Sharafi Group Investments Dubai Hiring in Multiple Departments for 2023

About Sharafi Group Investments Dubai
In a span of over three decades since its formation in 1991, Sharafi Group has made an indelible mark on the United Arab Emirates’ business landscape. The group has become a symbol of quality, integrity, and professionalism, primarily in the Real-Estate, Construction, and Hospitality sectors. Originating as a key player in the bustling Emirates of Dubai, the group has steadily expanded its scope and influence, standing out as a beacon of excellence.

Sharafi Group’s real estate subsidiary, ‘Sharafi Real Estate,’ has been instrumental in launching recent and high-profile properties that have quickly become landmarks in Dubai. Prominent examples include JVC Tower, Rose Park Hotel, and Sharafi Center. Each of these projects showcases the group’s commitment to innovation, sustainable development, and premium quality.

As Dubai prepared for the landmark event of Expo 2020, Sharafi Group, too, had its eyes set firmly on the future. The group is rapidly evolving into a multi-faceted conglomerate, diversifying its portfolio beyond the traditional sectors. Alongside real estate and hospitality, the group has now ventured into services, maintenance, construction, properties, brokerage, and even technology sectors. This diversification not only makes the group a one-stop solution for various industry needs but also minimizes its business risks, ensuring steady growth and sustainability.

One of the remarkable aspects of Sharafi Group is its specialized web portals that cater to specific services. For instance, is a comprehensive platform for its real estate ventures, focuses on construction services, and is solely dedicated to its burgeoning hospitality division. These portals make it easy for clients and partners to navigate through the group’s diverse offerings and engage in a seamless manner.

With a dynamic approach and a keen eye for opportunities, Sharafi Group is not just contributing to Dubai’s economy but is also playing a significant role in setting industry standards across the UAE. As it continues to grow, the group’s commitment to quality and excellence remains unswerving, making it a brand to reckon with in an increasingly competitive market.

About Sharafi Group Investments Dubai Jobs Opportunities:

🏨 Company Name: Sharafi Group Investments Dubai
🌐 Primary Sector: Holding Companies
🎯 Job Profile: 15 Open Jobs
💰 Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by Sharafi Group Investments Dubai Recruiting
🔍 Recruitment: Careers at Sharafi Group Investments Dubai
📍 Job Location: Dubai, UAE
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
🎓 Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
🏆 Experience: Mandatory
🛡️ Benefits: As per UAE Labor Law
🗓️ Last Updated on: 14th October 2023
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified

As Sharafi Group continues its exponential growth, it is offering a plethora of job opportunities across multiple departments for the year 2023. With an aim to further diversify its workforce and bring in fresh talent, Sharafi Group is hiring in its Facility Management, Hospitality, Contracting, and Holding divisions.

Working Culture and Environment
Sharafi Group believes in creating an inclusive and dynamic work environment. Employee well-being is at the forefront, and the group fosters an atmosphere that encourages teamwork, innovation, and continuous learning. The organization offers mentorship programs, and regular training sessions, ensuring that employees are always at the pinnacle of their professional capabilities.

Advanced Wellbeing for Employee
In line with its philosophy of caring for its employees, Sharafi Group offers advanced wellness programs. These programs include health insurance, fitness and recreational facilities, and mental health support. Employees are encouraged to maintain a work-life balance and to actively participate in these wellness initiatives.

🔥 List Of Sharafi Group Investments Dubai Current Job and Career Opportunities:


  1. HVAC Technician: Responsible for installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  2. Wall Painter: Skilled in both interior and exterior painting tasks, responsible for wall preparations and finishing.
  3. Driver: Responsible for transporting goods and employees, requires a valid UAE driving license.
  4. General Cleaners: In charge of ensuring the cleanliness of properties and offices.


  1. Front Desk Agent: Responsible for greeting guests, handling reservations and general customer service.
  2. Pool Attendant: Oversee the pool area, ensure safety regulations.
  3. Reservation Agent: Handling room bookings and customer inquiries.
  4. Bell Boy: Responsible for luggage assistance and customer guidance.
  5. General Cleaner: Maintain cleanliness in hotels and guest areas.


  1. Land Surveyor: Conduct land measurements and evaluations.
  2. Estimation Engineer: Responsible for cost projections and material estimations.
  3. Quantity Surveyor: Oversee project costs and contracts.
  4. Civil Engineer: Responsible for design, planning and overseeing construction tasks.
  5. Draftsman: Drafting and design planning.


  1. Senior Accountant with CA: Oversee financial statements, auditing, and compliance.

The requirement for all positions across the various divisions at Sharafi Group is a minimum of 2-5 years of experience in the same industries within the United Arab Emirates. This is an essential criterion as the group believes in hiring professionals who are not only skilled but also have a deep understanding of the local market conditions, regulatory norms, and industry best practices.

Sharafi Group’s insistence on this requirement ensures that they are bringing onboard individuals who can hit the ground running, thereby reducing the training time and increasing operational efficiency. Candidates with this level of experience are likely to adapt quickly to the group’s working culture and contribute effectively towards its business goals.

For those looking to apply, it’s advisable to highlight your UAE-specific experience prominently on your CV. This experience could be a crucial factor in setting you apart from other applicants. It could also be beneficial to include any industry-specific certifications or courses you’ve completed that could add value to your role in the organization.

How to Apply for Sharafi Group Investments Dubai Jobs

To become a part of this esteemed organization, interested candidates can send their CVs to [email protected]. It is an exciting opportunity to work in a fast-growing conglomerate that not only provides a competitive salary and benefits but also a career growth path in a thriving industry.

Sharafi Group is not just a company; it’s a brand that has been setting industry standards. By joining their team, you’ll be a part of an organization that aims to make a difference in the UAE’s economic landscape. So, don’t miss this chance to grow your career with Sharafi Group Investments Dubai.

Good Luck To You

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