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Dubai is not only a place with some high-end and scale places to enjoy. The city is also brimming with job opportunities from global and ever-developing property companies. It includes the famous island and resort property, The Heart of Europe (THOE). The company has six property and also keep on investing to bring more to the future.

About The Company
The focus of the company itself is to build a vocational building in Dubai. With the idea of creating an island-like property, the projects are mostly for hospitality uses. It is also worth noticing some unique properties such as hotel suites, floating villas, and mansions. Thus, the company can offer varying job possibilities in different positions.

In one way to another, the Heart of Europe is a self-sufficient upscale resort in Dubai. The company. It is brought and made to provide the best leisure and second home destination located close to Dubai’s shores. Currently, the company has property on six islands around Dubai, bringing luxury and innovation with the European aesthetics.


Services And Offers
Hospitality is the key investment for THOE. In other words, the number of investments will focus on bringing some luxurious hotels, resorts, seaside villas, and mansions to Dubai. It was also worth noticing that the company targets a world-class tourist destination and services by incorporating European experience and cultures.

The investment offers from the company come with huge and interesting revenue. It states that the owners can enjoy staying on the property for two weeks. It also includes investment management that facilitates 1005 properties over 12 years. It is a big offer considering how popular Dubai is as one of the world-famous holiday destinations.

Currently, the company has around 7 BR projects in the form of villas, floating villas, hotel suites, and mansions. Each comes with different charms, including the architectural design and theme. In general, The Heart of Europe’s main investment and focus is to build holiday destinations and accommodations with European design in them.

Thus, some of the projects also share the same aesthetics. The projects are including Sweden beach palace, a project with Bentley home’s partnership. Germany villas is an inspired by beachfront and lagoon villas in Bauhaus Style. There are also other projects, such as the Floating Seahorse Villas, Portofino, Cote D’ Azur, and the floating Lido.

About The Heart of Europe Jobs Opportunities �

🏨 Company Name: The Heart Of Europe
🌐 Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
🎯 Job Profile: 7 Open Jobs
💰 Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by The Heart Of Europe Recruiting
🔍 Recruitment: The Heart of Europe (THOE) Careers and Employment
📍 Job Location: Dubai, UAE
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
🎓 Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
🏆 Experience: Mandatory
🛡 Benefits: As per UAE Labor Law
🗓 Last Updated on: 24th October 2023
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified

Job Opening Department in THOE �

  1. Financial And Investment Jobs

Sine the THOE focus on investment and development of the new building, some best job expectation might be part of financial and investment jobs. It means job seekers need to have some skills and qualifications to work with finance or investment prepositions. In general, the positions and job duties can differ depending on the need.

To give you a head up, some possible job position includes investment and development analyst or associate. Depending on the level and The Heart of Europe’s demand, the job can have a higher worker requirement. Some of the examples are 5 years of experience in hotel development or investment. Good commercial real estate skills and experiences can also prefer.

For a candidate that has a finance background, some other possible job positions include commercial manager, office administrator, and many more. Again, the requirement will depend on the job duties and positions. However, most of these positions will require equal education, computer, and numbering skills.

  1. Hospitality Career

Since THOE is also a company that focuses on hospitality, you can also expect similar job positions in this department. It can vary from the more practical or managerial position. Some of the possible jobs in The Heart of Europe include servers, front office managers, housekeeping, and the sommelier.

With the high-end and upscaled job location, the company might come with the higher requirement. The hospitality and investment company highlight one year of experience in the global or international hotel job. It also comes with communication and organization skills, that can help the employee work and support the company to run its business.

  1. Human Resource

The HR department is always a vital part of companies, including The Heart of Europe in Dubai. Under this division, the job and positions can vary from management, employee specialist, assistant, coordinator, recruiter, and many more. It comes with varying degrees, duties, salaries, and requirements. That is why the company is pretty strict in picking the best candidate.

Since the company is focused on investment and building holiday destinations, you can expect varying jobs and careers in the finance & investment department. Once the company has built the projects, the job offer can shift to hospitality departments, which include F&B. customer services, keeper, and many more.

So, keep your eyes on the THOE official LinkedIn account. Or you can visit this post at a later time if The Heart Of Europe company is opening a new job vacancy.

🔥 List Of The Heart Of Europe Current Job and Career Opportunities �

  1. Restaurant Manager
  2. Assistant Restaurant Manager
  3. F&B Supervisors
  4. Bar Captain
  5. Bartenders
  6. Hostess
  7. Waiter/ess

Requirements �
The Heart of Europe is a luxury hospitality experience that requires individuals with a strong background in 5-star service. Pre-opening experience is preferred and candidates should have positive and charming personalities as well as the ability to work well under tight deadlines.

How To Apply for a Job at The Heart of Europe, Dubai

The Heart of Europe (THOE) in Dubai is not just a luxurious travel destination, but also a hub of career opportunities. The destination combines a mix of European culture and architecture, providing a unique work environment. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to secure a job at this dream location.

Step 1: Research Available Positions
Start by understanding what positions are available. At THOE, language skill is crucial. The available positions usually require proficiency in multiple languages to cater to an international clientele.
Step 2: Prepare Your Resume
To stand out at The Heart of Europe, Dubai, create a polished resume emphasizing your language proficiency and related work experience. This boosts your visibility.
Step 3: Write a Cover Letter
Prepare a compelling cover letter to accompany your resume. Focus on how your language skills can contribute to the THOE experience.
Step 4: Send Your Application
After finalizing your resume and cover letter, email your application to:
📧 1: [email protected]
📧 2: [email protected]
📧 3: [email protected]
. Carefully adhere to any specific instructions or guidelines set forth by the company to ensure proper submission.
Step 5: Follow Up
After sending your application, consider sending a follow-up email to ensure your application has been received and to express your continued interest.
Step 6: Prepare for the Interview
If your application gets shortlisted, prepare thoroughly for the interview. Be ready to demonstrate your language proficiency and discuss how you can contribute to the team.

The Heart of Europe, Dubai offers an unparalleled work experience, making the effort you put into the application process truly worth it.

Good Luck to You

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