Sumosan Restaurant: Open Multiple jobs opportunities | Vacancies new opening Start Date: August 2021

Sumosan is a restaurant that has a characteristic theme of contemporary Japanese culture. The restaurant has many achievements and awards, in 1997 Alexander Wolkow and his daughter Janina, officially founded this restaurant, and until now this restaurant remains a family business.

Of the many customers who have tasted the pleasure of dining in this restaurant, making this restaurant increasingly known by many circles, because with the service and presentation of contemporary Japanese cuisine is very remarkable, and has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry.


This Japanese culturally distinctive restaurant has operated its restaurants in some of the most sophisticated and dynamic cities around the world including: London, Moscow, Berlin, Dubai, Sofa, Berlin, Montenegro,


Doha, Riyadh

About Jobs Opportunities:

Silvia Sapackova Sumosan Restaurant recruitment division has now announced, opening many job opportunities for new branches located in Doha and RiyadhQatar.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Soft work skills that you must have is communication and customer service

Customer service and communication skills in the restaurant and food service industries are very important, not only for front of house workers, but also for the whole team. For example, as a host or wait staff, you are required to be able to welcome customers well. Or as a restaurant manager, you often have to intervene in handling customer complaints and criticisms.

This good customer service capability is certainly very supported by good communication skills as well. From promoting food, ordering, to interacting with coworkers – all require effective communication skills. Therefore, learn to have good verbal and nonverbal abilities, including friendliness, positive attitude, and willingness to listen.

  1. Must be agile and physically strong

The food service industry needs physical strength and dexterity given the high dynamics of the work. In addition, orientation to customer satisfaction will also require you to be able to work quickly and well.

For example, as a waitress, you will be required to be able to bring a large and heavy portion of the dish. Therefore, from now on train yourself to be able to work quickly and multitasking, but still quality.

  1. Always pay attention to things with detail

Every restaurant and food service worker should be observant in paying attention to detail. From remembering specific orders to ensuring the cleanliness of cooking utensils – everything is done to provide optimal service and avoid things that harm customers.

So, as a prospective worker in this industry, try to develop your skill and attention by practicing listening and other practical skills, such as table cleanliness, order compliance, food packaging until the process of receiving orders by phone.

  1. Master good emotional management

Working in food service can be stressful and really frustrating due to customer complaints, fickle shifts, to the presence of visitors who can explode at any time.

However, with good stress management, you will be able to face every challenge and do the job optimally. Learn to accept criticism and turn it into a positive and constructive experience.

  1. Be flexible and adaptable

When you’re working in an industry that’s customer satisfaction-oriented, you need to be flexible and adaptable. Because, you will find uncertain working time, maybe until late at night, weekends, or holidays. Therefore, learning to be a flexible person is an obligation.

In addition, in the restaurant industry itself, cohesion and teamwork are important points that must be had in the work. That way, you have to be able to put yourself aside and learn to help the rest of the team.

Remember that ultimately, the goal of the restaurant and food service industry is to provide the best for customers. Therefore, whenever your coworkers need help, reach out and give sincere help, yes.

List off jobs opportunities: Sumosan Restaurant

  1. Restaurant Manager. <== Apply here >> Job Filled
  2. Assistant RM. <== Apply here
  3. Head Reception. <== Apply here
  4. Hostess. <== Apply here
  5. Reservationist. <== Apply here
  6. Head Waiter. <== Apply here
  7. Head Waitress. <== Apply here
  8. Runners. <== Apply here
  9. Head Bartender. <== Apply here
  10. Bartender. <== Apply here
  11. Bar Back. <== Apply here
  12. Cashiers. <== Apply here

How to apply:

  1. Set up your active email address,
  2. Create a CV “Curriculum Vitae” and the latest photo,
  3. Click the blue link “<== Apply Here | List Of Jobs Opportunities: Sumosan Restaurant “
  4. The link will automatically direct you to the official email address of Sumosan Restaurant recruitment division.

Or sand CV to: [email protected]

Announcements will only be made to short-listed candidates.

If you do not hear from the selection committee “sumosandoha” within 21 days since, submit your job application letter, we regret to inform you that your application has not been received.

Hr. Manager Sumosan Restaurant reserves the right to make an appointment or not during the recruitment process. All decisions made by the selection committee are inviolable.

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