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History Petromin Corporation

The company was founded by a royal decree of February 24, 1968. The company’s original name was Petromin Lubricating Oil Company, and in 1997 it was renamed the Saudi Arabian Lubricating Oil Company. It was established as a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Mobil Investments and began operations. production at the first blending plant in Jeddah, in 1970. The company’s first CEO was Abdulhadi Taher.

The company was originally intended to replace foreign ownership of Aramco, as they say, the main oil company, but because of inefficient company, personal rivalry and corruption, Prince SA instead decided to “Saudiized” Aramco.

In May 2003, Petromin was one of the first companies to receive an international ISO certificate for its quality systems and integrated management systems (ISO 9001 : 2015). Since then, the company has been re-certified in 2014 and has received an OHSAS 18001 : 2007 certificate for its health and safety management systems at the Jeddah plant in 2017.

It was found to be a state oil development for Saudi Arabia because At that time Aramco was 100% owned by the Americans. Under the leadership of Dr. Abdulhadi H. Taher, Petromin has become an industrial giant with tens of thousands of employees. He was responsible for the exploration, processing and distribution of all oil and mineral resources in the kingdom that did not belong to the then U.S.-controlled oil concessionaire Aramco. After the Kingdom acquired Aramco from the Americans, it included Petromin and most of its industrial developments.

Petromin Corporation
  • Based: February 24, 1968. 52 years ago
  • Headquarters: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Type: Producer of oils and lubricant
  • Goods: Motor oil, petrol, diesel, hydraulic liquid
  • Services: Automotive and lubricants
  • Industry: Industrial, motor oils and lubricants
  • Serviced area: Middle East, Africa, and expansion to Asia
  • Internet site:

An accountant is required to work for Petromin in Saudi Arabia

  • An accountant is required to work for Petromin company in Saudi Arabia
  • Have experience of at least two years fluent English
  • Salary determined during the interview
  • Please write a cv or send your CV full data with the attachment of a recent picture this data increases the chances of accepting our empty jobs

How to apply to Petromin Corporation

To be able to work at Petromin Corporation, please prepare the best CV that you have and then visit the link we have provided, to apply directly to the original website of this company.

However, if when you apply for a job at Petromin Corporation there is no result, please visit this page at a later time to get updated job vacancies. Greetings success to you. Petromin saudi arabia careers

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