Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai, Male and Female Taxi Career Opportunities 2023

It’s time for you to find a job as a taxi driver in Dubai UAE, for new taxi drivers and experienced taxi drivers. You can join all taxi companies in Dubai, should you as a taxi driver already have an official SIM from the GCC or UAE country. You will find a lot of complete information about Dubai taxi career from all the best taxi companies in the country. (Managed by Road Transport Authority – RTA).

Unlicensed taxi driver jobs in Dubai

This could be the case with the possibility that the taxi company accepts applications from taxi drivers, through local agents located in other countries. But keep in mind, some taxi companies in Dubai provide a policy for taxi drivers who have been accepted and work at their company to apply for a SIM and issue a residence visa, on your own behalf. All costs for obtaining a SIM and residence visa are all borne by the company. After you get a SIM, and start serving as a taxi driver, you are required to reimburse all the cost of the SIM processing, and residence visa by deducting a small amount, from the amount of salary you get.

Description for Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai 2023

Exploring Lucrative Opportunities: Becoming a Bike Rider or Dubai Taxi Driver
Are you seeking an exciting career that combines freedom on the road with a chance to explore the vibrant streets of Dubai? Look no further than the enticing prospects offered to both bike riders and taxi drivers in this bustling city. In this blog post, we will delve into the eligibility criteria for these positions, the salary expectations, and the application process for those interested in pursuing a career in the transportation industry of Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria for Bike Riders and Taxi Drivers:
Dubai welcomes individuals from various backgrounds and nationalities to join its workforce. Whether you possess a UAE, GCC, or HCL driving license or have no license at all, the role of a taxi driver awaits you. Bike riders, on the other hand, must hold a valid UAE motorbike license to be considered for this position. Additionally, the ideal age bracket for candidates falls between 23 and 50 years old.

Familiarity with City Routes:
Navigating the streets of Dubai efficiently is a crucial skill for both bike riders and taxi drivers. Prospective candidates are expected to be well-versed in the city’s locations and shortcuts, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries or pickups.

Salary Expectations:
While the monthly average earnings for taxi drivers can range from 3000 to 5000 dirhams, these figures are not definitive. Additional commission opportunities exist, allowing drivers to further augment their income. Bike riders, on the other hand, can expect a payment of 7.5 AED per delivery—a lucrative incentive for those seeking a fast-paced and flexible occupation.

How to Apply for Dubai Taxi Jobs:
If you’re ready to embark on a thrilling career as a taxi driver in Dubai, the application process is straightforward. Make sure you have the following documents readily accessible:

  1. A copy of your residence/visit visa.
  2. A copy of your UAE national ID.
  3. A copy of your driving license.
  4. A copy of your passport.
  5. A well-crafted resume showcasing your relevant experience.
  6. Three photographs with a white background.

Submit your application via email, specifying “Applying for Position” in the subject line. Send your CV to [email protected], and for any inquiries, feel free to contact the landline numbers 04 2626003 or 04 2626565.

Important Dates to Remember:
Schedule for Taxi Driver Interviews Mark your calendars for a crucial date in your journey towards becoming a Dubai taxi driver. The interview will take place on Friday, 26th May 2023, starting from 07:00 AM and concluding at 11:00 AM. Make your way to the Privilege Labor Recruitment office, located at Office #M-11, Abu Hail Center, Deira, Dubai.

Dubai’s transportation industry presents exciting opportunities for bike riders and taxi drivers alike. With competitive salaries, flexible schedules, and the chance to explore the vibrant city, these roles offer an enticing prospect for job seekers. If you meet the eligibility criteria and have the required documents, seize the moment and apply for your dream job today. Unlock the doors to a rewarding career in Dubai’s bustling streets and embrace the freedom of the open road.

How to Get Taxi Jobs in Dubai in 2023?

First, you have to make a CV which tells you a history of driving work that you have done. List all, without exception, the taxi companies that have employed you, whether the company is located in your home country or in Dubai.

Second, you must have a valid UAE SIM. But for this, try to provide a note on your CV to explain if you do not have an official UAE driving license. By asking questions, can the company cover all the costs of making a SIM, by cutting your salary gradually according to an agreement that does not burden your life needs.

Visit all taxi companies wherever you are, then submit your CV to the taxi company HR department. You can also apply for a job as a taxi driver by sending it via email or visiting taxi company websites that require taxi drivers. For this, you can continue reading this article for complete information.

Taxi driver jobs in Dubai will be around all the time. This is, because all taxi companies in Dubai need taxi drivers to keep up, taxi cars are ready to take all their customers on the streets of Dubai. Among the many new taxi drivers who are already working in taxi companies, many of them are unable to adjust to the taxi industry.

Resulted in these new taxi drivers leaving the company they work for and looking for new jobs. In all taxi companies in Dubai, most of the taxi drivers who do not want their jobs anymore, will immediately quit their jobs. Then this causes the taxi company to hire new taxi drivers to replace those who have stopped working. As a taxi driver in Dubai, you have to work hard in meeting the targets set by the company, of course, the targets given by the company require you to work hard.

The traffic laws that all drivers in Dubai need to know are very strict, as a taxi driver you must adhere to the driving guidelines and RTA regulations, this is to avoid heavy fines. As a consequence, if you violate the traffic law, you will get indicted and pay fines and penalties in accordance with the articles that ensnare you. The taxi company where you work will not pay a fine for the mistake you have made.

Requirements for Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai

  • Have a valid UAE driving license
  • Clean driving history record in UAE
  • Knowing all about famous locations in Dubai
  • Understand all Dubai traffic rules and regulations (RTA)
  • Have a minimum educational experience or senior high
  • Must be fluent in English and know basic Arabic
  • Able to work under company target pressure
  • Be friendly with customers and maintain good ethics
  • Able to meet the revenue targets set by the company

Dubai taxi driver salary, how much?

Taxi drivers are a specialty. Taxi driver job in Dubai is considered a white-collar job. To get maximum income when you work as a taxi driver in Dubai. You must have a graph stable every day, and work continuously in 12-hour shifts, because the salary payments of employees from taxi companies see how much of your income each day then accumulates in the amount per month.

You need to know, as a taxi driver in Dubai you will not have a fixed salary every month. The taxi driver’s income is determined from the daily income and then accumulated in the amount each month. The more your daily income, the more your income will be in each month. In order for your monthly income to stable as 4000-5000 dirhams, you have to work hard to get a commission from your total income of 35% per day. Because if you do not have an income like what we mentioned above, you will get a very low income, which results in your monthly income only being able to pay for food and drink and pay for room rent.

Taxi company commission payments, paid at the end of the month to you, by calculating the target achievement. For the calculation of the target commission for taxi drivers in Dubai is divided into 3 parts, namely: 25%, 30%, 35%.

Actually, getting a salary of 4000-5000 dirhams per month as a taxi driver is very easy. You only need to work in shifts for 12 hours per day, with target conditions. Being a taxi driver in Dubai by profession, is very much in demand. It is enough by having a valid UAE SIM and ready to work long hours without taking a break, you will automatically receive very satisfying results according to the sacrifices of your working time. Therefore, as a taxi driver in Dubai, you are obliged to work hard.

Apply for Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai?

To be able to apply for your job as a taxi driver in another country or in the UAE and Dubai. Go to the taxi company headquarters and ask the HR Department a question. You can also apply for a job by sending your CV to the official website of the taxi driver company, we have provided this in our article for the address of the taxi driver company official website.

List of the Best Taxi Companies in Dubai

Dubai Taxi Corporation – DTC

Taxi service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Located in: Public Transport Agency (RTA)
Phone: +971 4 208 0808
Address: First Floor, Main Building, Amman Street, Al – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Cars Taxi

Taxi service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 269 3344
Email: [email protected]
Address: 7 A Street Behind khabail center – Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd – United Arab Emirates

National Taxi

Taxi service
Address: Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 339 0002

National Taxi

Corporate office
Address: Dubai – United Arab Emirates · In JTS Medical Centre Parking
Phone: +971 4 327 4666

National Taxi Work Shop

Vehicle Repair
Address: Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 339 0002

National Taxi LLC

Taxi service
Address: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 2 554 2231

National Taxi Recruitment Section

Address: Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 339 0002

National Taxi Recruitment Department

Address: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 2 554 2231

National Taxi Station

Taxi service
Address: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 3 766 4659

National Taxi LLC – Accommodation

Address: Ajman – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 6 745 1297

National Taxi HR Office

Human resource consulting
Address: Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 339 0002

Hopefully with this information, you can quickly get your dream job.

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