List of 50 Dubai Government Jobs For you

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Dubai Government Jobs

Recently the Dubai government announced it is opening new job vacancies located in the UAE. To get a job opportunity and start your career early for a better future, please prepare a CV to be able to apply for your dream job.

All About Dubai UAE

Dubai ( Arabic: دبيa ) is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the deep seaport, administrative center of the Emirate of Dubai, the most important trade and financial center of the UAE and the entire Middle East. Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

In the period 1954-1971, it was the administrative center of the British Protectorate of oman treaty. Dubai hosts various international conferences, festivals, exhibitions, etc. , Dubai is planned to host the Expo-2020 world fair.


Is located on the edge of the Persian Gulf to the northeast of the capital, Abu Dhabi, next to Sharjah. Geographical coordinates: 25°27′ north latitude, 55°33′ east longitude. The city is 134 km long and 35 km wide.


The climate of Dubai is extremely hot ( BWib arid desert climate according to the Köppen classification ). Dubai is considered one of the hottest cities in the world. The average temperature in August (the warmest month) is + 35.1 ° C, and the average maximum usually exceeds + 40 ° C, sometimes the temperature in the shade can reach almost 50 ° C. Winters are cooler; in terms of temperature, they approximately correspond to summer in central Russia, with warm days and cool nights. The average January temperature is +19 ° C (the coldest month).

Precipitation in Dubai is rare (about 80 mm falls per year), falls mainly in the second half of winter (February-March), from May to October precipitation is practically impossible.

List of districts in Dubai

The main areas of the city:

Bur Dubai – historical center;
Gardens – residential area;
Downtown – a business district under construction;
Deira – the eastern commercial part of the city;
Jumeirah is a seaside residential area;
Dubai Marina is a residential area around a man-made bay in the west of the city.

Economy of Dubai

Dubai is the largest shopping, financial, and tourism center in the Middle East. The pace of development of the city is comparable to that of Shanghai. The third most important re-export center in the world (after Hong Kong and Singapore). There are some significant taxes missing in Dubai: corporate income tax, capital gains tax, personal income tax, and income repatriation tax. The United Arab Emirates also has double taxation treaties with more than twenty countries around the world.

The deep-water seaport of Dubai, due to its low duties, is the leader in the region for the re-export of various goods, including gold.

FEZs – free economic zones – are of significant value in doing business in Dubai. The offshore zone is located in the Jebel Ali area.


The city has two seaports, several bus terminals (the largest in Bur Dubai), and two major international airports (Dubai and Al Maktoum). There is a developed bus network, some of the stops are air-conditioned. On September 9, 2009, the Dubai Metro was opened. On April 30, 2009, the monorail was opened. 12 November 2014 launched the tram [en] in one of the areas of the city.

Air transport

Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB) is the base airport for Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai, serving Dubai and other emirates of the country. In 2014, it served 70.4 million passengers, transported 2.37 million tons of cargo, and ranked 7th in the world according to these indicators. Emirates Airline is the national airline of Dubai. Operating internationally, in 2014 it served 142 destinations in more than 70 countries on all populated continents.

Dubai Government Jobs – Apply Now

Job Category and Job location Dubai UAE

  1. Head of Social Inclusion
  2. Senior Specialist – System
  3. Section Head – POD Social Care
  4. Information security officer
  5. Expert – Communications
  6. Senior Executive – Research & Policies
  7. Senior Auditor (Company Audit)
  8. Fireman (First Warrant)
  9. Senior Auditor – Internal Audit
  10. Head of Finance Section (UAE Nationals Only)
  11. Assistant Financial Auditor
  12. Trainee – Engineer – UAE National Only
  13. Air Traffic Controller – Tower | ATC | DXB
  14. Air Traffic Controller – Approach | ATC | DWC
  15. Senior Manager – EHS
  16. Project Manager
  17. Senior Officer – Research
  18. —“—  Officer – EHS
  19. —“—  Application Developer
  20. —“—  Officer – Research
  21. —“—  Specialist Counseling
  22. —“— Occupational Therapist
  23. —“—  Speech Therapist
  24. Behavioral Therapist
  25. Senior Financial Auditor
  26. Dubai Hospital-temporary contract–Medical Physicist
  27. Human Resources Consultant
  28. Specialist – Infectious Diseases (Temporary Job)
  29. Staff Nurse (Temporary Job )
  30. Data Analyst
  31. Head of Admin Services & Supplies Section (UAE Nationals only)
  32. Head of Finance Section (UAE Nationals Only)
  33. Specialist – Intensive Care (Temporary Job)
  34. Muezzin
  35. Imam
  36. Trust Services – Product Manager
  37. Head of Civil Facilities Licensing
  38. Specialist – Reserch and Policies
  39. Director – PWD
  40. Internal Auditor (UAE Nationals only)
  41. Project Manager
  42. Administrative Officer
  43. Social Cohesion Director
  44. Trainee – Air Traffic Controller – UAE National Only
  45. Auditor (Company Audit)
  46. Officer – Training & Development
  47. Fireman (First Constable)
  48. Fireman (Corporal)
  49. Case Management Executive
  50. Head Of Training And Development Dubai Government Jobs

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