Transguard group: opening job opportunities in Dubai August 2021

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Transguard Group

The Transguard Group has become one of the biggest multi-business companies that offer several fields. It is mainly for cash services, security services, facilities, management, and manpower services. As it grows, the workforce count under the Transguard group has an excess of 61,000 people all over the world.

Company Overview

The organization was founded and established in 2001. It is one of the largest manpower suppliers in the United Arab Emirates. The company provides several services and also cash services. Starting with a humble beginning, the company starts to expand and become one of the leading companies in UAE.

Transguard is also known as the trusted business support and outsourcing provider. What makes the company stand out is the number of services, the dynamic, large, and culturally diverse workforce. Everyone can apply for the job. The company itself states the total workforce of it has reached more than 61.000 people.


The company operates several services under the field of outsourcing offers. The manpower services include security service, manpower solution, workforce solution, hospitality solution, the taste of home, Transguard living, and delivery. But the Transguard group also offers cash services, facilities management, aviation service, and managed services.

The cash service

Refers to the Transguard cash service system, which includes cash management & ATM service provision. It also covers financial institutions, major retail, end-to-end cash solutions, corporate, and VIP customers.

The security services

Are offered for governmental organizations and commercial. It is meant to deliver lifecycle security solutions in many kinds of forms. It includes manned guarding, event security, executive protection, to security design and consulting.

There are also manpower, workforce, and hospitality solutions.

The three services have distinctive usage and purposes, such as manpower in construction or logistics. The workforce solution offers help in MSP, executive search, PRO services, and Employee outsourcing. Meanwhile, hospitality comprises solutions in the form of cleaners, housekeepers, to F&B.

The Taste of Home Service was launched in 2019 with the Western and Asian food management team. The brand later spans its services to provide affordable, healthy, and delicious F&B products, including catering. The Transguard group includes delivery, administrative support, to aviation workers for the aviation and logistic services.

There are also facilities management (FM) that is well-known in the UAE regions. The company has more than 60 FM offers that encompass every part of its needs. Some of the offers are fit out, specialist services, hospitality & catering, cleaning service, to technical services.


  1. CSR (corporate social responsibility)

To create professional workers, the Transguard group also established CSR or corporate social responsibility. The company founded the program as the integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations. They are mainly for the structure, process, and decision-making in Transguard. It is also meant to create professionals that create the best workforce.

It also means that the program will serve the greater good inside the Transguard community. It is meant to bring propel and resources to create better values. The program comprises sporting activities, event calendars, employee reward schemes, Transguard carnival, and literacy program.

  1. Think Green

The company also has an environmental initiative that underlines sustainability and environmental value. It comprises an active committee of staff members from across business operations. Think green means to commit, reducing electricity, waste, and water by 5%. It also invests in waste management or recycling solutions, reduces CO2 emission and water consumption by 5%.

The company has created some initiatives through some projects. The first project is water-saving device installation in 3,750 Transguard group’s facilities and offices. It helps to save around 105,000m3 gallons per year or one Olympic-sized swimming pool per week. The company also wants to limit 130kg of Co2 per person per year and many more.

Career on Transguard group

Joining the company means the candidate will be part of a 61,000 workforce. The number of services and locations also ensures grander job opportunities. The featured job vacancies span from every category and expertise. The company also offers non-UAE candidates that are interested to join the group.

Some of the job vacancies are listed on the official website. It also includes the application form and the list of the jobs. The featured jobs comprise of engineer, technician, PSCOD and SIRA cash custodian, Hospitality, food & beverage division, PSBD and SIRA security guard, driver, Operator, steward, MEP, warehouse worker, and many more.

List Vacancies Careers at Transguard Group opening August 2021 New Update Dubai

  1. Account Manager – IFS Soft Services. <== Apply Here
  2. Assistant Facilities Manager- Hard Services. <== Apply Here
  3. ATM Monitoring Assistant. <== Apply Here
  4. Commis 2. <== Apply Here
  5. Commis 3. <== Apply Here
  6. Custodians (PSCOD / SIRA). <== Apply Here
  7. Customer Service – Welcome Desk. <== Apply Here
  8. Facilitator-Center of Excellence. <== Apply Here
  9. Facilities Manager. <== Apply Here
  10. Facilities Manager – Accommodation Services. <== Apply Here
  11. FM & Security Operations Coordinator. <== Apply Here
  12. FM & Security Operations Manager. <== Apply Here
  13. Forklift Operator. <== Apply Here
  14. GENERAL ASSISTANT. <== Apply Here
  15. Guest Management System Operator- EXPO Pavilion. <== Apply Here
  16. Guest Ambassador- EXPO Pavilion (Host). <== Apply Here
  17. Guest Ambassador- EXPO Pavilion (Host). <== Apply Here
  18. Guest Experience Deputy Manager- EXPO Pavilion. <== Apply Here
  19. Guest Experience Manager- EXPO Pavilion. <== Apply Here
  20. Guest Services Team Leader- EXPO Pavilion. <== Apply Here
  21. Help Desk Operator. <== Apply Here
  22. Manager- IFS Solutions. <== Apply Here
  23. Operations Manager – FMH Emirates Flight Catering. <== Apply Here
  24. Safety Advisor – Health and Safety Environment. <== Apply Here
  25. Specialist- Recruitment. <== Apply Here
  26. TEAM MEMBER. <== Apply Here
  27. Technical Operator- EXPO Pavilion. <== Apply Here
  28. Waiter/Waitress. <== Apply Here
  29. Warehouse Loaders. <== Apply Here
  30. Warehouse Shrink Wrap Helpers. <== Apply Here

How to apply Vacancies Careers at Transguard Group

To be able to get the opportunity to work at Transguard Group Dubai UAE, the method is quite easy, please visit the link we have provided above “Blue Link <== Apply Here “. But before sending your best CV, first check the completeness of your CV, in more recheck. This is so that your data, if it meets requirements, will immediately be called to do an interview test.

After you visit the job link you choose, please create a job seeker account on the official website of Transguard Carrer, then fill in all the data that has been provided, fill in carefully all the data requested by this company.

If when you register, it turns out that this job vacancy has been closed, don’t be discouraged, please come back to this page at a later time to get the latest information about Transguard Group Dubai Careers.

With so many job applicants submitting applications for jobs in, “Transguard Group”, you should realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to be able to work for this company.

Good luck to you.

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