ZEROFAT Group Careers 2021: Apply Now Working at Award-winning healthy restaurant & meal plan provider

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ZEROFAT Restaurant is a restaurant that raises the theme of health-friendly cuisine which means that in every menu offered has a fat content of 0%, has a very beautiful location, quiet décor, welcome for all guests who visit is very good, has a fast service concept, and workers in this place cooperative with all customers, ZEROFAT is one of the best restaurants that uses an excellent health system.

About Jobs Opportunities:

Name of Company: ZEROFAT Group
Primary Sector: Food & Beverages
Job Profile: Service Crew | Restaurant Supervisor | Chef de Partie | Line Cook | Kitchen Steward | Packaging Team Member | Packaging Team Leader
Salary: Salaries posted Anonymous by ZEROFAT Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: ZEROFAT Careers
Job Location: Jobs in Dubai UAE
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Any Nationality
Education: Equivalent degree/diploma holders
Experience: Must be Hospitality experienced
Benefits: As Per UAE Labour Law
Last Updated on: 26th October 2021

List Of ZEROFAT Group Jobs Opportunities:

  1. Service Crew
  2. Restaurant Supervisor
  3. Chef de Partie
  4. Line Cook
  5. Kitchen Steward
  6. Packaging Team Member
  7. Packaging Team Leader

How to Apply ZEROFAT Group Jobs Vacancies:

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: [email protected]

Of course, you already know that the advancement of technology today, anything can be done through online including sending a job application letter. In today’s era, many companies ask prospective employees to submit their application applications via email. But of course, there are still many among candidates who still do not understand sending a job application letter via good and correct email.

This you should know, so that when you send a job application letter via email to the company you are going to will be received well by the Human Resources Department.

  1. Make sure the Email Address matches the name

Actually, it’s legitimate to have an email address that is a little excessive or seems informal. Like email addresses that we often encounter such as [email protected] or even very distant ones with real names, for example [email protected]

But if you want to apply for a job, and the company asks you to send a job application via email, it would be nice to use the same Email address as your own real name.

The use of an email address that seems informal will be a separate consideration by a Human resources department (HR.) or recruiter.

This is so that a Human Resources Department (HR.) or it will be easier for recruiters to recognize you, and will not be difficult to read your email.

  1. Make sure your Job Application File Does Not Exceed 1 MB

If the application file you attach has a capacity of more than 1 MB, you should shrink it to less than 1 MB.

This is to make it easier for the Human Resources Department (HR.) to download your files, and of course it will not reduce the time owned by the Human Resources Department (HR.) or recruiter.

In addition, another advantage in using files that are less than 1 MB is the ease of Human resources department (HR.) in downloading files and reducing the waste of internet quotas.

Of course, with a file capacity of less than 1 MB you will also be lighter in attaching your job application file. Of course, you don’t just send one document.

  1. Avoid sending job application files in zip/rar format

And make sure the file you attach is not in zip / rar format, zip shape and Rar is a form of compression file that allows a number of files to be collected into one with a smaller size.

Of course, with the description of the file will be more reduced in size, but as a note a Human resources department (HR.) or recruiter will be more difficult to change the file of your job application letter.

In such cases, the Human Resources Department (HR.) will certainly extract your files first, which will take up the time of a Human resources department (HR.) or recruiter.

In this case, you need to double check your job application file before you attach it to the company email you want to apply for and make sure that the file you have is in accordance with the provisions that the company has notified.

  1. Use Official /Formal Language

Of the overall tips that mentioned, the most important was in the use of official or formal language.

Of course, you should avoid disrespectful language such as the use of language in everyday activities, with your peers. In the use of this language of course you must pay attention to the writing of every word used, and make sure punctuation and the use of capital letters are also correct.

Like the Company Name, Your Name, and the name of the Human Resources Department (HR.) or recruiter, and in the whole you should also note that your writing is not Typo because it seems not careful.

  1. Write The Subject Clearly

Subject is a part of email that is very easy to recognize, because the location of the subject is considered the head of email.

Of course, everyone when opening an email, the first to be read is the head of the email in addition to one of them is the sender’s email address.

Usually, the company has provided provisions in writing the subject, it is usually to avoid the hassle of writing the subject. Because in subject writing you have to write it briefly and clearly, example “(position) | Job Application”. You can also add your full name as an example:

“Packaging Team Member | Job Application | Emilya Isabel”

Of course, by writing the full name on the subject will make it easier for the Human Resources Department (HR.) or recruiter to know the purpose of your email.

In general, especially for those of you who have just sent a job application via email, will always ignore the subject because you do not know what to fill in.

Or you fill the subject with complicated and too many explanations, it will make a Human Resources Department (HR.) or recruiter confused and reluctant to read your email.

  1. Use Greetings, Contents and Closings

In addition to the subject, the most important thing in the email is also the body of the email, this is certainly one of the mandatory things for those of you who want to attach a job application.

You can write it as in writing an official circular which also includes the greeting, opening, body, and closing sections.

You can write it from your self-introduction, purpose, and explanation of the attachments that you have prepared. There are several procedures regarding important points that you must write in the body of the email. Here are the important points that you should write down:

  1. Write down the reason why you sent the email.
  2. Mention the part of the job you want to go to.
  3. Write down the qualifications you have for the job you are applying for.
  4. Write down what you can offer the company.
  5. Include your personal contact or address that can be contacted so that the company can easily follow up about your job application.

Of course, you can apply the points above in the body of your email so that the company can also easily pay attention to your job application. Don’t forget to write down these points to be written in a clear, concise, and uncomplicated manner.

The company has the right to make appointments or not with all candidates who have submitted job applications. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted by (HR.) to proceed to the next stage, which is a job interview.

Good Luck To You

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