CE LA VI Dubai restaurant:

CÉ LA VI Dubai restaurant: Job opportunities open to high-end restaurants in 6 Divisions

About CÉ LA VI Dubai restaurant


CÉ LA VI restaurant is a place that was made for the first time in southeast Asia, and has a very popular sologan in the country of France namely “This Is Life”.

CE LA VI itself has the concept and structure of buildings that have a great influence on the artistic themes of art, painting, carving and temples in southeast Asia.

About CÉ LA VI Dubai restaurant job opportunities

Currently this restaurant is opening job opportunities for 6 divisions that must be filled.

Your career will start from this restaurant

In CE LA VI family, make you more confident in starting your career that will drive your success in the future.

CE LA VI Singapore, Restaurant, Bar and Lounge is an award-winning restaurant located at Marina Bay Sands,

Eligibility criteria:

For all candidates interested in this job opportunity, make sure you have experience working in high-end restaurants.

If you are sure you have the criteria requested by this company, please continue to read our article, and prepare the latest profile picture and the latest CV that you have (Curriculum Vitae).

Closing date

The closing of the job opening opportunity “CÉ LA VI restaurant” is not clearly explained. We recommend to immediately file a CV that you have at this time. This is intended to make your CV quick to review.

CÉ LA VI restaurant has the full right to make appointments with candidates or not during this recruitment process.

All recruitment processes and decisions taken by the selection committee “CÉ LA VI restaurant” are absolute and cannot be interfered with.

If within 15 days your application does not get a response from the recruitment division “CÉ LA VI restaurant”, we are careful to say your application is rejected.

List of job opportunities at CÉ LA VI Dubai restaurant

1. VIP Waiter. <== Apply here 2. Restaurant Waiter. <== Apply here 3. Bar Waiter. <== Apply here 4. Lounge Waiter. <== Apply here 5. Pool Waiter. <== Apply here 6. Runner. <== Apply hereHow to apply for job opportunities at CE LA VI:https://jobsarchives.com/careers/ce-la-vi-dubai-restaurant/

Please click the link that we have provided in the list of CE LA VI job opportunities, when you click the link, you will be directed to the official email recruitment division CÉ LA VI Dubai restaurant.

Good luck to you.

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