db Hotels and Resorts Malta Latest Careers & Job Vacancies 2024: Open a variety of new job opportunities All department

db Group: Pioneering Hospitality with a Vision
The db Group stands out in the hospitality industry with a clear and ambitious vision: to optimize each of its hotels and resorts, striving to deliver exceptional value to every guest. This commitment is not just about providing top-tier services but also about achieving recognition as one of the top ten hospitality entities in Europe. The focus is on elevating the guest experience to ensure that db hotels are synonymous with excellence and memorable stays.

About db San Antonio Hotel + Spa
Nestled in a prime location, db San Antonio Hotel + Spa epitomizes the modern hospitality concept, combining convenience with luxury. Just a short 4-minute stroll from the Malta Classic Car Museum, the hotel is also conveniently located 5.6 miles from San Anton Palace and 8.7 miles from the picturesque Valletta Waterfront, making it an ideal base for both leisure and exploration.

Accommodation and Facilities
The hotel’s bright and airy rooms are designed to provide comfort and connectivity, with complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and tea and coffee-making facilities. Each room boasts a balcony that opens up to stunning views of the sea, the hotel’s pools, or the serene outback. For a more luxurious experience, select rooms offer a separate seating area with panoramic views of the islands of Comino and Gozo.

Diverse Dining and Leisure Options
Catering to diverse palates, db San Antonio Hotel + Spa hosts a café, a bar, and five themed restaurants, two of which are seasonal. Each dining venue presents a unique culinary journey, ranging from local delicacies to international cuisine.

The hotel’s leisure facilities are equally impressive. Guests can indulge in the spa, which features a hot tub, a well-equipped gym, and an indoor pool. For those preferring the outdoors, there are three swimming pools, volleyball courts, and a private sandy beach, offering ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation. The children’s club ensures that younger guests are entertained, making the hotel a perfect choice for families.

About db Hotels + Resorts Company Jobs Opportunities:

🏨 Company Name: db Hotels + Resorts Company
🌐 Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
🎯 Job Profile: We found 13 Job Vacancies Available all department
💰 Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by db Hotels + Resorts Company Recruiting
🔍 Recruitment: Careers at db Hotels + Resorts Recruiting
📍 Job Location: Jobs In Malta
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
🎓 Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
🏆 Experience: Mandatory
🛡️ Benefits: As per Employment Act/ Labor Laws in Malta
🗓️ Last Updated on: 28th March 2024
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified

🔥 List Of db Hotels + Resorts Company Current Job and Career Opportunities:

Db Hotels and Resorts’ recruitment division is currently opening up job opportunities for several positions:

Position AvailableLocationAction
Financial ControllerMaltaApply Here
General Cashier/Accounts ClerkMaltaApply Here
Data Input ClerkMaltaApply Here
Accounts Payable OfficerMaltaApply Here
Accounts ClerkMaltaApply Here
Front Office AgentMaltaApply Here
Night ManagerMaltaApply Here
Cost ControllerMaltaApply Here
Accounts ExecutiveMaltaApply Here
Spa TherapistMaltaApply Here
Payroll OfficerMaltaApply Here
Senior Rooms TechnicianMaltaApply Here
General LabourerMaltaApply Here

The closing date of job opportunities currently open by db hotel group recruitment division is: Not specificized. Please submit your application letter immediately.

How to Apply for Opportunities at db Hotels + Resorts

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: db Hotels and Resorts Malta Latest Careers Job vacancies 2024

Applying for a career at db Hotels + Resorts is a straightforward process designed to be accessible and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your application is submitted successfully:

Preparation of Application Documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Prepare an up-to-date CV detailing your professional experience, educational background, skills, and any relevant certifications or achievements.
  • Latest Photograph: Include a recent professional photograph. This should be a clear, passport-style photo that presents you in a professional light.

Submitting Your Application:

  • Online Submission: Click on the provided link under “🔥 List Of db Hotels + Resorts Company Current Job and Career Opportunities.” This link is highlighted in blue for easy identification. Once clicked, you’ll be redirected to the official db Hotels & Resorts Recruiting website.
  • Email Submission: Alternatively, you can send your CV and photograph to the following email addresses:
  • Primary: [email protected]
  • Secondary: [email protected]

Registering on the Official Recruitment Website:

  • It is strongly recommended that all interested candidates complete the job seeker account registration on the official recruitment website. The link provided in the first step is essential for this process. Completing your profile on the official site significantly influences your chances of being considered for employment.

Completing the Application Process:

  • The recruitment division of db Hotels + Resorts has streamlined the application process to be efficient and user-friendly. Ensure that you complete all necessary steps on the website.
  • After registering on the website, follow up by sending your job application letter via the email addresses provided.

► Tips for a Successful Application:
To enhance your chances of a successful application to db Hotels + Resorts, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • Conciseness and Clarity: Your CV should be clear and concise, focusing on your most relevant experiences and skills. Avoid overcrowding it with unnecessary information; instead, make it easy for the recruiter to see why you’re a great fit for the role.
  • Customization: Tailor your application to the specific role you’re applying for. Show how your unique skills and experiences align with the job requirements. This demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to understand the role and see yourself as a part of the team.
  • Attention to Detail: Attention to detail is crucial in your application process. Meticulously proofread your CV and accompanying materials to eliminate typos, grammatical errors, and inaccuracies. Such diligence not only enhances readability but also demonstrates your professionalism and commitment, qualities highly valued in potential candidates. This meticulous approach can significantly impact the impression you make.
  • Highlight Achievements: Include specific achievements or projects that showcase your skills. Quantifiable results or notable accomplishments can set you apart from other candidates.
  • Professional Format: Use a professional and easy-to-read format for your CV. A well-structured layout helps in making a positive impression.
  • Cover Letter: Include a cover letter if possible. This gives you an opportunity to express your enthusiasm for the role and the company, and to provide context for your application.
  • Relevance: Ensure that all the information included is relevant to the position. This demonstrates that you understand what the role entails and that you have what it takes to perform well.
  • Update LinkedIn Profile: If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure it’s updated and reflects your current skills and experiences. Recruiters often check LinkedIn profiles for additional insights into candidates.
  • Be Authentic: While it’s important to showcase your strengths, ensure that the information you provide is accurate and truthful.

By following these steps and recommendations, you will have successfully applied for a job at db Hotels + Resorts. The application process is designed to be as straightforward as possible, so take the time to complete each stage carefully to increase your chances of securing a position with the company.

Good luck to you

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