GregorianaH Recruitment Open Day: Your Gateway to a Flourishing Career in Hospitality – Riyadh 6.9.2023

The hospitality industry has always been one of charm, elegance, and a haven of opportunities. The sector has experienced a transformative evolution over the years, especially with a focus on customer service and experience. Today, it requires a unique blend of skills—multitasking, people management, and attention to detail, among others. If you possess such qualities and are on the hunt for a job that requires them, then you might be interested in GregorianaH Recruitment’s Open Day, happening on the 6th of September 2023 in Riyadh.

About GregorianaH Consulting & Recruitment
Before diving into the event details, let’s introduce you to the organizer. Founded in 2017, GregorianaH Consulting & Recruitment has risen as a beacon of excellence in the recruitment world. Specializing in hospitality projects, they operate across Europe and the GCC region. Their reputation lies in connecting the right people to the right positions, ensuring that both employer and employee can mutually benefit and grow.

A Peek into GregorianaH Recruitment Open Day
Have you ever attended a job fair and felt like it was a waste of time? GregorianaH aims to change that notion by focusing only on positions within the hospitality sector. This streamlining ensures that candidates who attend are more likely to be suited for the job profiles available. If you are keen to set foot in the hospitality industry or scale your existing career ladder, mark your calendar for September 6, 2023.

Available Positions

The Open Day is showcasing a variety of positions tailored to different skill levels and experiences. Here’s a glimpse:

  1. Waiter / Head Waiters: If you’re someone who enjoys interacting with people and can carry multiple plates without breaking a sweat, this might be your calling.
  2. Hostess: If your strengths include making people feel welcomed and comfortable, then consider applying for this role.
  3. Chef De Partie: If you have experience in a particular area of the kitchen and are ready to take charge, the Chef De Partie role could be your next career move.
  4. Commis: For those just starting in the kitchen but eager to learn, the Commis position offers a great foundation.
  5. Cashiers: If you are good with numbers and have a knack for customer service, this role is apt for you.

How to Apply

To keep things straightforward, all interested candidates can send their resumes to [email protected]. But remember, apply ONLY if you can attend the event, as this is an Open Day. Following a screening process, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews during the event.

What Sets This Open Day Apart?
Unlike generalized job fairs, GregorianaH’s event is specifically tuned for hospitality roles. This focus elevates the chance of securing a job for attendees. Secondly, this event operates on a quality-over-quantity principle. Only shortlisted candidates are invited, ensuring that employers can spend quality time with potential hires, rather than rushing through an assembly line of applicants.

Final Thoughts
GregorianaH’s Open Day in Riyadh is an exclusive opportunity to step into or level up your career in the hospitality industry. The company’s stellar reputation, combined with a range of available positions, makes it a must-attend event for aspiring hospitality professionals.

So, have your resumes ready and block September 6, 2023, on your calendar. This might mark the start of a thrilling new phase in your career path!

[For any further queries or detailed information, feel free to contact GregorianaH Consulting & Recruitment. You can also keep tabs on the latest job opportunities by visiting].

Good Luck To You

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