dubizzle pro motors 2021: Looking for a Call Center Agent with a minimum of 12-month work experience

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About dubizzle pro motors

This company is a subsidiary of the dubizzle company, engaged in the sale and purchase of cars, from car owners to car buyers brokered by dubizzle pro motors.

The purpose of building this company is as a means to make it easier for all car owners and car buyers to get an item that matches the buyer’s interests, and to make it easier for car sellers to find customers who need cars according to the criteria for the cars to be sold.

About Jobs opportunities

Name of Company: dubizzle pro motors
Job Profile: Call Center Agent
Name of Recruitment: bayut Recruiting
Salary: Explained during interview
Job Location: Jobs in Dubai
Job Type: Full time

This type of call center has agents who take incoming calls from people. A very common example of this is a call related to customer service, where the customer calls the number provided by the company and talks to an agent to resolve their complaint.

The number of calls received by an incoming call center agent is not fixed. The number can vary widely and depends on the inflow of calls, i.e. how many subscribers are calling the call center? On certain days the inflow of calls can be very high, and on other days it can be less.

Candidates are required to be able to cooperate with the field sales team without compromising their main job.

As Call Center Agent candidates who pass the selection will carry out the following tasks:

  • Receive incoming calls from customers from various channels
  • Provide fast and precise solutions to any questions asked by customers either by telephone line or e-mail
  • Making outgoing calls: targeting potential customers‌‌ and must‌ provide information‌ and‌‌ promotions‌‌ related‌ product‌ to meet the targets set by the company
  • Make and schedule appointments for the field sales team in detail and thoroughly
  • Provide reports on the situation and conditions of the work environment to relevant stakeholders and ensure that the work reports you make are accurate and accountable

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who are interested in the dubizzle pro motors 2021 job opportunity: as a Call Center Agent, they are required to fulfill all the requirements requested by this company. Candidates are required to meet all the eligibility criteria that are the reference in applying for this job opportunity. If the candidate does not meet any of the requirements listed below, we advise you not to continue to apply for a job opportunity as a Call Center Agent at dubizzle pro motors.

The following criteria apply to dubizzle pro Dubai Jobs, as Call Center Agent:

Basic Qualifications

Candidates are required to have a minimum of 12-month work experience as a call center or as a tele sales role
Have experience and skills in doing several activities or jobs at the same time. continuously, for example:

You will be handling incoming calls continuously, and you are required to answer incoming emails from customers in addition to these two tasks you must also be able to answer WhatsApp messages that come from clients

A work arrangement system that gives employees more freedom in managing their working hours.
The company provides working hours for 6 days a week and possibly Fridays
Candidates who have the motivation to always work hard, are willing to give loyalty and give the best for the company


  • Everyone who works in this company is talented, high-performing and fast-paced, so you will have the opportunity to meet professional people
  • Work environment from various countries with more than 40 different nationalities work in this company
  • Competitive Salary and Tax Free
  • The company will provide Health Insurance
  • The company will provide Annual Airfare Allowance
  • The company will provide employee discounts at multiple vendors across the emirate
  • Company will provide Awards & Recognition
  • The company will provide Learning & Development towards a more professional career

Application Instructions

Apply Online: dubizzle pro motors 2021: Looking for a Call Center Agent with a minimum of 12-month work experience

Candidates who are interested in this job opportunity are required to create a job seeker account on the official website that has been provided by the selection committee.

Fill in all the requested data for registration purposes on the website.

You can also send your job application letter through several options, namely by uploading your files via computer, smart phone, Dropbox, Google Drive.

Or to simplify and shorten your time in applying for job opportunities that are currently open, you can use a LinkedIn account. Automatically if you upload your CV using LinkedIn it will immediately sync your personal data with the dubizzle recruitment website.

If you have succeeded in doing the things we mentioned above, you have agreed that the dubizzle recruitment division selection committee has the right to use all the information you provide for registration purposes.

All candidates who submit their job application letters are required to submit via the site that has been provided by the dubizzle selection committee, if the candidate who sends a job application letter other than this official recruitment portal, your application will never be considered.

Closing date:

For the closing of the job opportunity that is currently open, namely dubizzle pro motors Call Center Agent, it is not clearly explained when this job opportunity will be closed, if you are interested, we suggest that you immediately submit your job application letter in the way we have described above.

The recruitment division of dubizzle pro motors reserves the right to make an appointment or not with all candidates who have successfully submitted a job application letter as a Call Center Agent. All decisions made by the selection committee are final and cannot be contested.

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