Professional paint sprayer jobs in Adu Dhabi

Professional paint sprayer

  1. Section: Workmanship and engineering
  2. For residents: undefined
  3. Publication date: 07 September 2020
  4. Closing Date: 06 November 2020
  5. Publisher: External source
  6. Place of work: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  7. Salary: Depending on the source, to register, follow the link at the end of the details. As per the source, follow the link at the end of the details to register
  8. The salary will be discussed after an interview with experience in Interior Design Companies
  9. Work on suddenly


  • Responsibility for preparing spare parts equipment and assembling them for the painting process
  • Mix paint and other materials according to specifications or the right dosage formula
  • Ensure spray painting facilities and equipment are in good working condition
  • Responsible for the identification and separation of parts or materials that are not suitable and report to the supervisor
  • Use a spray gun and apply paint according to all specifications
  • Understanding oven paint drying techniques for special finishing purposes
  • Notice and measure sections to maintain statistical process control charts
  • Monitor machine gauges and equipment operation for defects / deviations from standards, and make adjustments as necessary
  • Use solvents, wire brushes, and cloths to clean sprays-and electrical equipment
  • Follow the company requirements to choose paint, and paint colors follow the specified color chart.
  • Responsible for material fit and minor maintenance.

Job Filled Professional paint sprayer

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