Spray Painter Jobs In Abu Dhabi UAE

Spray Painter Jobs In Abu Dhabi UAE

Publisher: External sources
Workplace: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Salary / wage: Not Confirm
Section: Craftsmanship and technique
For residents of: undefined
Date of publication: 13 Oct 2020
Closing Date: 12 Nov 2020

* Urgent Hiring
* Salary will be discussed upon interview
with experience in Interior Design Company
* Please attached also your portfolio or sample pictures of your work related to the Job Furniture Spray Painter


Responsible for preparing parts and assemblies for painting
Mixing paints and other materials according to specifications or formula
Ensure that utilities and spray-painting equipment are in good working order
Responsible for identifying and separating non-conforming parts or materials and reporting them to supervisors
Use a spray gun and paint according to specifications
Use heat or oven paint drying techniques for special-purpose finishes
Examine and measure parts to keep track of statistical process control maps
Monitor machine parameters and equipment operation to detect defects / deviations from standards, and make necessary adjustments
Use solvents, wire and fabric brushes to clean sprinklers and power equipment
Follow company requirements for paint selection, and match paint colors by following specified color charts
Responsible for physical and small maintenance.

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