Scholarship Properly: 7 Useful scholarship Tips

Scholarship Properly

How to Spend Your First Scholarship Properly: Senior Tips

If you went on budget and received a scholarship, congratulations: you made money with your own mind!

There is an unwritten student tradition when a student celebrates his first scholarship. Some advice to drink and take a walk. Like, the spent scholarship will attract similar payments in the future.

However, other options are also possible. Some students, especially girls, encourage themselves to buy clothes, cosmetics, and gadgets. Someone buys tickets to the theater and concerts.

It is also considered good form to present a present to parents from the first scholarship. These can be small gifts or goodies.

About scholarships

This is an academic scholarship, which is awarded every six months and depends on the results of the exams. It is paid to students who pass credits and exams on time at the “good” and “excellent” levels. The scholarship is paid once a month, and its size can vary greatly in different regions, in different universities. The minimum academic scholarship is about 2000 $, and in some educational institutions, it can reach 4000 $. In addition, each university can establish its own increased scholarship for academic excellence, sports, scientific research, social or creative work. In some cases, it can be monthly payments of 12-15 thousand $.

To receive such amounts, you need to study well, participate in various competitions, social events.

In addition to the state academic one, you can apply for scholarships from certain companies and foundations (the government, the Potanin Foundation, governor’s, personal scholarships).

Scholarship Properly: 7 Useful scholarship Tips

  1. Perhaps the first scholarship will be enough for you exactly to celebrate. But if you’re ready to approach it more pragmatically, here are some tips from undergraduates:
  2. Think about what regular spending you will have and how the scholarship money will be involved. For example, you can plan to buy a travel card, top up your phone bill, buy gasoline (for those who are in a car), pay for utilities.
  3. Start procrastinating on the journey. You can save some part of the amount monthly, or if you can afford to save up scholarships on a card.
  4. Beware of spontaneous purchases. Take your time to spend. Think about what proportion you actually need this or that thing.
  5. Do not neglect accounting and planning money, despite the small amount. The correct attitude to money is justified at any level.
  6. If you are going to live on a scholarship, it is very important to prioritize spending. Find large chain stores where you can shop for less, study offers for sales, and other great promotions.
  7. Find out all the opportunities in your university, region to improve your scholarship. In any educational field for talented and responsible students, there are programs, grants, and other chances to make money on their studies.

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