Atlantis The Palm Dubai: Various job opportunities open in 2021

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About Atlantis The Palm

The hotel is located at: Address: Crescent Rd – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – UAE, on an island in the Arabian Gulf, namely Palm Jumeirah, this luxury building and resort is close to Wild Wadi Water Park, approximately 14 km away and when you want to visit Mall of the Emirates “upscale shopping center” is approximately 15 km away.

Featuring comfortable rooms with several facilities including: flat-screen TV, minibar, and free Wi-Fi internet access, it has a strategic location to enjoy beautiful views of the island or bay. Suite offer more complete facilities, a seating area to relax in, some rooms have a terrace, a living room and a whirlpool bath. For higher Suite rooms located in an aquarium water tank, it features floor-to-ceiling windows with views of marine life. Room service is provided 24 hours non-stop, ready to serve all hotel guests.

There are fine dining options at 23 restaurants, plus a water park, spa and gym. On-site entertainment facilities include: a dolphin pool and aquarium, as well as a nightclub and children’s club.

About job opportunities:

Currently the recruitment division of Atlantis The Palm Dubai has announced several job opportunities.

Eligibility criteria:

You must have work experience that suits the opportunities currently open by this company.

List of job opportunities: Atlantis The Palm Dubai

  1. Agent, CID Administration. <== Apply Here
  2. Doorman. <== Apply Here
  3. Assistant Manager, Supply Chain Administration. <== Apply Here
  4. Commis 2, Barracudas. <== Apply Here
  5. Coordinator, Transportation. <== Apply Here
  6. Attendant, Employee Residences. <== Apply Here
  7. Guest Rooms Valet. <== Apply Here
  8. Sous Chef, White Beach. <== Apply Here
  9. Commis 3, Ronda Locatelli. <== Apply Here
  10. Chef de Partie, Imperial Services. <== Apply Here
  11. Commis 2, Banquets and Conventions. <== Apply Here
  12. Commis 2, Kaleidoscope. <== Apply Here
  13. Commis 3, In Room Dining. <== Apply Here
  14. Commis 1, White Beach. <== Apply Here
  15. Manager, Aquaventure. <== Apply Here
  16. Chef de Partie, Specialty, Hakkasan. <== Apply Here
  17. Sous Chef, Pastry, Hakkasan. <== Apply Here
  18. Commis 2, Pastry. <== Apply Here
  19. Commis 3, Bakery. <== Apply Here
  20. Commis 1, Bakery. <== Apply Here
  21. Commis 3, Ayamna. <== Apply Here
  22. Junior Sous Chef, Pastry. <== Apply Here
  23. Chef de Partie, Banquets and Conventions. <== Apply Here
  24. Manager, Front Services. <== Apply Here
  25. Manager, VIP Services. <== Apply Here
  26. Agent, Front Office. <== Apply Here
  27. Manager, Laundry. <== Apply Here
  28. Commis 3, Pastry. <== Apply Here
  29. Sous Chef, Ayamna. <== Apply Here
  30. Commis 2, White Beach. <== Apply Here
  31. Sous Chef, Pastry, Ossiano. <== Apply Here
  32. Chef de Partie, Kaleidoscope. <== Apply Here
  33. Chef de Partie, In Room Dining. <== Apply Here
  34. Sous Chef, Bread Street Kitchen. <== Apply Here
  35. Bellman. <== Apply Here
  36. Assistant Manager, Web Content. <== Apply Here
  37. Commis 1, The Burger Joint. <== Apply Here
  38. Chef de Cuisine, Kaleidoscope. <== Apply Here
  39. Senior Technician, Technician 1. <== Apply Here
  40. Team Leader, Front Services. <== Apply Here
  41. Kids Club, Counselor. <== Apply Here
  42. Chef de Cuisine, Saffron. <== Apply Here
  43. Commis 3, Nobu. <== Apply Here
  44. Commis 1, Kaleidoscope. <== Apply Here
  45. Manager, Sourcing F&B. <== Apply Here
  46. Manager, Warehouse. <== Apply Here
  47. Commis 1, Bread Street Kitchen. <== Apply Here
  48. Officer, Surveillance. <== Apply Here
  49. Resort Manager. <== Apply Here
  50. Commis 2, Hakkasan. <== Apply Here
  51. Administrator, Procurement. <== Apply Here
  52. Commis 2, Bread Street Kitchen. <== Apply Here
  53. Commis 2, In Room Dining. <== Apply Here
  54. Technician 3. <== Apply Here
  55. Chef de Partie, The Burger Joint. <== Apply Here
  56. Commis 3, Bread Street Kitchen. <== Apply Here

How to apply:

Please prepare your CV “Curriculum Vitae” and your current photo, then visit the blue link “List of job opportunities: Atlantis The Palm Dubai” the link will take you to the recruitment site, Atlantis The Palm Dubai.

Read all the details on each job you want, then click Apply, you are required to create a job seeker account on the site.

Good luck to you.

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5 comments on “Atlantis The Palm Dubai: Various job opportunities open in 2021

  1. Maroua fatah says:

    Hello I’m Maroua from Morocco I’m looking to work as a receptionist/hostess/waitress/seller
    Thank you
    Have a great day

  2. Yoseph Tesfaye says:

    Am For Front Office And My No +251911932016
    Am The Best In The Industry

  3. Tej bahadur Bayalkoti says:

    I wanna apply for the post of f and b attending

  4. Amir Irshad Ansari says:

    I’m as apply for jo food beverage department service associate

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