Team Leader – Bike Messenger Jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE

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Bike messenger jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE

  1. Place of work: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  2. Sections: Miscellaneous functions
  3. For residents: Undefined
  4. Date of publication: 07 Oct 2020
  5. Closing Date: 06 Nov 2020
  6. Publisher: External source
  7. Salary: Depending on the source, to register, follow the link at the end of the details. As per the source, follow the link at the end of the details to register
  8. Team Leader – Bike Messenger

Job description:

  1. Manage work teams by planning & arranging schedules and leave of employees
  2. Maintain quality and standards in terms of customer service and presentation
  3. Follow up with the HR team about the boarding entry / exit process (Team selection – asking for uniforms – asking for sim card – checklist out – etc.)
  4. Monitor & Follow Up Bike Maintenance and fixation is required
  5. Submit Training Needs to the Training Department and follow up on orientation to maximize benefits
  6. Monitor and follow up on employee requests
  7. Conduct monthly feedback sessions with drivers
  8. Create and update reports to monitor team performance (Tracking system – data logger – etc.)
  9. Follow up the registration process with the authorities
  10. Follow up call center for each (pending order – pending order – complaints) to ensure smooth running of business
  11. Carry out investigations for all driver related incidents
  12. Controlling the work team and ensuring compliance with company SOPs
  13. Solve operational challenges at work

Job Requirements:

  1. Any bachelor degree
  2. UAE driving license is a must
  3. Flexible to travel within UAE
  4. Previous experience in managing a fleet of bike messengers / drivers is essential

Name / appointment: Pharma link
Phone: 971-43236148

Job Filled

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