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About Almarai

Almarai is a company that specializes in food ingredients and is a very large dairy company, this company operates equipment, machinery and labor in a medium process to process raw materials, spare parts, and other components to produce finished goods that have value. selling, and as an intermediary company that distributes products from manufacturers to retailers. After a product is produced by the Factory, it is shipped (and usually also sold at the same time) to a distributor.

Almarai is currently the largest dairy company in the world, headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operating in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan and Egypt.

Almarai started trading activities in his company in 1944 and owns a large number of agricultural lands spread all over the world, among which are located in: United States of America, Argentina, Poland, and Ukraine.

The company initial field was a cow’s milk management company, then as time went on the company became more successful and expanded its business reach by adding production areas to fruit juices, poultry, baked goods, nutrition for children, and at the end of the year 2005, Almari has successfully become a public joint stock company.

In 2009 Almarai had a successful partnership with the food and beverage company PepsiCo, the result of this collaboration resulted in the acquisition of a number of industry-related companies from these two companies.

North Ring Road, Al Izdihar District
P.O. Box 8524 Riyadh, 11492 Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966-1-14700005
Fax: 1-14701555

It is estimated that Almarai currently has more than 221 products, which are divided into 2 categories, namely consumer and non-consumable food products, all of the products produced have been distributed to various outlets throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Kalk, Arab Republic of Egypt and Jordan, in fact almost spread all over the world, which number around 110,000 retail outlets.

About the work environment in the Food and Beverage Processing Company Almarai

Currently, Almari has been successful as a food and beverage processing company and has mastered all fields of industry that it operates in the GCC area. From the success story of Almarai, this company has employed approximately 41,000 employees.

Working in Almarai is very comfortable for all candidates, whether employees from within the country where this company stands or abroad, because the management that focuses on the employee field already has policies in managing employee resources in the work environment, some of these policies aim to ensure the environment very comfortable work, competitive and make the work atmosphere harmonious.

About Job Opportunities

Name of Company: Almarai Food Company
Primary Sector: Food & Beverages
Job Profile: 38 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Almarai Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Employment Application Form – Almarai Careers
Job Location: Jobs In Saudi Arabia and UAE
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 14th April 2023

All employees who work at the Almarai company are considered the most important assets owned by the company. Because in selecting all candidates, this company really chooses candidates who have excellent talent and experience, after candidates who have been selected / found all of them will get facilities to support Almarai’s main priority.

Namely training facilities for employees, will be provided, providing the resources needed to carry out their duties and responsibilities in every sector that employees work on. This is done by the company to make Almarai a world-class food company, and this will continue to be Almarai’s top priority.

Currently Almarai has opened the door of job opportunities for all candidates who have the best talents they have, this job opportunity is opened for candidates from, Any Nationality, GCC National, and Saudi National. This is a very good job opportunity for you to try.

Not only that, Almarai also opens job opportunities for Experienced Professionals, Fresh Graduates, Non-degree Holders, and Cooperative Training.

List of Almarai Food Company Job Opportunities

By country

By Division

  1. Almarai Poultry
  2. BDC International
  3. Business Improvement
  4. Corporate Finance Services
  5. Corporate Human Resources
  6. Corporate – KSA
  7. Corporate Marketing
  8. Corporate Strategy
  9. Dairy Business Unit
  10. DJB – Bakery Business
  11. DJB – Cap. Projects & Energy
  12. DJB- Cap. Projects & Energy (OMN)
  13. DJB- Cap Projects & Energy (UAE)
  14. DJB – Food Business
  15. DJB – Food Services
  16. DJB – IDJ Beyti
  17. DJB – IDJ Teeba
  18. DJB – Intl. Development Unit
  19. DJB – Juice Business
  20. Farming – KSA
  21. Farming Poultry – KSA
  22. Food Services
  23. Infant Nutrition – Bahrain
  24. Infant Nutrition – KSA
  25. Infant Nutrition – Kuwait
  26. Infant Nutrition – Oman
  27. Infant Nutrition – Qatar
  28. Infant Nutrition – UAE
  29. International Market
  30. Legal & Compliance
  31. Manufacturing & Engineering
  32. Manufacturing Engineering (MFI)
  33. Manufacturing Engineering (UAE)
  34. Manufacturing Engineering (WB)
  35. New Business
  36. Poultry – Gulf (Bahrain)
  37. Poultry – Gulf (Kuwait)
  38. Poultry – Gulf (Oman)
  39. Poultry – Gulf (Qatar)
  40. Poultry – Gulf (UAE)
  41. Premier Foods
  42. Procurement
  43. QRHS – KSA
  44. Quality & Product Develop- KSA
  45. SDL – Sales (Bahrain)
  46. SDL – Sales (KSA)
  47. SDL – Sales (Kuwait)
  48. SDL – Sales (Oman)
  49. SDL – Sales (Qatar)
  50. SDL – Sales (UAE)
  51. SDL – Sales Gulf Executives
  52. SDL – SC (KSA)
  53. SDL – T&L (KSA)
  54. SDL – T&L (Oman)
  55. SDL – T&L (UAE)
  56. Training Institute

List of Almarai Food Company UAE And Saudi Arabia Current Jobs Opportunities

United Arab Emirates

  1. Accounting Officer (Sales). <== Apply Here
  2. Accounting Officer (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  3. Modern Trade Business Development Manager (Sales). <== Apply Here

Saudi Arabia

  1. Assistant Product Manager (DJB). <== Apply Here
  2. Assistant Trade Marketing Manager (Sales). <== Apply Here
  3. Central Supply Chain Planner – Demand Planning (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  4. Customer Service Champion. <== Apply Here
  5. D P Coordinator (Sales). <== Apply Here
  6. Dairy Technologist (Manufacturing). <== Apply Here
  7. Data Analyst (Sales). <== Apply Here
  8. Database Administrator (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  9. Digital Marketing Manager (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  10. Divisional Safety Coordinator (Transport & Logistics). <== Apply Here
  11. Divisional Trade Marketing Manager. <== Apply Here
  12. Fire Fighter (Manufacturing). <== Apply Here
  13. Hardware Technician (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  14. Helpdesk Coordinator I (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  15. Helpdesk Coordinator II (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  16. Learning & Development Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  17. Marketing Manager. <== Apply Here
  18. Organization Development Manager. <== Apply Here
  19. Planning Engineer (Manufacturing). <== Apply Here
  20. Product Manager (DJB). <== Apply Here
  21. Receptionist (Sales). <== Apply Here
  22. SAP Functional Analyst (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  23. Security & Quality Analyst (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  24. Senior Engineering Manager (Manufacturing). <== Apply Here
  25. Senior Marketing Manager (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  26. Senior Training Specialist (Corporate). <== Apply Here
  27. Site Supervisor – Civil Engineering (Capital Projects). <== Apply Here
  28. Site Supervisor – Electrical Engineering (Capital Projects). <== Apply Here
  29. Site Supervisor – Mechanical Engineering (Capital Projects). <== Apply Here
  30. Stock Control Clerk (Sales). <== Apply Here
  31. Team Manager – Ammonia Refrigeration. <== Apply Here
  32. Team Manager – HVAC. <== Apply Here
  33. Team Manager – Material Handling equipment. <== Apply Here
  34. Team Manager – Scaffolding. <== Apply Here
  35. Team Manager – Utilities. <== Apply Here

How do candidates who are interested in the job opportunities opened by Almarai Food company submit their job applications?

  • The method is quite easy, please visit the link => Almarai Food company job opportunities, then please choose a job vacancy that matches the criteria you are interested in, in the menu provided by the Almari recruitment division.
  • Read all the information about the job opportunity you have chosen, once you understand it, please click apply on the button provided on the website.
  • Complete your personal data clearly and in detail, including General Information such as, Address, Contact Details, Language, Education etc. Include all the information you have as much as possible, “Make your personal data in one file format, this is so that Hr. D can easily see all the profile details you have”.
  • Make your latest CV, along with a job application letter for the job opportunity of your choice.

Good Luck to you

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