Store Keeper Jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE

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Store Keeper Jobs In Abu Dhabi Uae

Publisher: External sources
Workplace: Abu Dhabi, UAE
For residents of: undefined
Date of publication: 13 Oct 2020
Closing Date: 12 Nov 2020
Salary / wage: Not Confirm
Section: Money and accounting

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Ensure the implementation of the QMS and FSMS Policies and Procedures.
2. Ensures that the products received at the Storage Facility complies with the customer requirement and statutory & regulatory standards.
3. Inspect the products in compliant to the customer instruction and QMS & FSMS Standards.
4. Day to day monitoring of products that are in-stocks, ensuring that products are within the standards requirement such as expiry date, appearance, etc.
5. Inspect the products to be shipped in accordance with the requirements of the customer, QMS and FSMS’s policies and procedures.
6. Supervise the filling, unfolding and laying away of all loads received.
7. Ensure the implementation of FEFO and the correct arrangement of the shares to facilitate FEFO easily.
8. Provide suggestions and recommendations to improve the process and activities of the warehouse operations.
9. Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports as required by the client and management.
10. Coordinate the inventory count and prepare report to be submitted to management and customer (if necessary)
11. Ensure that Warehouse Team follows QHSE and FSMS policies and procedures.
12. Perform related activities as prescribed by the warehouse supervisor.

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