Siemens Company: open job opportunities in March 2021 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE

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Siemens Company

Siemens company is also known as Siemens AG, a German multinational conglomerate company that focuses on several technologies’ products. The company is headquartered in Munich with a large number of manufactures across Europe. Siemens also has branches offices abroad with different principal divisions.

What does Siemens Company do?

In Germany, the Siemens company has it headquarter in Munich. The company has been running since 1846 as it was founded by Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske. The initial name of this company was Siemens & Halske, which later changed as the company expanded its business and product focus.

The company has Automation and digitalization technology as the long-term products. The business itself covers nine divisions that keep on growing each time, following the growth of current technologies. As of 2011, the company has more than 285 production and manufacturing facilities spread across 190 countries. Thus, making it one of the biggest conglomerate companies in the world.

History Overview

The starting point goes back to 1847 when the company operates under the name of Siemens & Halske company. It was the first time the founder created telegraph technology using a needle sequence of the letter. The technologies invented by the company also range from time to time, including dynamo in (1867) and 1881 with its electric street light.

The expansion of its products got bigger with the merger activities in 1903. The company letter changed its names to Siemens-Schuckert’s. At that point, the company has 34,324 employees. In 1919, the company joined with Osram lightbulb company. As in the next decade, the company started producing some electronics, including television sets, radios, etc.

From 1933 to 1945, the company gained a lot of backlash due to World war II. It was the time that the company contributes to the Nazi government. But the company conditions were in the bad state that it moved the base to Bavaria in the 50s. Under the name of Siemens and Halske, the company manufactures more electronics products.

Since that time, the company has started to expand its reach by acquiring several industrial and technology corporations. Some of the corporations include Nixdorf Computer, ROLM, Texas Instrument, Westinghouse power generation, and shared medical system corporation. The company also acquired a corporation with Chemtech group in 2001.

There were up and down from 2001 to 2004, but Siemens gained Bonus Energy company in 2004. 2005 is the year when the company was slapped with world bribery scandals. Yet, it came back in 2006 by cooperating with several companies, such as VisaScape, Opto Control, Kadon, Kuhnle, TurboCare Canada, and some others.

2011 to present includes some corporation and acquisition of high-end products. Some of the notable deals are power plant component in 2013, power plant building plant in 2014, Roll-Royce turbine & compressor acquirement, to controversial Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland (2019-2020).

Products and Services

Siemens’ focus is always on electrical engineering and electronics-related products or services. The products ranging from building-related materials, automation, and industrial plant-related objects, lighting, transportation, medical, to logistics-related items. There are also some renewable energy products along with the infamous phone business.

The list of the product and services are listed under nine divisions. The divisions comprise of power and gas manufacturer under the name of Siemens Gamesa Renewable energy. There are also power generation services, energy management, building technologies, healthiness, automation & drive systems for steel mills, digital factories for software, mobility, and financial services.

Career in Siemens Company

The worldwide company offers several job vacancies that comprise a total of 21 categories or programs. Joining the team also allows the participant to be part of 295,000 people with the smartest mind and innovative vision. The opportunity also opens worldwide with some areas as its focus.

The expertise areas include manufacturing, research & development, Engineering, IT sales & marketing, and operations. The company also offers dream roles as the participant can relocate while working in the company. For participants who are looking for vacancies, detailed information and the available job offers are listed on Siemens’ official sites and social media.

Siemens also proposes some career programs that give different opportunities and chances. The programs are graduate program, finance excellence, management consulting, controlling & finance assurance, direct entry, CEO program, and many more. The participant or candidate can meet the team and build the career through the Siemens’ events.

List of job opportunities Siemens Company

  1. Project Procurement Engineer – Excellent Opportunity for UAE Nationals | Abu Dhabi. ==> Views & Apply / Job Filled
  2. Planning Engineer – Excellent Opportunity for UAE Nationals | Abu Dhabi. ==> Views & Apply / Job Filled
  3. Design Engineer – Excellent Opportunity for UAE Nationals | Abu Dhabi. ==> Views & Apply / Job Filled
  4. Project Engineer – Excellent Opportunity for UAE Nationals | Abu Dhabi. ==> Views & Apply / Job Filled
  5. Country business lead DX South Africa | Dubai. ==> Views & Apply / Job Filled
  6. Senior Solution Architect (Multiple Locations) | Multiple. ==> Views & Apply / Job Filled

Locations Siemens Company

Address: Downtown Jabel Ali – Dubai – UAE
Phone: +971 4 366 0000

How to apply for a job at Siemens Company

To be able to get the opportunity to work at a Siemens Company, the method is quite easy, please visit the link we have provided above “Views & Apply “. But before sending your best CV, first check the completeness of your CV, in more recheck. This is so that your data, if it meets requirements, will immediately be called to do an interview test.

If when you register, it turns out that this job vacancy has been closed, don’t be discouraged, please come back to this page at a later time to get the latest information about Siemens Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE career.

With so many job applicants submitting applications for jobs in, “Siemens Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE career”, you should realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to be able to work for this company.

Good luck to you.

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