Aloft hotel: opening job opportunities at Aloft Al Mina Dubai | Aloft Dubai Creek | Aloft Me’aisam Dubai in June 2021

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Aloft Hotel

Owned by Marriott international, aloft hotel is one of the largest hotel chains based in North America. The hotel offers modern architecture and is known as a design accommodation with music as the inspiration. At the same time, the hotel also has unique naming to the basic hotel amenities to create a difference in the hospitality field.

The hotel highlights urban-inspired design with innovative programming, technologies that state the beauty of music and F&B. It makes the hotel appear unique compared to the traditional hotel landscape. Founded in 2005, Aloft hotel currently has 192 open properties globally with a total of around 31,650 rooms available.


The modern hotel chain has 192 global open properties, with 134 of them are in the U.S and Canada. Based on 2019 franchise hotel performance, Aloft hotel has reached around 74% of the average occupancy rate. It also has a daily room rate of $146.30 with an average RevPAR of $108.20 and an Average RevPAR index of 102.8.

Since the Hotel is based in North America, the highest number of hotel chain distribution reach up to 149 properties. Followed with Asia 31 properties, Europe with 11 hotels, middle east 10, central America and Caribbean 8 assets, south America 4, and a single hotel chain in Australia and pacific. Aloft hotel also has a robust pipeline of 117 hotels globally.

Hotel Innovation

The main highlight of the hotel is the vision to create a next-generation hotel. It pinpoints the design and technological innovation to bring a purposeful environment and vibrant space. The guest room has a 9-foot-high ceiling with amenities by bliss spa, 42′ LCD, signature coffee, and custom Aloft bath (in Aloft Boston seaport).

Technologies And Innovation

  1. Re:fuel By Aloft

The new fun innovation by the hotel is Re:fuel portable breakfast pots and wraps. The hotels offer 13 varieties of food created by the local chefs. It is made with a balanced and fresh breakfast that can be altered to suit the guest’s style. The F&B innovation highlight the grab-and-go trends with varying foods, from sweet to sandwiches and snacks that available 24/7.

  1. Mobile Key

The Aloft hotels envelop technologies in many ways, including the mobile key using a smartphone. Apple watch or another smartphone can access the hotel app to register the hotel room. The app will send replies in the form of text with the room number. It skips the check-in line process and unlocks the door room in a beat.

  1. Apple Watch App

Marriott Bonvoy app is now integrated or available for the apple watch. People can use it to confirm the number and directions to the hotel. It also works as a check-in pass and door lock to the room.

  1. Botlr

Botlr is the delivery service that is one of the Aloft innovations to create fun, smart, and stylish associates. Botlr works seamlessly, and the guests can request anything from the smartphone app.

  1. Ask Alexa

The first pilot program is now available in Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton. The hotel chain integrates Alexa to meet fun features for the guest staying at aloft. It can give information regarding weather forecasts, daily news, and music playlist.

Services And Happenings

To create the best living experience for the guest, the aloft hotels also provide several services and happenings. Guests can enjoy easy access to the hotel through Marriott bonvoy app and some recreation amenities, such as a pool table, swimming pool, and Wi-Fi. At the same time, the hotel also offers the greatest experience for every guest.

There is a Camp Aloft program that is designed to entertain kids aged 2-12 y.o. The hotel also has ARF or Animal are fun, a program for the guests’ pets that include a bed, bowl, and complimentary treats or toys. On top of that, there is also a W XYZ bar and music with an urban vibe. Lastly is the live performance from the emerging and local artists.

Career Opportunity

The employment for Aloft Hotel will relate to the Marriott employment career. The Marriott participants will get E-Verify that ensures career eligibility. The high number of properties also ensures equal opportunity for the employer, including from different countries, continents, etc. The Marriott international highlights diversity and inclusivity.

The available jobs are spread in 192 hotels across 29 countries and more in the pipeline. It ranges from every part of the hospitality business. The participant can join a career as corporate, residence jobs, or hotel jobs. The international hotel chain also offers university students programs, veterans, and opportunities.

Lit of job Opportunities: Aloft Hotel Dubai UAE

Aloft Al Mina Dubai

  1. Bartender – WXYZ Bar. <== Apply Here
  2. Steward. <== Apply Here
  3. AC & Refrigeration Technician Dubai. <== Apply Here
  4. Electrician Dubai. <== Apply Here
  5. Housekeeping Attendant. <== Apply Here
  6. Commis 2. <== Apply Here

Aloft Dubai Creek ==> View maps

  1. Cluster Assistant Marketing Manager. <== Apply Here

Aloft Me’aisam Dubai ==> View maps

  1. Commis 1. <== Apply Here

How to apply for job opportunities at Aloft Hotel Dubai UAE

Please prepare the best CV you have, then click “Blue Link <== Apply Here | Lit of job Opportunities: Aloft Hotel Dubai UAE” which we have provided in the column above. When you click the link, you will be directed to the official website of the company that needs new workers Aloft hotel jobs near me opportunities Aloft Palm Jumeirah June 2021.

Hopefully you will quickly find your dream job. Success for you.

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