Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq – Qatar Job Career Opportunity In The Upcoming Hilton Hotel 2022

Hilton hotel is one of the biggest hotel companies with various branches all across countries. The hotel also starts to expand and develop its branches in the middle east, which includes Qatar. Under the brand Waldorf Astoria, the company will build a new Qatar hotel with the name Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq.

Hotel Details And About

Name of Company: Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq
Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
Job Profile: 29 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted Anonymous by Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq | Hilton Hotels Jobs, Vacancies & Careers
Job Location: Jobs In Qatar
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per Qatar Labor Law
Last Updated on: 12th November 2022

Just as the name says, the hotel is located in Ras Abrouq Zekreet, Qatar, which is the upcoming or coming soon hotel branch. As a pretty new hotel with a clean plan in the desert, the hotel has various unique offers. Its highlight is the extensive neolithic sites, a desert retreat surrounded by natural beauty and unspoiled beaches.

The hotel will also turn into a high-end elegant suite or accommodation with a range of high-end services. Restaurants and bars features of Arabic cuisines will be part of the hotel. Some other basic amenities will also be available in the hotel, bringing vaster services and a favorable guest experience.

Because the hotel is part of Hilton, the details of its services will be expected to be one of the best to offer. High-quality amenities and facilities can also be found in the hotel plan. With that, the hotel and its company will likely have a range of job offers. It can cover huge ranges of job details, which is also great employment in the middle east.

Job Opening Or Opportunity

Unfortunately, there is no information about the job opening at Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq. Whether the hotel is already designated workers or they are not yet decided to open the vacancies, the hotel still is one of the best options to consider. Starting from the hotel quality, branch, and international family, the possibility is vast.

But again, the hotel is new. If the hotel offers its vacancies, high chance that the vacancies will be flooded or more competitive. So, be prepared and make sure you got the best offers for a job position. About the job options themselves, you can expect various positions with great ranges of responsibilities.

The common jobs for the hotel are hospitality positions. You can expect jobs surrounding guest experience and services, such as front office, room services, stewards, housekeeping attendant, waiter/Ess, and many more. There is also a range of jobs for kitchen or F&B departments, such as cook, bartender, commis, sous chef, and others.

Support jobs are also part of the vacancies, such as engineers, operators, designers, cleaners, attendants, and many others. If you want to look at the possibilities, the Hilton company has already put the vacancies in four different categories. It is Hotels, HRCC, universities, and corporate. Each has different job duties or opportunities.

Hotels’ jobs highlight the hospitality and quest experiences positions. Corporate jobs mostly focus on hotel relations and the company. HRCC is an online or remote job position for customer services. And lastly is the university job category, which is the opportunity for young talents to join as interns or new graduates’ jobs.

Required Job Qualification

Without any job information, it is hard to learn about the qualification or requirements. But there is a huge chance that the job vacancies will come with common qualification details, such as education, experience, or universal skills.

The best to consider is a bachelor’s degree with one or two years of experience. Skills in relevant job positions will also prefer. The English language can be a nice addition. It is also a great reminder that Hilton is a professional hotel brand, so be sure you are qualified to get the job option.

List of Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq Jobs Opportunities

  1. Bell Attendant. <== Apply Here
  2. Cafeteria Attendant. <== Apply Here
  3. Chef de Partie. <== Apply Here
  4. Commis Chef. <== Apply Here
  5. Director of Operations. <== Apply Here
  6. Director of Sales. <== Apply Here
  7. Facilities Room Care / Handy Person. <== Apply Here
  8. Food and Beverage Manager. <== Apply Here
  9. Food and Beverage Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  10. Front Desk Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  11. Front Office Manager. <== Apply Here
  12. Guest Service Agent / Associate. <== Apply Here
  13. Head Chef. <== Apply Here
  14. Housekeeping Attendant. <== Apply Here
  15. Housekeeping Floor Supervisor / Accommodation Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  16. Laundry Attendant. <== Apply Here
  17. Lifeguard. <== Apply Here
  18. Maintenance Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  19. Manager of Marketing Communications. <== Apply Here
  20. Massage Therapist / Masseur. <== Apply Here
  21. Mechanical Technician. <== Apply Here
  22. Purchasing Assistant / Clerk. <== Apply Here
  23. Restaurant Captain. <== Apply Here
  24. Sales Executive. <== Apply Here
  25. Sales Manager. <== Apply Here
  26. Security Officer. <== Apply Here
  27. Security Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  28. Steward. <== Apply Here
  29. Waiter/ess. <== Apply Here

Closing date: Not Specified

Joining The Company

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq Jobs and Careers Opportunities 2022

Please underline the fact that Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq is an upcoming hotel under the Hilton company. It is a pretty well-awaited property, located in Ras Abrouq Zekreet, Dukhan, Qatar. There are no exact details on the hotel’s property, services, or information, but it is still a great job consideration for people looking for hospitality job options.

So, if you are going to apply to this hotel you will likely be part of the pre-opening staff. Be sure to underline that means you will start the job after the hotel is built, which is soon. Thankfully, the hotel is part of the Hilton. You can find all of the possible job information on Hilton’s career page and job portal (https://jobs.hilton.com/us/e)

Use the filter and fill out the Waldorf Astoria Ras Abrouq filter to find the specific job information. Choose the job that you are fully capable of, can commit to, or qualify for the duty. After that, prepare all of the needed details and resume. Make the best for the application, wait for the announcement, and work for it.

Good Luck To You

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