Amazing Future Cruise Industry Career at Virgin Voyages 2023

If you are looking for new job experience, you can try and join the cruise industry career. This kind of job gives a good salary and new experiences, especially for people who like a challenge and setting up the future. Then, you can take the opportunities at Virgin Voyages, the modern and luxury cruise. So, the following below is the explanation about cruise vacancies at Virgin Voyages.

About the company

Name of Company: Virgin Voyages
Primary Sector: Travel Arrangements
Job Profile: Multiple Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Virgin Voyages Careers
Name of Recruitment: Virgin Voyages Jobs & Careers
Job Location: Jobs in Worldwide
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Any Nationality
Education: Equivalent degree/diploma holders
Experience: Must be experienced
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 12th March 2023

Virgin Voyages is a luxury cruise. It is high-service accommodation that fulfills the need of traveling and party or entertainment at the same time. It provides various clients’ needs with exclusive services. Virgin Voyages offers many destinations, such as abroad or far and local. For those abroad, the destinations are Europe, the Caribbean, South Pacific, and the Transatlantic.

Besides that, Virgin Voyages also provide all the regional destination that the client wants. This company wanted the passenger to cruise the sea and enjoy traveling on board. To give a luxury cruise ship, Virgin Voyages have several ship choices, for instance, Scarlet Lady, Resilient Lady, and Brilliant Lady.

Those ships have been customized with premium and safe elements to get the feeling of freedom living on the open ocean. The client can choose with their preference and style, including service on board. They will enjoy the premium cabins. Many suites were designed to comfort the passenger.

They can sleep well on the board. Virgin Voyages offers amazing food and beverage menus. There are a lot of premium ingredients that were served to the passenger. The entertainment services and fitness & spa also exist on this board, including several international restaurants and dining areas.

The job opportunities and requirement

To support the success of the company, Virgin Voyages opened job vacancies. The first kind of career that Virgin Voyages offers is a shipboard job. This kind of career is directly related to the ship’s operations. The job concerns the operational task of the ship’s services. It will include the ship’s crew and a variety of services. These jobs allow you to feel different situations.

If you are capable and interested in engines or shipping, try to enroll in marine and technical. In addition, the firm is looking for talented and experienced candidates. Besides hard skills, you must have good soft skills related to this job, such as thinking quickly, making proper decisions in narrow spaces, and a strong mentality to face the ocean.

The next is the hotel department. There are many jobs you can find there, so you can discover job opportunities. Virgin Voyages career opens vacancies for administration, culinary, restaurant, bar, housekeeping, sanitation, provisions & stores, management hotel, and many more. Each job has its explanation from the job description to the criteria.

The second type of career is a shoreside career. it seems like the previous one related to ships and works on the sea/ocean. Even though, there is a little bit different thing to the previous. It is addressed in managerial. It is similar to the job in the back office. It is about management, sales, administration, finances, as well as business analysis.

Job qualification and requirement

Every job has specific qualifications and requirements, which cover various aspects of a candidate’s quality. It can include education, experience, and skill. The requirement also depends on the position and duties. For example, is a manager marketing program in the marketing program and activities.

The job duties comprise arranging the strategies that can impact the firm from small to large. Moreover, you should make a report to track the record of the effect and result of your strategies. This position needs an experienced person, for example having a degree related to the position. It would be better if you are a competitive person and have the spirit to achieve your goals.

List of Virgin Voyages Jobs Opportunities

Careers At SEA

  1. Entertainment. <== Apply Here
  2. Hotel. <== Apply Here
  3. Marine & Technical. <== Apply Here
  4. More Jobs. <== Apply Here

Careers On Land

  1. Engineering. <== Apply Here
  2. Finance. <== Apply Here
  3. General Administration. <== Apply Here
  4. Human Resources. <== Apply Here
  5. Information Technology. <== Apply Here
  6. Marketing & Communications. <== Apply Here
  7. Operations. <== Apply Here
  8. Sales & Business Development. <== Apply Here

Closing date: Not Specified

How to Apply

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Amazing Future Cruise Industry Career at Virgin Voyages 2023

The first thing that you should know before applying for a job is to research the company. You must know about the background, vision, and criteria of the company. You can check for detail and further information on the website of Virgin Voyages. Then, pick one of the jobs you are interested in.

Look at the time posting to measure the current vacancies. Understand the work placement, job description, requirements, and specific criteria. After you are capable of the requirement and ready with the job description, you can click “apply”. Then, the website will guide you to fill out the form and insert the document that is needed.

Besides that, you can go to LinkedIn and search Virgin Voyages Vacancies. Choose one of your preferred jobs and read the job description, responsibilities, qualifications, and company values. Make sure you are quite capable of the requirement. After you are ready, you can click “apply”. if you have a question, you can reach the contact, website, or social media of the company.

Good Luck to You

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