Scholarships in Sweden for international students

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Scholarships in Sweden for international students

Scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021
Scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021

Sweden has always been known as a country full of innovation and has a high-quality education. No wonder this country is the favorite destination for Indonesian students in Europe. Basically, Sweden itself is always open to international students. So, you can live and study comfortably in this one country. Well, here is a list of selected scholarships that you can use to study in Sweden.

Scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021 | Government Scholarships
SISGP, a fully-funded S2 scholarship from the Swedish government

Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP), registration is still open until February 20, 2021. This scholarship program provided by the Swedish government is specifically for students pursuing Masters level in Sweden. Want to know more about this scholarship? Check out the following information.

What is SISGP?
As previously explained, SISGP is a master scholarship scheme provided by the Swedish Government in order to produce global leaders who are able to contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. To be precise, this scholarship is funded by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Swedish Institute.

The universities that are part of this scholarship scheme are as follows:

Blekinge Instite of Technology
University of Arts, Crafts, and Design
University of Boras
University of Gothenburg
University of Gavle
University of Skovde
University of West
Uppsala University
Orebro University
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Linkoping University
Linnaeus University
Lulea University of Technology
Lund University
Malmo University
Mid Sweden University
Malardaken University
Stockholm School of Economics
Stockholm University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sodertorn University
Umea University
Chalmers University of Technology
Dalarna University
Halmstad University
Jonkoping University
Karlstad University
Karolinska Institutet
Kristianstad University
Of the 29 universities, the study programs offered are very diverse. Starting from medicine, science, engineering, and humanities are available. So, you can more freely choose the major you want.

Read more about the eligibility criteria as well as the application process for the SISGP

Scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021 | Masters Scholarship
Health Masters Scholarship at Umea University

Every year, Umea University provides scholarships for international students. This scholarship is specifically for talented students pursuing public health studies. This one scholarship is fully funded by the Erling-Persson family Foundation.

This foundation has been established since 1999 to honor Erling Persson and her various achievements. Initially, this foundation only funded research in the field of medicine. Then, the form of financial assistance provided has expanded, including providing scholarships.

What are the benefits?
The Erling-Persson Scholarship can be said to be very limited. Only 8 people are selected to receive this scholarship each year. No wonder this scholarship guarantees that these students can study Masters in Health for free because this scholarship will exempt the recipient from paying tuition fees.

Not only that, scholarship recipients will also receive an allowance of around 300 $ per month. More than enough, right?

Who can register?
Here are a number of requirements that you must meet if you want to apply for this scholarship.

Not a citizen of Switzerland and the European Union.
Has completed registration for the public health study program at the master level.
Have paid the registration fee by February 3, 2021.
Choosing a program at Umea University as your first choice at
How do I register?
When registration for this scholarship is opened, students who are eligible to register will receive an e-mail containing registration instructions. Only applicants to the Umea University Public Health program are the first priority to apply for this scholarship.

If you feel you deserve this scholarship but don’t get an e-mail when registration opens, then you can contact the university. The deadline for registering this scholarship is March 1, 2021.

Scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021 | KI Global Master’s Scholarship, a Masters scholarship at Karolinska Institutet
Every year, Karolinska Institutet provides scholarships for outstanding master’s students through the KI Global Master’s Scholarship scheme. The amount of scholarship funds awarded will vary each year and are limited in number.

As the title implies, this scholarship is specifically for postgraduate students who take the Global Master’s Program in Karolinska. A number of programs that you can choose from are as follows:

Joint Master’s Programme in Health Informatics
Master’s Programme in Bio entrepreneurship
Master’s Programme in Global Health
Master’s Programme in Health Economics, Policy, and Management
Master’s Programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science
Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences
Master’s Programme in Toxicology
Master’s Programme in Biomedicine
Who can sign up?
To be able to apply for this scholarship, here are some requirements that you must meet:

Have enrolled in one of the Global Master’s programs at Karolinska Institutet for the 2021 school year
Is a citizen of a country outside the European Union
Has paid the registrant fee as of February 1, 2021
Meets all the requirements and documents needed for the program you are registering.
Basically, this scholarship is only for first year students.

How do I register?
All applicants applying for the Global Master’s program at Karolinska Institutet who are obliged to pay tuition fees and have paid the application fee will be informed and solicitation to apply for this scholarship.

To enroll in this scholarship, you can register at the following link.

The assessment of this scholarship will be based on the CV and qualifications of the applicant. Scholarship recipients will be notified directly. Keep in mind that this scholarship covers only tuition fees. Living, travel and other expenses are not included in the KI Global Master’s Scholarship funding.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship is October 16. For study enrolment, the deadline is January 15, 2021.

Such is our full discussion of postgraduate scholarships at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. If you want to continue your studies in this country, then you can take advantage of this scholarship.

Typically, registration for this scholarship will be open until the time for college registration ends, namely in January each year.

Scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021 | KTH Scholarship, tuition fee scholarship at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
KTH Scholarship covers tuition fee waivers for one to two years when you are undergoing a Master’s program at KTH. The aim of the KTH Scholarship is to produce academically gifted students who are aware of sustainable development. Of course, KTH hopes that scholarship recipients will be able to contribute more to a sustainable society.

By getting this scholarship, you will be free from tuition fees. It should be underlined that this scholarship does not cover living expenses or other benefits.

The application period for this scholarship usually falls in December and ends in January each year. So, you can visit the official KTH website for more information.

Scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021 | UHR Scholarship, a tuition fee scholarship at the Swedish Defense University
Swedish Defence University is a university located in Stockholm, Sweden. This university contributes a lot to national and international security through research and education. Some of SEDU’s focuses are on defense, crisis management, and security. If you are interested in studying at SEDU, then here is the complete information about UHR Scholarship, tuition fee scholarship at Swedish Defence University, Sweden.

Basically, the UHR Scholarship is a scholarship scheme managed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). However, the entire application process will be held directly by Swedish Defense University.

About UHR Scholarship
Basically, UHR scholarship is a scholarship scheme managed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). However, the entire application process will be directly held by the Swedish Defence University.

In accordance with the previous explanation, the UHR Scholarship covers only tuition fees. For accommodation costs and other needs, students are expected to be able to finance independently.

Who can sign up?
This scholarship program is intended for students from outside the European Union and Switzerland. Of course, this scholarship is given to students who are interested in continuing their studies at universities in Sweden, one of which is at the Swedish Defence University.

Keep in mind that this scholarship is intended for new students at SEDU. So, only candidates who apply for the 2021 school year can take advantage of the UHR Scholarship.

At least, there are 2 study programs that you can choose from at SEDU to get this scholarship, namely:

Master Programme in Politics, Security and War
Master Programme in Defence and Security Systems Development
How do I register?
Please fill out the registration form provided. No supporting documents are required because all information will be taken from your course registration through

The deadline for applying for this scholarship is until February 1, 2021, if you apply for the registration period from October 16, 2020 to January 15, 2021.

Such is the complete information about the UHR Scholarship at Swedish defence university, Sweden. If you are interested in jumping directly in the field of security, then studying at SEDU can be an option. The study programs at SEDU have been specially created for students who wish to pursue careers in the fields of defense, security, and crisis management.

In addition, Sweden itself is still a favorite of international students even though COVID-19 has hit. Reporting from the Swedish Institute and Study in Sweden, there is an increase in the number of international students enrolling in universities in Sweden. Thus, there is an increase in the trust of international students to higher education institutions in Sweden.

Moreover, Sweden is also known as a safe and quality country.

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