Al Jazeera international catering jobs opening February 2021

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Al Jazeera international catering jobs opening February 2021

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Al Jazeera International Catering Company (JIC) is the country’s best-known company and has received 35 awards from 2012 to 2019. Among the awards include:

Award Al Jazeera International Catering Company (JIC)
2012 – Emirates Environmental Group Award
2013 – Emirates Environmental Group Award
2014 – Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Award
2014 – Arabia CSR Award
2014 – BIZZ Award
2014 – International Best Practices Award
2014 – Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
2015 – Arabia CSR Award
2015 – Emirates Environmental Group Award
2015 – Global Benchmarking Award
2015 – Green Era Award
2015 – International Best Practices Award
2015 – Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
2016 – Abu Dhabi Sustainability Award
2016 – Arabia CSR Award
2016 – Emirates Environmental Group Award
2016 – European Business Assembly Award
2016 – European Society Quality Research
2016 – Global Benchmarking Award
2016 – Middle East CSR Award
2017 – Arabia CSR Award
2017 – BIZZ Peak of Success Award
2017 – Emirates Environmental Group Award
2017 – Hospitality Excellence Award
2017 – International Business Excellence
2018 – Future Workplace Awards
2018 – Global Islamic Business Excellence Awards
2018 – Golden Globe Tiger Award
2018 – Golden Peacock Sustainability Award
2018 – Middle East Customer Excellence Award
2018 – Middle East Waste and Recycling Awards
2019 – 19th Cycle Of Emirates Environmental Group Award
2019 – Arabia CSR Award
2019 – BTOES
2019 – Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
About JIC Company
JIC is a company engaged in catering services and hospitality, which upholds services that prioritize competitive prices and world-class service quality.

JIC is located in Abu Dhabi, a company that already has a world-class set of services, food and security to give the best impression to its customers. So, if you want to apply for a job at JIC you must be ready to follow all forms of operational standard procedures of this company.

(JIC) Al Jazeera International Catering Company in 2008 was established as a partnership between Gulf Catering LLC and Force 10 Group.

Al Jazeera International Catering L.L.C

PARTNERING MARKETS Al Jazeera International Catering Company (JIC)
Financial entrées
Travel and Tourism
Oil Fields
Regulatory Bodies
Educational Institutions
Construction and Laboure Camps
Media and Broadcasting
Jobs Available at (JIC) Al Jazeera International Catering Company
No. List of Job Vacancies Food and Beverage Jobs Opportunities
Department – Operations
1. Catering Manager Apply
3. Camp Boss Apply
4. Catering Supervisor Apply
5. Light and Heavy-Duty Driver Apply
Department – Productions Dept.
6. Food Production Manager Apply
7. Food Production Supervisor Apply
8. Production (Kitchen) Supervisor Apply
9. Arabic Cook (Jordanian or Syrian national) Apply
10. South Indian Cook (Kerala) Apply
Department – Cook
12. Indian Cook – North Indian Apply
13. Indian Cook – South Indian Apply
14. Filipino Cook Apply
15. Continental Cook Apply
16. Executive Chef Apply
17. Arabic Cook Apply
18. Arabic Chef Apply
19. Sous Chef Apply
20. Baker Apply
21. Tandoor Cook Apply
22. Assistant Cook Apply
23. Waiter Apply
Department – Dining
24. Dining Manager Apply
25. Dining Supervisor Apply
26. Waiters Apply
27. Kitchen Cleaners Apply
Department – Housekeeping
28. Housekeeping Manager Apply
29. Housekeeping Supervisor Apply
30. Housekeeping Cleaners Apply
Department – Laundry
31. Laundry Manager Apply
32. Laundry Man Apply
33. Presser Apply
Department – HR & ADMIN
34. HR Manager Apply
35. HR Officer Apply
37. HR Assistant Apply
38. HR Executive Apply
39. Receptionist Apply
Department – HSET
40. QHSE Officer Apply
41 QHSE Manager Apply
Department – Procurement
42. Procurement Manager Apply
43. Procurement Assistant Apply
44. Procurement Officer Apply
Department – Accountant
45. Assistant Accountant Apply
Department – Logistic
46. Logistic Manager Apply
47. Heavy Duty Driver Apply
48. Light Duty Driver Apply
49. Transportation Coordinator Apply
50. Light and Heavy-Duty Driver Apply
Department – BE & SP
Department – Store
52. Store Keeper Apply
53. Store Manager Apply
54. Store in Charge Apply
Please click Apply to submit your best CV application. The link provided will lead to the official JIC Career website
How to apply for a job at Al Jazeera International Catering Company (JIC)?
Food and Beverage Jobs Opportunities

Firsts, please select the job you are interested in, then please click Apply in the column that we have provided, to submit your best CV Application. The link we provide will go to the official JIC Al Jazeera International Catering Company career site.

Good luck. And quickly get the job you want.

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