Social media executive jobs Arab National Only

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Social media executive jobs Arab National Only

About INDEX Holding Company

INDEX Holding is a businessman in the health sector, and general trading business. It operates a chain of tailor shops; owns a textile retail shop; Organizing medical, scientific, educational, conference and exhibition and national, regional, and international trade; and provide health care consulting services to hospitals and nursing institutions health in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf countries, Middle East, and North Africa. INDEX Holding FZ

Job description

WORK OBJECTIVE: We are looking for an energetic, highly motivated, living and breathing team player on social media to handle, produce, and publish content on Social Networks & Websites and help carry out online campaigns.

Candidates must have the ability to manage time, handle projects, initiate and complete new and fulfill assignments requirements relating to content and social media.

  1. Implement social media strategy for INDEX Media and other INDEX Holding subsidiaries
  2. Manage INDEX Media’s brand presence in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  3. Helps in creating attractive and engaging content (posts, videos, promotions, etc.).
  4. Create and run innovative social media campaigns.
  5. Build and maintain relationships with representatives of social media networks.
  6. Generate newsletters detailing the impact of social media initiatives.
  7. Assist in market research and competitor analysis.
  8. Participate minute by minute in the conversations surrounding our content and brands, answer comments, be a mediator.
  9. Identify threats and opportunities in user generated content around brands, report them to the appropriate party.
  10. Create content for feeds and snippets on various social media sites.
  11. Manage social media advertising budgets.
  12. Keep up with opportunities in the social media space.
  13. Schedule and manage multiple subsidiaries that produce content on a daily basis.
  14. Analyze campaigns and translate data into recommendations and plans for revising social media campaigns.
  15. Grow fans, followers, engagement and collaboration with other subsidiary teams.
  16. Create and update daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  17. Content tags and headings, with an understanding of how the words selected affect natural search traffic and ranking through repeatedly optimized content.


Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor degree in Mass Media. 3 years’ experience in Social Media at an established institution.

Skills required:
  1. A social media enthusiast
  2. Creative and able to think outside the box.
  3. Able to work independently and meet deadlines.
  4. Native Arabic Speaker.
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Arabic & English and the ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment
  6. Experience or training in advertising, PR, online marketing or a similar field.
  7. Proficient with Microsoft Office products.
  8. Clear understanding of Social Media Channel Functions and Features.
Job details
  1. Area of work: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. Company sector: Media production
  3. Nature of business of the company Employer: (private sector)
  4. Job role: Marketing and Public Relations
  5. Job Type: undefined
  6. Monthly salary:  —
  7. Number of vacancies:
Favorite candidate Social media executive jobs
  1. Professional level: Average experience
  2. Minimum Years of Experience: 3 Maximum to 5
  3. Region of residence: United Arab Emirates
  4. Nationality: Jordan; United Arab Emirates; two oceans; Algeria; Sudan; Somalia; Iraq; Kuwait; Morocco, West, sunset; Saudi Arabia; To whom; Tunis; Comoros; Djibouti; Syria; Oman; Palestine; Diameter; Lebanon; Libya; Egypt; Mauritania
  5. Minimum Age: 21 Maximum: 38

Job Filled