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Titan Construction LLC

Titan Construction is a business giant in industrial warehouse, construction, technology, fabrication, and manufacturing. Founded in 2004, the company originated as a turnkey solution for warehouses and building factories. But later on, the company that headquartered in Fujairah-UAE has kept expanding its spans and services.

Company Overview

The Titan construction was started as a small warehouse industrial business in 2004. It was established in Fujairah, United Arab Emirate, by building and maintaining a small warehouse right in the center of an old industrial area. However, the company is run with an entrepreneurial spirit, bold, vision, and professional workforce. Thus, it is getting bigger and expanding its services.

As the company gets known and bigger, the main business of warehouse spans to other services and building factories. It currently has diverse projects and services including construction, fabrication, technology, engineering, and the industrial services organization. The company has an objective to build it safely, on budget, on time, and with no bolt from the blue.

Titan construction goes with its commitment to deliver design and build high or even premier quality products. It has standards that will be obtainable in the industry sector to the users. The company also wanted to create and manufacture something beyond compliance.it includes the laws, regulations, ethnic issues, and made the Titan Construction brand the trusted companies in UAE.


  1. Factories Building

Titan construction LLC main business is building factories. The company has been involved in several projects and several factories throughout the years. It elaborates on some complex facilities, such as heavy machinery, assembly, process lines, and production lines. The company has several projects going on, including medical facilities, concrete precast factories, etc.

  1. Warehouse Building

The warehouse business includes the commercial building that is used for storing goods. The company states that the warehouse is mainly used to cater for imported, stored, or fabricated goods. Titan construction has several warehouse services for many servings, including wholesalers, transport, manufacturing companies, logistics, and many more.

  1. Construction

Other than the commercial and industrial buildings, the company also offers construction service for civil buildings. The company excels in this field by compassing several construction projects such as sheet piles, dry docks, mats, suspended slabs, and many more. The service offered by the company covers residential, commercial units, to low-rise buildings.

  1. Engineering

Titan construction also offers engineering services that include modeling, analysis, detailing, to project building. The company underlines the methodology in creating a workability nature with site visualization. All of the work will be under professional hands; thus, the result will value tools, improve effectiveness, and reduce unnecessary cost.

  1. Technologies

The supply chain management system under Titan Construction LLC has a multinational engineer’s team. The two factors ensure the safety, integrity, and reliability aspect of very technical solution service. Titan also ensures to implement the latest technology that will achieve the best conformance. It includes the latest standards, time aspect, environmental impact, and commercial part.

  1. Fabrication

Titan construction also operates fabrication services, which manufacture prefabricated steel. The material plays a big role in the succession of the project execution. It will be generated with quality control and premium quality products. AS the company does the fabrication system by themselves, Titan construction can ensure the quality and cut some cost.

  1. Industrial Services

The company offers planning construction under the name of industrial services. It includes the operational layout, materials, process design, and system selections. Clients and business partners can ask help from the company to evaluate and make all the planning better. It also helps in creating a profitable solution, competitive design, and span bigger industry reach.

  1. Project

The company has several projects that come in many business fields. The factories building include cement and concrete factories. The industrial services projects include warehouse management and design. There is also warehouse, technologies implementation, construction, to engineering projects.

Career at Titan Construction LLC

The company underlines that the organization will not go well without the people. Titan Construction states that the people are the main assets. That is why the requirement for the candidate should be experienced, educated, dedicated, and hard worker. At the same time, the organization mentions the need for the ability to make difference and added values.

The career offers are varying in every category. Those who complement all the requirements can join Titan Construction. The job opening with matching qualifications is listed on its official website. It comprises some options, including civil engineer, mechanical engineer, accountant, secretary, PRO, and many more.

List of job opportunities: Titan Construction LLC for all positions in 2021

  1. Civil Engineer – Site Engineer. ==> Views & Apply
  2. Mechanical Engineer – Site Engineer. ==> Views & Apply
  3. Draftsman – Civil & Mechanical. ==> Views & Apply
  4. Accountant. ==> Views & Apply
  5. Junior Accountant. ==> Views & Apply
  6. Secretary. ==> Views & Apply
  7. PRO – Public Relations Officer. ==> Views & Apply


Deyaar Head Office Building – Dubai – UAE ==> View maps
2548+PF Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Website: titanconstruction.co
Phone number: +971 4 884 0090

How to apply for job opportunities: Titan Construction LLC

To be able to get a job opportunity at Titan Construction LLC, the method is quite easy, please send your CV to click the link we have provided “Views & Apply”. But before sending your best CV, first check the completeness of your CV, double check it further. This is so that your data, if it meets the requirements, will be immediately called to do an interview test.

If when you register, it turns out that this job vacancy has been closed, don’t be discouraged, please come back to this page at a later time to get the latest information about Titan Construction LLC Dubai Careers.

With so many job applicants submitting applications for jobs in, “Titan Construction LLC”, you should realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to be able to work for this company.

Good luck to you.

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