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Abu Dhabi and UAE are known for their prestigious destination, which lead to varying known and high-end companies flourishing. Among those names, Louzan Group has carved its name as one of the prestigious fashion retail companies in the city. It has vast development, production, and distribution, which leads to an increasing rate of employment.

About the company

The name itself is known as one of the fashion retail companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company has been developing and expanding its business through the vertical method. It means the development is carried out internally through every step of clothing creation. It starts from design, production, distribution, sales, and outlets. All goes to the Louzan Fashion brand name.

The vertical integration of the development has helped the company to grow considerably faster and amazingly. The company has a humble beginning in 2023 with a single outlet in Abaya. But then expand to Al Ain, and now has a total of more than 25 outlets spread across Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Al Khaimah, Muscat, Doha, and many other cities.

To support the growing demand and the interest, the company has its manufactory facility in Al Ain industrial area. The huge 88.000 sq. ft factory house is meant to create the high-end state-of-the-art clothing product and employs more than 800 workers under one roof. In general, the retail company has grown fast and currently employs more than 5000 employees.

Louzan Group, is a fashion retail company that develops vertically integrated methods, throughout the product process. Development is carried out internally starting from design, production, distribution, to sales in stores and outlets managed by Louzan Fashion or under a company license.

The decision to use a vertical integration business system aims to simplify the production process with high flexibility. With the business achievements that have been achieved, it proves the existence of Louzan Group as one of the integrated retail companies in the UAE, making Louzan Group a pioneer in Arabic fashion and lifestyle retail.


As a company focusing on fashion retail, the company focus on woman’s fashion. It includes varying luxury fashion brands and products, such as clothing, bags, and varying fashion collection. The company has the vision to be the brand of choice in Arabic fashion, as well as bring inspiring work and develop a passionate work environment.

Company collaboration

Luzon group is currently cooperating with HSK hospitality. The cooperation was meant to develop a repeated multi-cuisine casual dining restaurant. It also means that the company has more job offer to give, including experienced staff for the new upcoming branches. The job opportunity is open for internationals, but the company is currently looking for UAE candidates.

That interested candidate can find an open job position through an official Louzan LinkedIn account. The LinkedIn account has listed the possible open position and the job description along with the requirement. It also includes a quick application button. For applicants in UAE, candidates can send a job application letter to the company.

Website: https://www.louzanfashion.com/

About Jobs Opportunities:

Name of Company: Louzan Group
Primary Sector: Retail | Hospitality
Job Profile: 9 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Louzan Group Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: HSK Hospitality Careers and Employment
Job Location: Across UAE
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 14th June 2022

  • Louzan Group cooperate with HSK Hospitality to develop are a reputed multi cuisine casual dine restaurant. Currently looking for experienced staff (minimum 2 years) for Louzan Group upcoming branches.
  • Candidates who are currently interested and available in UAE, only need to send a job application letter and then preference will be given to direct participants.

Job opportunities

  1. Purchasing Assistant

One of the main workforces for the fashion retail, Louzan group is purchasing assistant. This is a job with the main duty to assist the manager or purchaser to complete inventory checks. Some other duties include filling out, checking, and proofreading order forms. For this position, the employee needs to have good communication skills.

Considering the duties, the company also needs purchasing assistants to conduct market research, work with vendors, and check every good. For the positions, the company might demand some basic requirements including a degree in marketing, strong attention to detail, computer proficiency, and many more.

  1. Store Keeper

Reporting, and checking the material or supplies are some of the basic jobs of a storekeeper. Some other duties of a storekeeper include receiving and unpacking material or supplies. Generally, the position mostly focuses on handling and managing the store as part of the team. Thus, an entry-level is okay. Experience in skill and communication abilities can help a lot for this position.

  1. Supervisor

Being the head of the team is some sort of duty for the supervisor. The key is to manage the team workflow and train some new heir. It is a job in the Louzan group that comes with varying work, including giving direction, and feedback, keeping everyone busy and working together to solve the problem. High skill and equivalent education are needed.

  1. Assistant Restaurant Manager

The result of cooperation with HSK hospitality is a restaurant-related job offer. One of them is the assistant restaurant manager with tasks to scheduling shifts, caring for staff members, seating customers, and providing an enjoyable dining experience for the customer. higher skills and experience are needed for this position, thus degree from equivalent education might be preferred.

  1. Cost Controller

Coming with a long list of tasks, the cost controller is responsible for taking control of project costs. The duties and its control can include working with the planning, development, control, to forecasting of the upcoming project budget. With that in mind, the Louzan group will look for people with cost management concepts, EVM, an equivalent degree, and cost performance abilities.

As one of the growing and prestigious fashion retail companies, Louzan does offer a solid retail business in Abu Dhabi. Along with collaboration with HSK hospitality, candidates can expect a bigger chance of job offers. Including the hospitality-focused job offers, such as pastry chef, hostess, and many more.

List Of Louzan Group Jobs Opportunities:

Louzan has and is the #1 Arab Fashion Brands of the region for the last 2 decades. Louzan have a worldwide customer base and are expanding throughout the GCC. So, if you are Warm, out-going, authentic, passionate, and inspiring, then you have landed on the right post.

Louzan Fashion


  1. Retail Sales Associate

• 2-4 years previous experience in Fashion Retail A proven sales record with exceptional customer service skills.
• Passionate about fashion, work& career growth

Lauzan Hospitality

  1. Cashiers
  2. Food Runners
  3. Hostess
  4. Waiter
  5. Waitress

Closing Date: Not Specified

How to apply for a job:

Application Instruction:
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Louzan Group Careers & Jobs Vacancies 2022

Louzan Fashion

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Lauzan Hospitality

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