Dubai parks and resorts: opening job opportunities for LEGOLAND® DUBAI, LEGOLAND® HOTEL, MOTIONGATE ™ DUBAI on March 2021

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Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts was launched in October 2016 with the official opening on 18 December 2016 as the largest multi-themed leisure and entertainment destination in the Middle East. Operating under DXB entertainment PJSC, the park has four separate theme parks in it. The park itself spans over 100 rides and attractions that spread over 30.6 million square feet.

Location Overview Dubai parks and resorts

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the parks and resorts are exactly the opposite of the Palm Jebel Ali in Dubai. The park was designed as the first integrated resort destination in the region, which consists of three world-class separated theme parks and hospitality destinations in one place. It also has one water park in the area.

The theme parks are MotionGate Dubai, Bollywood Parks, Legoland Dubai, and Legoland water park. Along with it, the park also has retail and hospitality destinations that include Legoland Hotel (on progress), Lapita collection Hotel, and Riverland Dubai. All of the locations are spread across 30,6 million square feet with large-scale AED 13.2 billion development projects.

To project the best park in the region, the DXB has gained several partners. Dubai First Stay Ahead is the first official partner of the company, which launched a card as part of the partnership; Etisalat group provides innovative mobile, Tv, and Internet TV and family-oriented attraction as the partnership gains.

The parks also get a hold on Pepsi-co and McDonald’s Arabia as a partner for the F&B department. The Pepsi partnership underlines sustainable growth and shareholder vision. Meanwhile, the McDonald’s corporation provides exclusive quick-service restaurants in the park and resorts area, especially in the Riverland.

The Theme Parks Destination

  1. Bollywood Parks

The theme park uses the Bollywood Blockbusters as the inspiration and becomes the first park of its kind in the world. The area has several zones, such as Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Royal Plaza, Rustic Ravine, and Bollywood Film Studios. At the same time, it also comprises more than 20 attractions, such as Monsoon Masti, Skyflyer, to Wheel Of Stars.

  1. Motion Gate Dubai

The MotionGate theme parks consist of the three largest and successful motion pictures in Hollywood. They are Columbia pictures, DreamWorks animation, and Lionsgate. Guests can enjoy five different areas inspired by the motion pictures companies and join the thrill through 25+ attractions in MotionGate Dubai.

  1. Legoland Dubai

The Legoland park has over 40 Lego-themed rides, buildings, shows, and attractions. All are available for children aged 2-12 years old. The area comprises factories, imagination, kingdoms, Lego city, adventure, Miniland, and more attractions for family retreats.

  1. Legoland Waterpark

The waterpark has a Lego-themed design and has around 20 water slides attractions for families and kids aged 2-12 y.o. Guests can build and join the fun on 11 attractions, that include 7 slides, build-a-raft river, build-a-boat attraction, joker soaker, Duplo Splash Safari, and Lego Wave pool.

The Retail And Hospitality Destination

  1. Riverland Dubai

Riverland is the gateway to the park and resorts. The area is a retail and dining restaurant that is also themed with the inspiration of French villages, peninsulas, India Gate, and Broadwalk. The areas have more than 10 restaurants and 8 shops that sell varying products or delicacies, from around the world.

  1. Lapita Hotel Dubai

To provide the accommodation service, the Dubai parks and resorts launch Lapita hotel Dubai that uses the Polynesian theme. The resort is located before Riverland Dubai. It has direct access from Airport or other transportation hubs and parking areas. The resorts themselves are designed as a luxurious accommodation theme to complete the Dubai Parks and resorts experience.

Career on the DXB entertainment PJSC

With the number of properties and theme parks in the area, the job opportunities and reach in the Dubai parks and resorts are pretty vast. Candidates can choose the available jobs from the official sites and take the best offer based on the location, profession, or expertise. The job itself spans different categories, units, functions, and locations.

The job seeker will have to choose either working in Legoland Dubai, Motiongate Dubai, or Legoland hotel. All of the jobs are based in Dubai, UAE, but the employment options are very vast. It covers all parts of the entertainment center. It includes the hospitality divisions, such as room attendants, bell attendants, to pool employees. But there is also the office, F&B, and many other divisions to choose.

List of job opportunities open at Dubai parks and resorts


  1. DPR2185 | Front Office Assistant (Chinese Speaker) – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  2. DPR2222 | Commis Chef (Indian, Arabic & Continental Cuisine) | MOTIONGATE™ Dubai | 31/07/2021
  3. DPR2221 | Marketing Sr Executive / Marketing Executive campaigns | Bollywood Parks™ Dubai | 07/07/2021
  4. DPR2088 | Night Manager – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  5. DPR2087 | Duty Manager – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  6. DPR2150 | Commi Chef – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  7. DPR2141 | Sous Chef – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  8. DPR2220 | Hotel Administrator | LEGOLAND® Hotel | 31/08/2021
  9. DPR2219 | F&B Manager | LEGOLAND® Hotel | 31/07/2021
  10. DPR2123 | Reservations Agent – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  11. DPR2218 | Supervisor – Lifeguard (Female only) | LEGOLAND® Dubai | 24/06/2021
  12. DPR2217 | Lifeguard (Female only) | LEGOLAND® Dubai | 24/06/2021
  13. DPR2156 | Linen Attendant – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  14. DPR2143 | Room Attendant – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  15. DPR2192 | Pool Attendant – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  16. DPR2187 | Floor Runner – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  17. DPR2163 | Public Area Team Leader – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  18. DPR2124 | Room Supervisor – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  19. DPR2216 | Assistant F&B Manager | LEGOLAND® Hotel | 30/06/2021
  20. DPR2215 | Intern- Parks Attendant | LEGOLAND® Dubai | 07/09/2021
  21. DPR2121 | Front Office Assistant – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  22. DPR2120 | Front Office Supervisor – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021
  23. DPR2157 | Bell Attendant cum Driver – LEGOLAND® Hotel| 31/08/2021

How to apply Job opportunities at Dubai parks and resorts

  1. Prepare your CV Curriculum Vitae and latest photos.
  2. Make sure your Email address can still be accessed, phone number that can be contacted.
  3. Please click “==> Apply Here <==”It will automatically redirect you to the official website of Dubai parks and resorts recruitment division.
  4. Enter “Id Jobs” in the keyword field that has been provided on the site.
  5. Read all the information provided on the site.
  6. Then please click apply.

Or you can see this video.

Hopefully you will quickly find your dream job. Success for you.

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