Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company and Career Opportunity 2021

Factory engineering in the downstream oil and gas with advanced technology has various fields to work around. Thus, to manage these natural resources, professionals are needed according to their fields and expertise. Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company is an industry that opens career opportunities for candidates in this industry locally and internationally.

About the Company

Maire Tecnimont is a company operating in the energy, engineering, and energy sectors. The company is directly involved in plant engineering in oil and gas, petrochemicals, and technology to support energy exploration. In addition, Maire Tecnimont manages the extensive Engineering and EPCs in different geographic areas. It operates in over 45 countries with around 6.500 employees.

Initially, the company was engaged in technical and limited services. But after that, it experienced development and established a subsidiary in a new field of production. Thanks to its development, the company innovates into renewable industrial energy operating in the concentrated biomass and solar power sector.

Moving on to the next year, the company is also developing business activities in the infrastructure sector. It aims to significantly improve the performance and profitability of the company. In addition, Maire Tecnimont also launched a new phase to realize this digital transformation, starting from the production process to opening new business areas, i.e., renewable energy.

Based on this new business Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company established another business to oversee green chemical and energy transition projects. Because this sector has a fairly broad sector, business activities are geographically located in several countries. It includes Europe, Middle East, North America, Africa, and Asia.

Career Opportunity

Name of Company: Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company
Primary Sector: Engineering & Construction
Job Profile: Available all Field
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Maire Tecnimont Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Career Opportunities – Maire Tecnimont
Job Location: Jobs In Worldwide
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent degree/diploma holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Great

To face the challenges of an increasingly challenging future, companies need staff who have a modern mindset. That’s why the company created a communication campaign training and continuous development program. Maire Tecnimont is also committed to supporting the company’s growth by seeking new talents through the job vacancies it opens.

If you are interested in joining Maire Tecnimont, there are a few things to consider. The company does not only open job vacancies locally, but also internationally. Candidates from all over the world can participate in this company freely. Keep in mind that employees will be selected based on their personal qualities and skills.

  1. International Vacancies

Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company offers a wide range of opportunities for all professionals around the world. It is the main key in creating professional staff. Before starting work, international employees will be given a training and development program according to company regulations.

For this reason, Maire Tecnimont takes workers from within and outside the country to get the best candidates. Regarding the field of work, job opportunities cover a wide range of sectors and locations. There are up to 10 job descriptions available to fill international vacancies positions. This field of work includes human resources, engineering, management, operations, etc.

For example, the position of chief project engineer requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering or with 10 years of experience, team skills, and willingness to travel throughout the project site as needed. It also shows some details about the job location, relocation specifications, personal abilities, etc. Job descriptions include leadership, conducting case studies, and coordinating teams.

  1. Applications in Italy

The company also offers the opportunity for local candidates in the Milano, Rome, and surrounding areas to enter Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company. The accepted position is focused on hydrocarbon processing and competence in power generation and infrastructure. Also, there is Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) that can be chosen to join the company.

One of the positions offered in the Civil Project Team involves a high level of expertise. This position requires the candidate to maintain and create procedures according to project standards. To ensure coordination of activities, the project team must take care of the contract documents’ consistency, have skills in budget compliance, and respect the planned schedule.

How To Apply

Application Instruction:
Apply Online:
Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company Latest International Job Vacancies 2021. <== Apply Here
Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company Career Opportunities Applications in Italy 2021. <== Apply Here

To apply for the required position, you can go directly to Maire Tecnimont’s official website. Then, select the People & Careers menu > Career Opportunities. Next, you will be directed to a new page that shows two options, namely international vacancies and applicants for Italy. To apply for a job, you must first log in to the portal using your data.

Or you can easily click on the blue link “<== Apply Here”, which we have provided above.

Please note, the Job Posting Portal is the only channel through which you can propose your CV or application for permitted jobs at Maire Tecnimont Engineering Company. If you send the job applicant via email, it will not be considered by the recruiter. For this reason, it is advisable to use the page already provided by the website i.e., a menu of international vacancies or applications in Italy.

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