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Civil Engineering jobs vacancies List

Civil Engineering jobs vacancies List

What is the job description of a civil engineer?

The civil engineer is the one who designs, plans and supervises the construction projects as well, and plays an active role in preserving the environment in which we live.

Civil Engineer specializes in the study and design of projects and infrastructure including railways, tunnels, bridges, roads, buildings, water and sewage systems as well.

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The nature of the civil engineer’s work also ranges from office to field. There are many jobs that are very similar to that of a civil engineer, for example, head of civil engineering, general civil engineer, civil engineer supervisor, civil engineer designed engineer and head of civil engineering division.

The civil engineer’s field of work is divided into two parts: the consulting department and the business section. First, the civil engineer works as a consultant from his office and designs the constructions. Secondly, the engineer goes to the site and applies the designs of the engineer consultant.

Civil Engineer
The functions and responsibilities of a civil engineer

Well, now is the time to learn about the tasks and responsibilities of the civil engineer:

Continuity in project status reporting,
Effective communication skills
Commitment to work ethics
Explain ing graphics and diagrams and making adjustments to them
Responding to people’s public complaints and suggestions
Delivery of projects before the deadline
Maintenance and modification of buildings and infrastructure
Work on roads, railways, airports, bridges, tunnels, and more
Construction of tall and large buildings that withstand all weather conditions
Conducting technical studies, investigating and searching for work sites and workshops, and therefore taking them into account
Use of computer-generated design software
Doing some complicated calculations sometimes
Working with and resident on the project, such as architects; Read more: Architecture
Budget regulation
Ensure that the project complies with legislation and laws and meets public health and safety standards
Identify the resources and costs needed to complete the project
Check that projects are going well
Work for some additional hours from the office sometimes when the deadline for the delivery of projects approaches
Risk assessment
Management, design, development and construction of safe construction projects
Follow-up building and safety declarations and supervise the application of all conditions
Skills and qualifications of a successful civil engineer
Scientific certificate:

Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and master’s degree increases the likelihood of increased employment opportunities as well


Training experience is necessary even if it is unpaid or field training experience so that the engineer can take his first step to enter the labour market.

License to practice in the field of civil engineering
Personal and career skills:
A successful civil engineer must have the following personal and functional skills:
Analysis and logical thinking skills
Drawing skills
Good time management skill
Maintenance skills
Team work skills
Design skills
Analysis and study skills
Office and field work skills
Good computer skills
Background in chemistry
Level in English
The ability to manage and organize projects
STEMskills, namely science,technology,engineering,mathematics
Good knowledge in dealing with design programs such as AutoCAD, 3D Max, and other engineering programs
Civil Engineer Career Progression
The civil engineer is responsible for the project he is working on, but surely someone has the most authority and is often the project manager.

Norman Foster: “There is no perfect building suitable for every environment and climate in the world”

Civil engineer’s salary and need in the labor market
Salary by region:

Middle East: Medium to High
Gulf States: High
Europe: High

Labour market need by region:

Middle East: Medium to High
Gulf States: Medium to High
Europe: Medium to high 6% until 2028

The conclusion.
There are a variety of specialties aimed at improving urban planning, increasing the efficiency of buildings and construction projects and contributing as much as possible to the establishment of environmentally friendly projects that do not harm them.

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The following is a list of job vacancies civil engineer

Civil engineer. Required for waterproof and thermal insulation companies, civil engineers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Dammam,

Contact: [email protected]
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A geologist or civil engineer is required to work at the center for soil study and inspection in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

City: Irbid
Neighborhood: Thirty Street
Type of work: Civil engineering

[email protected]
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A “Madani” engineer must work for a large housing and construction company

Phone: 0778427427
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A civil engineer must have 10 years experience (5 years minimum design experience + 5 years implementation) for a partnership in the engineering office in Irbid

To contact: M Muhammad 0799079747
send CV on WhatsApp 0789528909
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A chief civil engineer is required to work in an office.

Please send your CV to email
[email protected]
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A resident engineer (civilian / architect) who is required to have experience in overseeing the implementation of housing projects, provided he owns a car and a resident of Madaba.

For contacts on WhatsApp: 0777200166
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A civil engineer is required to work in a contracting company in a housing project in Al-Juwaida area, with 3 to 5 years of experience,

City: Amman
Neighborhood: Juwaida
Type of work: Civil engineering
Type of work: Partial contract
Educational degree: Bachelor
Experience level: 3-5 years
Poster Type: Company
Expected salary: Not confirmed
Language: Arabic

Please send your CV to [email protected]
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Graduate Civil Engineer – Severn Trent Water
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