careers & Jobs Vacancies 2023

Career opportunities are wide open for various candidates who meet the qualifications and job requirements. You can easily apply for jobs via LinkedIn’s online platform. First, try to check the positions open for roles in the company. Then, search by keyword in the related company for jobs available in the company.

After that, you will see the profile of the Fairmont Doha company related to the company description. To get a job that matches your qualifications, select the job menu. You will automatically get information about jobs that are currently available. Please send your CV and recent job application to apply for a job.

Navigating Job Opportunities at Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha [Alternative submit your CV}
Finding the perfect job can often be overwhelming. However, Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha simplifies this journey. Among the myriad of opportunities they present, the most efficient way is to use their dedicated job code system. As mentioned in the “🔥 List Of Fairmont Hotel & Residences Doha Current Job and Career Opportunities”, each position has a unique code. By entering this code into the Fairmont career search engine, applicants can directly view the details of their chosen vacancy. This streamlined process ensures a more targeted and efficient job search, leading candidates one step closer to their dream job at the Fairmont Doha.

Several positions in the company are likely to require certain education, experience, and qualifications according to standards. Only candidates who meet the requirements can get a role in this company. Thus, it would help to meet the qualifications by finding out in advance through the online platform. If you are ready, you can send your application quickly.

Or send CV to:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Good Luck to You

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