Nammos Dubai: Job opportunities open for 7 vacant positions that must be filled immediately

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About Nammos Dubai

For connoisseurs of fine dining, the opening of Nammos means that one of the most exciting dining experiences on the shores of the Greek island of Mykonos is now available in Dubai.

To meet Dubai’s high standards, Nammos in Dubai comes with the beautiful atmosphere of the original Nammos Mykonos restaurant, transforming it into a very elegant restaurant with a menu featuring fresh Mediterranean-style dishes coming directly from Europe.

The interior design of this restaurant is vibrant in the luxurious style of Mykonos Island. A restaurant room awaits you with high ceilings and stunning sea views.

These include fresh seafood transported directly from Greece, in addition to the different types of salads and flavors that take the dining experience to the next level.

Even during a normal weekday, your appointments are in a beautiful atmosphere with live performances of singers singing musical songs as they walk between tables to take you to another world of fun and full of vitality.

The party atmosphere remains in the restaurant even before we reach the weekend and if it comes on Friday the manager says: “You have to come here on Friday.” “Really something special.”

We are confident of this, thanks to their great service, great menu and pleasant atmosphere.

Nammos Dubai is a mix of the original taste of the iconic island of Mykonos and its particular charm with Dubai luxury, which no one would approve of, being our winning destination for the best time and the best dishes that need not be questioned.

About Nammos Dubai job opportunities

Currently Nammos Dubai’s recruitment division has announced 7 job opportunities that must be filled immediately, if you are interested in joining the Nammos Dubai family, you are right to read our article.

Eligibility criteria

When you want to apply for this job opportunity, you must have proven work experience in a high-end restaurant or hotel. As well as education in line with the criteria of job eligibility that you want to apply for.


Nammos Group offers salaries to all its competitive employees, as well as offering international career development opportunities at all corporate properties in Dubai and Mykonos, this is judged on the skill and qualifications of each candidate.

If you have the opportunity to join the Nammos Group team, we hope you will have the opportunity to work in a very good environment for you to be more motivated in pursuing your karin the better. Because in this company is very appreciative and committed to all employees.

List of Nammos Dubai job opportunities:

Location: Four Season Resort, UAE

  1. Reservation Office
  2. Bartender
  3. Chefs All Levels
  4. Host/ Hostess
  5. Event Planner
  6. Pastry Chef de Partie
  7. Waiter / Waitress

How to apply

Please prepare all supporting data for the purposes when you apply for a job at Nammos Dubai company, including the latest photos and CV “Curriculum Vitae”, then please click the “Blue Color” link that we have provided above the “List of Nammos Dubai job opportunities“, when you visit the link, you will be directed to the official website of nammos dubai recruitment division.

Good luck to you.

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