IT Technician Jobs In Saudi Arabia

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IT Technician Jobs
National Good Competencies Office for Recruitment
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

IT Technician Job Description

  1. Set up workstations using computers and necessary devices such as (routers, printers, etc.).
  2. Follow up and check computers (hard drives, mouse, keyboards, etc.) to ensure functionality.
  3. Install appropriate software and functions according to specifications and needs.
  4. Manage and verify the validity of passwords and their compliance with security standards.
  5. Development and maintenance of internal networks in ways to improve performance.
  6. Protect and ensure the security and privacy of networks and computer systems.
  7. Training and providing instructions for employees on how to operate the new software and electronic devices.
  8. Follow up on updating the various versions of the programs and renewing the usage license
  9. Work to raise the efficiency of computers by changing equipment to higher versions.
  10. Follow up and perform troubleshooting processes to identify and solve problems through maintenance or replacement of equipment.
  11. Maintain repair records and maintenance schedules for computers and office equipment.
  12. Determine the needs for computers, peripherals, office equipment, and network devices.
  13. Direct supervision of the e-mail system.
  14. Follow-up and maintenance of the monitoring system in the organization through internal and external cameras.
  15. Provide recommendations for the purchase of new materials that help raise the performance of the institution’s equipment
  16. Knowledge of security protection and control procedures for information.

IT technician Skills

  1. Strong writing, speaking, and communication skills with external suppliers and employees.
  2. Ability to plan, organize, and manage time.
  3. Deep understanding of different computer systems and networks.
  4. Good knowledge of protection systems and information security.
  5. Ability to follow small details and analysis.
  6. The ability to manage and monitor the work of the institution’s computer network and its related servers.
  7. Knowledge of security protection and control procedures for information.
  8. Able to work in a team or alone.
  9. Bachelor / Diploma in Computer Science, Information Systems,
  10. Age between 25-30
  11. One – two years experience
  12. Provided that he is not supported by the Human Resources Fund – obtaining an information technology certification (such as CompTIA A + and Microsoft Certified IT Professional)

Requirements for working in an IT technician position:

  1. Obtaining an institute or university degree in computer science.
  2. Obtaining an IT certification such as (CompTIA A + and Microsoft Certified IT Professional)
  3. Good understanding of dealing with (Firewall, UPSs, Internet Modems, Backup System).
  4. Practical experience in the field of information technology.
  5. Follow up on the latest versions of programs, systems, and devices.

Job details

  • Job area Jeddah-Saudi Arabia
  • Company sector Employment agencies
  • The nature of the company’s business Employing Company
  • Job role Information Technology
  • Employment type undefined
  • Monthly Salary undefined
  • Number of vacancies undefined
Favorite candidate
  • Professional level Average experience
  • Years of Experience Minimum: 2
  • Region of residence in Saudi Arabia
  • Certificate Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma
  • Age Minimum: 25 Max: 30
  • Computer science major, information systems

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