Join the F&B Team at Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter 2023: Your Next Career Opportunity Awaits

If you’re a hospitality enthusiast looking to make your mark in one of the industry’s most prestigious establishments, then this blog post is for you. Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter is inviting skilled and dynamic professionals to join its Food & Beverage (F&B) team. Situated in the bustling heart of Riyadh, the luxurious hotel is celebrated for its commitment to delivering unparalleled guest experiences. So, why wait? Take the leap today and consider applying for one of their exciting roles!

About Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter Jobs Opportunities:

🏨 Company Name: Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter
🌐 Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
🎯 Job Profile: 4 Open Jobs
πŸ’° Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter Recruiting
πŸ” Recruitment: Careers at Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter
πŸ“ Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
πŸŽ“ Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
πŸ† Experience: Mandatory
πŸ›‘οΈ Benefits: Competitive
πŸ—“οΈ Last Updated on: 4th October 2023
βŒ› Closing Date: Not Specified

πŸ”₯ List Of Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter Current Job and Career Opportunities:

Positions Available
Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter is currently hiring for the following key roles in its F&B team:

  1. Restaurant Manager
    Oversee the entire operation of the restaurant, ensuring that each guest receives an exceptional dining experience. You will be responsible for staff management, budgeting, and overall service quality.
  2. Assistant Restaurant Manager
    In this role, you will assist the Restaurant Manager in various operational aspects, from staffing and training to managing guest relations. The Assistant Restaurant Manager serves as the go-to person in the absence of the Restaurant Manager.
  3. Waiter
    As a waiter, you’ll be the face of our restaurant, greeting guests, taking orders, and ensuring they have a pleasant dining experience. Attention to detail, good communication, and a flair for service are essential traits for this role.
  4. Captain
    The Captain is responsible for supervising the waitstaff, aiding in staff training, and assisting in quality control. It’s a role that requires leadership and the ability to multitask effectively.

Steps to Apply for Jobs at Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter

Step 1: Update Your Resume
Before sending out your application, ensure that your resume is up-to-date with your latest skills, experiences, and qualifications that make you the ideal candidate for the job. Make sure to highlight any previous hospitality experience and relevant certifications.
Step 2: Write a Cover Letter
Although not always mandatory, including a well-crafted cover letter with your application can give you an edge. In the letter, express your enthusiasm for the role you’re applying for and explain why you’re the perfect candidate.
Step 3: Email Your Application
Send both your updated resume and cover letter (if applicable) to the designated email address for job applications at Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter, which is [email protected].

Email Tips:
β–Ί Subject Line: The subject line of your follow-up email should be clear, specific, and professional to catch the attention of the hiring manager. This makes it easier for them to know exactly what the email is about without having to open it.
β–Ί Email Body: Start with a courteous greeting, briefly introduce yourself and mention the role you’re applying for. Attach your resume and cover letter files, and then conclude with a polite sign-off.

Step 4: Follow-Up
It’s good practice to send a follow-up email if you haven’t heard back within a week or two. This gives the hiring manager or HR department enough time to review applications.
Step 5: Prepare for the Interview
If you get shortlisted, the next step would be an interview. Prepare in advance by practicing answers to common hospitality interview questions and understanding the Marriott’s work culture.

By following these steps, you can maximize your chances of landing a job at the prestigious Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter.

Why You Should Consider Joining Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter

β–Ί Competitive Compensation and Benefits
The hotel offers a competitive compensation package, ensuring that your hard work and dedication are appropriately rewarded.
β–Ί Career Advancement Opportunities
As part of the Marriott International family, employees have numerous opportunities for career advancement within the organization. Whether you’re starting at an entry-level position or looking to climb the corporate ladder, Marriott provides avenues for growth.
β–Ί Welcoming Work Environment
Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter prides itself on its welcoming and inclusive work environment. The team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, and each member contributes significantly to this aim.
β–Ί Being Part of Something Bigger
Working at Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter means that you are part of a team committed to delivering exceptional experiences to guests from all over the world. The job offers a sense of fulfillment that’s hard to find elsewhere.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, competitive packages, and a nurturing work environment, Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter is the ideal workplace for anyone passionate about the hospitality industry. The roles mentioned above offer not just a job but a career filled with opportunities for growth and personal development.

So, if you believe you have what it takes to excel in these roles and contribute to the success of this renowned establishment, do not hesitate to send your resume and become part of this extraordinary team. Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter is excited to hear from you!

Contact for Application:
[email protected]

Good Luck To You

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