Kempinski Hotel Mall of The Emirates Job Vacancy 2023 as Restaurant Waiter / Waitress

About Kempinski Hotel Mall of The Emirates:
Nestled in Dubai’s bustling center, the luxurious five-star Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates stands as an emblem of elegance and grandeur. Boasting a direct connection to the renowned Mall of the Emirates, visitors are treated to a shopping paradise with over 700 premium outlets right at their doorstep. The hotel offers 388 splendid rooms and suites, each providing breathtaking views of Dubai’s majestic skyline. For those seeking a more exceptional experience, 20 unique Aspen Chalets provide an unparalleled view of the mesmerizing slopes of Ski Dubai.

Food enthusiasts can embark on a culinary journey with the hotel’s diverse dining options. Savor the rich flavors of Levantine cuisine at Olea, relish authentic Spanish tapas and paellas at Salero, or indulge in a quintessential afternoon tea experience at Aspen.

Conveniently situated along Sheikh Zayed Road and in proximity to the Metro, this hotel serves as an ideal base for exploring Dubai’s pristine beaches, top-notch golf courses, and iconic attractions. Iconic landmarks like Downtown Dubai and the majestic Burj Khalifa are just a short drive away. Furthermore, the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is not just a haven for leisure travelers but also a premier choice for business endeavors, equipped with 17 state-of-the-art meetings and events facilities.

Kempinski Hotel Mall of The Emirates Job Vacancy 2023: Restaurant Waiter / Waitress
Stepping into the world of hospitality, the role of a Restaurant Waiter/Waitress at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is not just about serving food and beverages. It’s about creating memorable experiences for guests. Those selected for this role are expected to uphold the high standards of the hotel, aligning with Kempinski’s core values.

Key Responsibilities for the Restaurant Waiter/Waitress at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates:

  1. Team Leadership and Collaboration: Take the helm in leading and fostering collaboration among the team members. This includes coordinating with the Head Waiter/Waitress, Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and Outlet Manager to ensure smooth operations and a unified front in serving guests.
  2. Service Excellence: Consistently provide service that is courteous, professional, and efficient. Every guest interaction should leave a lasting positive impression, showcasing the hotel’s commitment to unparalleled service.
  3. Product and Service Knowledge: Stay abreast of the vast array of services and products the hotel offers. This knowledge will be pivotal in addressing guest inquiries and recommendations, ensuring guests have the best experience possible.
  4. Resource Management: Monitor and minimize wastage, ensuring the optimal use of operating supplies and equipment. This not only helps in cost-saving but also aligns with the hotel’s sustainability initiatives.
  5. Maintain Cleanliness: Uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and organization in all areas. A clean environment enhances the guest experience and speaks volumes about the hotel’s dedication to excellence.
  6. Operational Procedures: Skillfully carry out opening and closing routines for the designated outlet. This ensures the outlet’s readiness to serve guests at any given time and maintains the efficiency of operations.
  7. Inter-departmental Relations: Cultivate and sustain positive working relationships with colleagues from various departments. A harmonious work environment translates to better team collaboration and improved guest experiences.
  8. Adaptability: Stay agile and open to changes or directives from the hotel’s management. The hospitality industry is dynamic, and adaptability ensures that the hotel remains at the forefront of guest satisfaction.

How to Apply

For those driven by passion and ambition, the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates provides an unparalleled opportunity. Embark on a journey in the world of luxury hospitality and join a team dedicated to excellence and guest satisfaction.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Visit the Official Job Application Portal: Start by clicking on this link Kempinski Hotel Mall of The Emirates Job Vacancy 2023 as Restaurant Waiter / Waitress which will direct you to the official Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates application page.
  2. Fill in Your Details: The application page will require specific details about your professional experience, qualifications, and other relevant information. Maintaining data integrity is crucial. Always double-check your information, ensuring it’s both accurate and current. This practice builds trust and efficiency.
  3. Attach Your CV: It’s crucial to have an updated resume that highlights your skills, experiences, and achievements. Make sure your CV is tailored to the role of Restaurant Waiter/Waitress and showcases why you are the perfect fit for the job.
  4. Submit Your Application: Once all fields are completed, and your CV is attached, proceed to submit your application. An acknowledgment or confirmation might be sent to your email, so keep an eye out.
  5. Wait for Feedback: The hotel’s HR team will review all applications. If your profile matches their requirements, you might be contacted for an interview or further screening.
  6. Prepare for the Interview: If shortlisted, take time to prepare for the interview. Research the hotel, its values, and practice potential interview questions related to the role and the hospitality industry.

Remember, while skills and experience are essential, Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates values passion, dedication, and a genuine commitment to guest service. Showcase these traits, and you’ll be one step closer to securing your position in one of Dubai’s most esteemed hotels.

Best of luck with your application! We hope to see you elevating guest experiences at the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates soon.

🗓 Last Updated on: 19th October 2023
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified
📍 Job Location: Dubai, UAE

Good Luck To You

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