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Burj Al Arab was opened in Dubai in 1999 and is known as The Arab Sail because its design is inspired by the shape of the ship’s sail, it is the property of The Prince of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed, and is the Burj Al Arab hotel of five-star hotels, and occupies the third place among international hotels in terms of height, with a height of 56 Storeys to 321 m, and is 280 m away from Jumeirah Beach, and connected to land by a bridge.

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About Burj Al Arab Building Information

Design and construction
The cost of building the Burj Al Arab in its entirety is estimated at £1 billion, as it used about a quarter of this cost to cover the costs of the construction of the artificial island on which the tower was built, which rises 7.5 m above sea level, and took three years to build, while the construction of the tower took two years.

As the construction of the construction was carried out by a global team of 2 50 designers, 3,500 workers, in addition to more than 3,000 contractors, and it is worth mentioning that nearly 12,000 tons of metal have been used in the construction of the tower structure, and the wings of the building take the shape of an English V, to simulate the shape of the mast of the ship.

The construction of the towers is mostly on a rocky floor, but the lack of rocks in the Burj al-Arab design area showed the need to build it on the sand, as the building is characterized by its center on circular columns 250 m long, with a diameter of 1.5 m, and extending at a depth of 45 m below sea level Its side supports are of great weight and length, and the exterior facades of the tower consist of 50,000 m2 of glass walls, in addition to 35,000m2 of aluminum, and the internal metal structure consists of aluminum panels and 6 mm thickness each.

Design fit for environmental conditions

The Burj Al Arab building was directed at an angle to ensure the reduction of the amount of heat gained during the hot summer, knowing that the southern façade of the tower absorbs the largest amount of heat, because it is the façade most exposed to the sun, while the main entrance of the building was designed in the form of a revolving door to control the air inside and outside, thus preventing the phenomenon of the effect of the chimney (stack effect), which occurs when the hot air moves up, and cold down.

The design of the tower takes into account the control of the vibrations that the mast may be exposed to, which rises 60 m above the surface of the building, in order to prevent any swaying of the structure, as two pillars were added to adjust the mast, where they weigh about 2 tons, and to maintain the balance of the tower in the strong winds, objects weighing 5 tons have been suspended in different places of the building.

Moving in a certain direction according to the wind, in order to keep the tower safe, this and takes into account the design of the exterior metal structure of the tower resistance to earthquakes, strong winds, but to resist the expansion, and the thermal contraction of the bridges formed by the structure of the tower as a result of the change of temperatures by about 14 degrees Celsius per day, he took into account the placement of metal rings between these bridges.

Rooms, suites and restaurants

The luxurious décor of the Burj Al Arab can be enjoyed, and the beautiful times inside, either by staying there, with the lowest price for a one-night stay at approximately $1,150, or by having lunch, or dinner at one of its restaurants, the tower has 9 of the world’s best restaurants, featuring great views, decorations and unique decorations, and is renowned for serving many cuisines and fine drinks.

The tower has 202 bunk hotel suites, with spaces ranging from 170-780 m2 each, and these suites feature stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, in addition to many of the best amenities and recreational facilities, including: luxurious royal suites, which feature natural lighting, and luxurious furniture with attractive colors, Some facilities, special services such as cinema and elevator, as well as a panoramic suite with floor-to-ceiling glass windows on each of its floors, feature a magnificent 180-degree view, and the hotel offers other types of hotel suites, such as diplomatic suites, presidential suites, and more.

Exterior parts of the tower

The Burj Al Arab has several design elements, the most important of which are:

Sail: The Sail takes on a different biological color, distinct from the color of the horizon, appearing in a spectrum of colors at night, while appearing in bright white in the daytime, and the sail is an important technical challenge, using some techniques unprecedented in the world.

The Helipad provides a platform from which to come to or from the tower by helicopter, as well as to see the city from a different angle, and the airstrip is located at an altitude of 212 m above sea level.

Located at the entrance to the tower, The Ellipse Fountain forms a magnificent visual symphony, whose design blends gunshots with about 20,000 liters of water.

Sky Restaurant Structure is one of the most dangerous, complex, 350-ton nebulae structures, installed at an altitude of 200 m above ground level, built on two side pillars and eight one-sided beams with a length of approximately 30 m.

Interior parts of the tower

The Burj Al Arab symbolizes the change that has taken place for the UAE, as it moved from the life of the Badia and the desert, to a life of prosperity and progress, which inspired engineer Juan Chiu (Khuan Chew) to develop the interior decoration designs of the tower, inspired by the civilization of the people, and the earth, strong colors, filled with life were chosen from the elements of the environment: earth, water, fire, air, and some of the decorations of Arab hospitality traditions, and here are the highlights of the interior tower:

Atrium, the highest atrium in the world, with a height of more than 180 m, and its design surrounded by golden columns with a dancing water fountain in the middle, which may rise to more than 42 m, is characterized by natural lighting and the resulting warmth.

Aquarium: The Burj Al Arab has three aquariums, one located in the oyster restaurant, while the other two are located in the hotel’s main lobby, and contain approximately 50 species of fish.

Cascade Waterfall, whose design is shaped in stone tones, features a arches-shaped water movement, along with beautiful lighting effects, and is located between the escalators leading to the Dar Dish Restaurant.

Lights: The Burj Al Arab has many lighting fixtures, which reach more than 28,000 light bulbs.

The architect of the tower

The Burj Al Arab was designed by British architect Tom Wright, who was born in Croydon, London in 1957, studied at the Royal Russell School, and then attended the Kingston Polytechnic School of Architecture, lee. He later worked in his field, joining the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 1983, and in 1983 he stayed in Dubai during the design and construction of the tower, and took over as project manager at Atkins, one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies.

The importance of the Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab played a role in Dubai’s development, and its importance is summarized as follows:

  • Creating new jobs.
  • Rising government revenues due to taxation.
  • Contributing to the development of the tourism sector, as it is an important tourist site.
  • High demand for local goods and services.

About The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Jobs Vacancies

Name of Company: The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
Job Profile: 2 Jobs Found
Salary: Discuss During an Interview
Name of Recruitment: Dubai Holding Taleo Recruiting
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 5th January 2023

List Of Burj Al Arab Hotel Jobs Opportunities

  1. Assistant Manager – Butlers. <== Apply Here
  2. Director – Spa. <== Apply Here

Closing date: Not specified

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